"What the hell do you want?" Sam asked strengthening his hold on Dean only to have him squirm out of it and crawl behind the space between Sam's back and the couch.

"Wow Wow! I just wanted to stop by and say howdy." the trickster said holding his hands in the air.

"Cut the bull shit! What do you want!" Sam yelled again.

"Look, I'm not here for trouble. I like you and your brother, you guys got class. This was supposed to be funny…you know something I could get a laugh out of and something that'd bring the both of you a little closer. It was never supposed to get this bad." he said with just a hint of sympathy in his voice.

"What are you saying?" Sam asked.

"I'm saying I'll change him back. No tricks, no nothing, just let you guys be and get on with your life." Dean was no longer hiding but standing beside Sam on the couch but before he could ask any questions the trickster snapped his fingers and like that he was gone and there was a flash of light and then there sitting next to Sam was Dean, all six feet of him.


It had been four hours since the Winchester got their surprising break, Bobby and Sam were sitting in the kitchen not knowing how Dean was taking everything. Sam couldn't take it any longer, he walked up the stairs and found Dean sitting on one of the beds in their room staring blankly at the wall. He had red rimmed eyes and it was obvious that he had been crying.

"Dean?" Sam said quietly.

"Sammy." Dean replied his voice quaked and he looked down at his lap and he began to sob. Sam rushed forward and wrapped his arms around his big brother. For the first time in days Sam was able to give his brother a proper hug.

"It's okay, it wasn't your fault." he soothed. He knew what his brother was crying about.

"It's all just too much. I can't take it, hell, the apocalypse, demons, everything. I can't take it anymore." he finally let it all out and clung to Sam.

"I know Dean but you've got me and we'll make it through this…together. Like we always have."

After a few minutes Dean let go and gave a chuckle. For some reason he wasn't embarrassed like he thought he would.

"Thanks Sammy." he sniffed.

"What are brothers for?" he said and gave him a playful punch.


As Sam and Dean made there way down the steps Sam spotted his cell phone on the stand near the couch.

"I almost forgot!" he laughed.

"What?" Dean asked

"You've got to see this, man you were so out. Seriously man what the hell type of dreams do you have?" Sam laughed

Sam and Dean sat down on the couch and Sam went to his videos on his phone and they sat there and watched 'Saturday Night Live with Dean Winchester and his mysterious dream talking.' They laughed hysterically even after watching it over and over again, even Bobby laughed with them. And like in the fairytales they lived Happily ever After.


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