Gordon was sitting behind his desk in the empty Major Case Squad Room. After the Joker's episode with blowing up the precinct, some of the nicer Gotham construction workers had agreed to work overtime in order to get them a newer and better squad room. Gordon was grateful, but he had liked his old desk much better. He was poured over the papers in front of him, various indictments against Joker, the location of several Marine recruiting stations in Gotham, and log sheets for all the guests who had been to Arkham since Joker was incarcerated. There were too many people, too much for him to look at alone. Barbara had called him at least ten times, but he hadn't answered. He needed to call her back...

"What've you got?"

The deep, gravelly voice made Gordon jump slightly, his cop instincts sending his had to his hip, where his police issue Glock wasn't currently resting. Instead, it was in his desk drawer, where he kept it when he was in the office. He looked at the tall man in all black standing in front him, biting back the urge to yell.

"Why can't you call, like a normal person?" he snapped. As Batman stared at him, he realized the sheer ridiculousness of his question and sighed, leaning back and taking off his glasses to rub his eyes.

"We cleared out the Marine recruiting stations in Gotham, we're running through a list of the lawyers involved in Joker's case, and we're in the process of trying to figure out what it is that the Joker could want with Dr. Quinzel."

"She was his doctor at Arkham," Batman said. Gordon raised an eyebrow, looking at him thoughtfully.

"Why not just kill her like the others then?"

"Chances are, he saw something in her he liked, or he just wanted to rile us up. We don't even know if she's already dead and he's just playing games."

Gordon nodded slowly, thinking over the information he just gathered. He looked wearily at the caped man in front of him.

"You know no one's going to be happy when they hear you're in on this," he said.

"Then don't let them find out."

Gordon snorted his disdain and looked back at the papers on his desk. Instead of opening his mouth to make another comment, he just glanced up. Sure enough, the masked man was already gone.

I hate it when he does that.


Rachel was pouring over documents as well, but not the same kind Gordon was. Since she had been denied access to Joker at Arkham, she had been busy trying to get in contact with the LeSanj sisters. A knock on her door caused her to look up, blinking in confusion when she saw the blond head of the new District Attorney.

"Harvey? What's up?" she asked. An incredulous expression on the man's face was all she really needed.

"You haven't been watching the news? Rachel, Joker's escaped from Arkham. A doctor went missing too, and he left a message on the news for someone," he said. Rachel felt her heart race and surprise registered on her face. Luckily, it was genuine.

"What'd it say?" she asked, her voice betraying some emotion. Harvey must have took it for determination to catch Joker, because he came in and sat across from her.

"Basically, that someone had three days to find him before he killed them. He didn't give a name, just 'Counselor'. MCU is all over us, convinced it's someone connected to the case," he said. He stretched out, rolling his neck in a circle. Rachel heard it pop in several places and sighed, leaning back.

"That means you, me, half of the District Attorney's office, all of his previous defense lawyers..." She listed them off, but she knew exactly who it was he was talking about. That message was meant for her. Since she was sure she had the location of the LeSanj sisters, she was sure she could get to him... But it was a matter of when. She'd have to get to him soon, seeing as she didn't have much time. It wasn't even a matter of getting to the LeSanj sisters as much as making sure she could actually get to Joker...

"Yeah, but Gordon's got the log for visitors since Joker's incarceration. Maybe he can pull something from that in the next two days..."

"Wait, two?"

"Rachel, we have to give MCU a chance to find and protect the lawyer in question," Harvey said, watching her closely. "Are you alright? You look a little pale." Rachel sighed softly, waving her hand at him before pushing it through her hair.

"Just stressed. I haven't been sleeping a lot," she admitted. Harvey gave her a smile, putting one hand on hers, the one still on the desk.

"Go home, get some rest. I'll call you when we know something," he said. His thumb tenderly caressed her skin, and she couldn't help but want to pull her hand away. He wasn't a bad guy, Harvey, and that was part of the problem. He was so... nice. Rachel wasn't even sure when she started wanting the bad guys, but her infatuation with the Joker was really messing with her morals. She pulled her hand away slowly, making sure the gesture wasn't rude or disgusted.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll talk to you later then," she said, watching as he stood and made his way out of her office. She gathered up the files and information she had gathered and then put it in her briefcase. She stood, turned off the light, and made her way home, smiling slightly. Now, she had plenty of time to work on finding out where her man was...


There were certain things in life that were true, no matter how much you didn't want them to be. For example, fire hurts when it touches your skin and starts to blister, pale people should wear sunscreen when they go to the beach, and redheads have bad tempers.

Pam was furious. She had seen the video the Joker gave and had immediately flown back to Gotham. She had been out of town for the business meeting with the men in charge of paying her, and ended up catching a red-eye flight, getting back to Gotham twenty-four hours before she originally planned to be. From there, she had taken a five minute shower in her home and taken off to the police station, demanding to know who was in charge. Within fifteen minutes, Pam found herself sitting in Police Commissioner Jim Gordon's office, sitting with a cup of coffee she wouldn't touch and Gordon sweating under the collar on the other side of the desk.

"Miss Isley, I understand that you're upset-"

"You don't understand anything, Commissioner," Pam interrupted, her voice as cold as her eyes. "If you understood what Harleen went through as a child, you'd move a little faster. I think it would be best if you kept me informed on anything you found out about where she is." With that, Pam stood, walking out and slamming the door on her way out, the vibration causing the untouched cup of coffee to spill on Gordon's desk. The coolness in Pam's eyes heated as she heard the loud string of curses erupting from him.

Serves you right, you pompous ass, she thought, grinning and exiting the station. She had no idea what it was she was going to do now, but she may have to employ some other help... She paused at the corner, looking left and write before jogging across the intersection, sighing in resignation at what she had to do. There was only one person she could think of to turn to, even if she didn't want to.

One hand came up as Pam hailed a taxi. The redhead never had a problem with the Gotham taxi drivers stopping for her. As one stopped, she climbed in the back, buckling up and meeting the driver's eyes in the rear view mirror.

"Wayne Enterprises, please."


Harleen had been locked in this room, but she found it wasn't too horrible. Yeah, there wasn't a window and she was locked in, but the bed was comfortable (now that she wasn't tied to it), she had a bathroom with a shower, and she had her clothes. After Claire had dropped the duffel off, Harleen had gone through it, seeing what of her outfits the orange woman had picked. Harleen had to admit that Claire had good taste. Not only had she avoided the dress wear that Harleen wore to work, she also managed to make each outfit match, also offering Harleen a few pairs of shoes and some accessories. The doctor had cleared out the bag, putting things away in the room that she had a feeling she was going to become a lot more familiar with in the next few days. About that time, Harleen's elbow started to sting and ache. She gave up, leaving the rest of the stuff in her open duffel and sitting on the bed, sighing and trying to pull her hair up with one hand. That proved impossible, so she waited, thinking over what to do with her elbow.

About the time she decided that a bobby pin and a loose thread from her shirt should do as far as sewing it up went, the lock in the door clicked open. Harleen blinked, lifting her head as bright blue eyes met dark, amused eyes.

"Trust me, a bobby pin is a poor substitute for a needle," Alexandria said, smiling almost kindly at Harleen. Harleen turned a faint pink and hid the bobby pin back in her hair, trying to act as though the idea never even came up. Alexandria laughed softly, moving into the room.

"Joker's coming in soon to make sure you're alright. He made me come in to make sure you were decent and comfortable..." she trailed off, looking at the duffel bag before back at Harleen. "You want me to put the rest of that away?"


Alexandria smiled at the woman and nodded, bending to scoop up the duffel and walking to the dresser, sliding the folded articles in the appropriate drawer.

"Claire is your sister, right?" Harleen asked after a moment. Alexandria paused, turning to look at Harleen and nodding.

"Yeah. My older twin by twenty-seven minutes," she said. Her hands continued moving and the silence between them grew.

"You two are so different. You... you're darker. Your colors, I mean," Harleen said. Alexandria smiled and closed the drawer she was filling before working on the next one.

"Claire was born with bright red hair, and she decided she wanted it brighter. Mom helped her dye it bright orange. As for me, I favor my dad as far as looks go. He was a really dark guy too," she said. Harleen nodded, shifting slightly.

"How do the two of you know Joker?"

Part of it was natural curiosity, but most of it was a desire to get to know more about the man she was supposed to have been evaluating as a doctor, not as a kidnapped victim. Alexandria stood, picking up the now empty duffel bag and the couple of jackets and hoodies that Claire had picked up from Harleen's apartment. She stayed silent, moving to the closet before sliding the mirrored doors open and speaking.

"Our father was one of the huge mob bosses here a few years ago. Ever since we were infants, we've been learning the mob and criminal ways. Well, the cops caught onto dad and managed to catch him and mom. They're still in prison, but Claire and I took over the mob. Joker came into town and politely-" here, she snorted in amusement- "told us that our mob was either going to work with him, or going to perish. A few people decided it against it while we were still in the negotiation period and we got a nice present from him because of their disagreement..."

Harleen watched Alexandria as she spoke, watching her carefully hang up the clothes. Once she was finished, she put the duffel on the top shelf and then closed the doors, standing in front of the mirror and meeting Harleen's eyes.

"We decided it was a good idea to stick with him. By the way, the house you're in now is only a temporary site. We're going to moving again in a few days, at which time, you're going to have to pack everything back up – without looking at that bag hanging in your closet – and we'll move to another place. This place is too obvious."

Alexandria didn't bother to say anything else, making her way to the door and opening it. She leaned on the frame, almost lazily, but Harleen was sure that she was more than ready to spring if Harleen made a run for it.

"Joker. She's decent."

"Took you long enough. Did you have to help her get dressed?" A sarcasticallly harsh voice drifted up to the room, making Harleen believe she was on the second floor. Joker entered the door frame a moment later, a first-aid kit in his hands. Alexandria rolled her eyes, waiting until Joker entered the room to close the door and make her exit.

"So! How's the elbow, Harley?"

Joker's voice was a happy drawl as he dropped next to her on the bed. She instinctively moved over to allow him more room, holding up her stinging elbow to show him. He made a noise of disapproval.

"Looks like it cut you pretty good, Harley. How about I sew it up?"

Harleen wasn't afraid of needles, but the idea of Joker sewing up her elbow made her a little cautious.

"Is... is it going to hurt?" she asked. He gave her a look and then touched it with his nail. She gasped in surprise and pain.

"Did that hurt?" he asked, mockingly. She glared at him, her blue eyes watery from the sudden, stinging pain he induced, but didn't answer. He sighed.

"Fine, I'll numb it, you big baby." With that, he opened the first-aid kit, pulling out a syringe and pulling the cap off the tip. He inserted it in her skin, ignoring Harleen's soft whimper, before injecting the area with the liquid. He held a tissue over the spot as he pulled the syringe out. Harleen watched as he went about re-sterilizing the needle as her elbow went numb.

"There. Now time to sew her up!"

Harleen watched with detached interest as he moved the needle back and forth, carefully stitching her elbow closed after he cleaned the wound.

"Where did you learn that?" she asked, raising her eyes to watch his face. He didn't pause, but didn't lift his eyes either.

"Where do most people learn? I had to teach myself when I got my scars," he said, his brow furrowed with concentration. Harleen nodded absently, watching him.

"Why can't I look in the bag?"

This time, Joker did look up, a grin on his face that was a strange cross between boyish mischievous and sadistic pleasure.

"Because I told you not to. Are you thinking about looking?"

"No... I was just wondering why the secrecy over a bag," she stated. Joker snorted as though he didn't believe her and stopped, carefully wiping the needle down and looking at her.

"Don't do anything crazy with your elbow, and don't get the stitches wet and you should be fine. Then again, if you want to do it all over again, you can pull them out... But I'm not numbing you next time," he said, watching her. Harleen met his gaze, shuddered, and then tore her gaze away. Joker merely grinned before speaking again.

"Also, I think you should put on something else. Change your clothes and get downstairs in a half hour. Claire has some kind of pasta concoction she's making, and she'd be insulted if you missed it," he stated. He started out the door, and Harleen listened for the click of a lock. She breathed a sigh of relief when she heard him walk off, and the lock didn't click. However, she stood up and moved to the dresser, finding a pair of jeans and one of her favorite t-shirts and began the interesting task of getting dressed without doing 'anything crazy with her elbow'.

Harleen found that things were even stranger at dinner. It was rather tense, actually, which surprised the doctor. She sat across from Joker at the table, Claire to her left and Alexandria to her left. The twins seemed to not care about the tension and talked to each other as they ate the pasta Claire had made. Harleen ate in silence, carefully avoiding bumping her elbow or even using it if she could help it. Joker just stared at his plate, bumping the spiraled noodles around his plate with his fork. A foot touched Harleen's leg and she jumped, knees hitting the table, causing the plates on the table to jump. Joker stared at her, Claire grinned, and Alexandria struggled not to laugh out loud.

"Problems, Harley?" Joker drawled, watching her closely. She turned a faint red under his scrutiny, and Claire took a drink of her water. Harleen shifted, shaking her head before she speared another noodle on her fork and tried to forget the event ever happened. However, a moment later, she felt it again, the foot moving on her knee. She didn't jump this time, just dropped her fork and squeaked softly in surprise. Joker raised an eyebrow and both Claire and Alexandria laughed aloud.

"Stop!" Harleen objected, looking at the twins. It had to be one of them, seeing as Joker seemed completely oblivious to whatever was going on. The twins looked at each other and Claire finally sighed.

"Fine, fine. You pansy," she muttered, taking another forkful of food and chewing it, winking at Harleen. Alexandria stood, taking her plate and grabbing Harleen's empty plate.

"Welcome to the family, doc."