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Mike Watson and Becky Jones each pushed a cart full of CD's to the electronics department of Wal-Mart.

"I'm telling you, someone is messing with us!" Mike tried to explain to Becky.

"Mike, who would purposely fill two carts full of CD's and leave them in the baby clothes section? One of the new kids must have been stocking last night and forgot them there," Becky tried to be reasonable.

"I thought of that, but what about the baby clothes that were in the toys section?" he asked impatiently. "Or the toys that were in the kitchenware? Or the kitchenware with the underwear? And the underwear was draped all over the lawn mowers! And then we noticed lawn mowers were missing, and you know where they were? They were-ow!"

His cart rammed into another cart as he turned the corner. He just got angrier as he saw what was in it.

"And look at this! A random cart of fabrics with the electronics!" He exclaimed, making his point.

"Ok, fine," Becky said. "Maybe somebody is-hey!" Suddenly, she was knocked over by someone who must have been moving so fast, she didn't see them. Then a red blur made a sharp turn around the corner.

"Sorry!" two voices called out.

"Hey, you alright?" Mike asked, helping her off the floor.

"What were you saying about someone messing with us?"

To Be Continued!!