Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters in this fic except Joker's minions, which are of my own creation and are only there to help further the plot so that Joker doesn't have to do everything by himself. This is a fic set in the Nolanverse post-Dark Knight. Thanks for reading.

His face had followed her everytime she closed her eyes since the night at the party. She found it hard to believe the lengths that she had gone to just to get his image out of her mind. The acid green hair that was fading to blond, the white, black, and red make up that covered his face, the strangely interesting purple clothes... Why was it that she couldn't get him out of her mind?! She thought it was thanks to the fact that no one could catch him, that he was a challenge. But, deep down, she knew that wasn't true. She knew the extent of her infatuation with him pushed past the boundaries of competitve desire. No, her infautation for him stemmed from something... deeper. Something she wasn't sure how to deal with. And, naturally, human curiostiy knew no bounds, so she had to find him, had to seek him out...

"Rachel Dawes. I'm here to see the Joker."

Her black heels had clicked incessantly on the tiled floor of the facility. She held her state identification card to the secretary, who stared at it in surprise. The older woman looked back at the brunette lawyer and then looked at the ID card. She faltered, turning her eyes away.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Dawes. No one excpet the doctors and his lawyers are allowed to see the Joker," she said, genuine feeling in her voice as she apologized. Rachel sighed, putting her ID back on her black pinstripe jacket covering the red blouse. She leaned forward, watching the woman from behind the protective blouse carefully.

"I know. But I'm the lawyer who is going to be prosecuting him in court. I have the right to see him as well. If you do not let me see him, I will press charges against you for obstruction. Are we understood?" Rachel's voice had dropped to a threatening whisper. The secretary looked up, baffled, and then nodded, passing Rachel a clipboard.

"Very well, Counselor. Sign in there and go through that entrance. The guard will need to make sure you're not carrying any weapons," she said. Rachel stood back up, smoothing out the black matching pencil skirt before she signed her name on the clipboard and walked to the security checkpoint. Like she'd be carrying any weapons. One, the Joker was an intimidating force to be reckoned with. Two, there was a reason he was in Arkham. Three, she most definitely didn't want to hurt him... The guards checked her and then let her go through, one of them leading her to the secure room.

Rachel busied herself with pulling out papers for his case, getting information ready so that she could keep her hands ready. After all this time preparing a legitamate reason to be there to see him... She was trying to keep her hands from shaking, trying to prevent herself from doing something embarassing for the guards to watch from the other side of the two-way mirror. She wasn't stupid; this was a high-profile criminal. There was no way she'd be able to conduct business with him alone, without being watched. Hopefully, they'd see after a few minutes that he wasn't going to do anything to her. She most certainly wasn't going to do anything to him...

"Hello, beautiful."

That voice sent a chill down her spine as she lifted her eyes, watching as the guards brought the tall man into the room. Still tall and lean, he was wrapped in a straight jacket, forced into the white Arkham uniforms most of the convicts wore. The guard shoved him down and stood in a corner. Rachel took her eyes off the Joker and looked at the guard, shaking her head.

"What I need to speak with him about is confidential and important to his case. You need to leave the room," she stated. The guard's eyes narrowed, but he knew better than to argue with a lawyer. He strapped the Joker to the chair, making sure the bolts in the chair kept the man to the floor like they were supposed to. Then, he left. Joker said nothing for a minute before tilting his head.

"What is it you came to say...?" he asked. Rachel directed her eyes to him, wondering the same thing. She had nothing to say about his case. She wasn't even supposed to come and see him without his lawyer present. But, she wanted to...

"There are some specifics I need to go over with you about your case," she started, only to be interrupted by a high-pitch cackle from the man in front of her. She looked up curiously, watching him with surprise in her eyes.

"Don't lie to me, Counselor," he drawled, watching her. He had some of his makeup on, but it was smeared, as though it had been on for too long. "Whose side are you on, anyway?" Rachel felt herself start to blush, but she fought it. Damn him, he would not humiliate her completely.

"You are aware you're accused of terrorism? The penalty is life without parole. You can also be put to death," she said, watching him. He didn't seem that interested. She thought of a different tactic.

"This doesn't bother you at all, does it...?"

"Why should it? I have no regrets about what I did."

Rachel paused, listening. She glanced at the mirror, calculating how it was she could say what she wanted to say without them hearing her.

"I want to help you."

Joker looked at her, watching her as she said it. The buffoons on the other side of the mirror wouldn't be able to see her eyes, how she was saying one thing and meaning quite another. He watched her for a minute before grinning.

"Alright, Miss Dawes. How do you want to help me?"

He was toying with her, but that didn't seem to register to the assistant district attorney. Good. How long could he string her along before she'd finally snap...?

"Anyway I can."

"Resolve. I like it." He leaned back in his chair, the very image of comfort and relaxed, though he still seemed deadly. The straight jacket and other restraints couldn't take away the natural danger. And it drew her like a moth to a flame. "What is it you think you can do to help me?"

She forced herself to look at him, to meet his eyes. She wanted to look away, to stammer that she didn't know, but... she couldn't do it. She kept her resolve steady, holding her face with determination to keep his eyes on her. Her voice dropped.

"I have free reign through Gotham. I have access to files, papers, cases, can get you into any building in Gotham. I plan to do whatever it is I can," she said. The Joker watched her, one eyebrow raised before he moved his lips slightly, pondering what it was that he wanted from her. She did bring up a valid point... Besides, he had never corrupted an Assistant District Attorney - well, she'd now be a District Attorney now, wouldn't she? - without really meaning to. He leaned forward, as much as he could through the restraints holding him in place.

"Alright, I'll... consider your offer, Counselor," he said, his voice a lazy drawl. He watched her for a minute, dark eyes intense. "And you'll have to see about getting a real private room to talk to me in. I don't like being overheard."

His voice had dropped to a menacing tone, the same one he used when he had told the man at the party that he hated his father. With a jerk of his head, the Joker stopped talking, no longer even looking at Rachel. The guards came in, unstrapping him from the bolted chair and lifting him to his feet. Rachel stared straight ahead as he walked past, doing her best to not look at his grinning face. After the door to the room slammed closed, she let her shoulders slump as she exhaled loudly. That silence had been the hardest for her to bear, harder than waiting for jury deliberation to end. She smiled, putting the files she hadn't needed to bring into her briefcase and walking out of the room, signing out on the signout sheet before making her way back to her car, heading home to congratulate herself on her "victory".