Stupid mortals...always getting into trouble.

I don't see why my father allows some of them to be gods or goddesses... some of them were and still are so immature. Like Gekkahyoujin, Itachi's son. Sometimes I wonder how the god of the sun could be related to the god of love.

My father, Fugaku, had just called me back up to Tentou, where all the gods and goddesses that don't care about war (like me) dwelled. Every time he thinks he has found the right female, Kami (my father, the ruler of Tentou) would assign them to be my apprentice for a few days and see if the woman can stand to be around a war

I personally think the idea is stupid...why go through all the trouble when I'm the god of war, with no love at all? As I step into the golden walls of Kami's room, I saw a pink head standing out of place.

"Konnichiwa, Sasuke-sama," the woman said. "I am Sakura, the goddess of peace and beauty..."

And that was all I heard. What was my father thinking?! She's the exact opposite of me...too optimistic. Doesn't this girl know that the only thing I actually care about is war, betrayal, and hate? What an annoyance.

"Sasuke, this is your wife-to-be...get to know her for a few days," my father said.

Oh, crap.

"Sasuke-san, can you show me around here? I know where Master Itachi's and Gekkahyoujin's quarters are, but I don't know most of the universe," the idiot pink stated.

She looks attractive, but I don't think I really like her. Who cares about love? Certainly not me!

The new goddess (who had just drank the immortal juice yesterday, I found out) was very curious about heaven. I hated the fact that she was always so happy...what had a simple human done to be worshipped? I loved how she was scared when I took her to my third of the world- the afterlife.

I can tell she was scared, it was so amusing! But somehow, she managed to lighten the spirits up a little, much to my dislike. I could also tell that behind the charming smile, she hated me. Deeply. I was her complete opposite, she knew, and she didn't enjoy the thought of marrying me. Well, let me tell you, the feeling is mutual.

The spirits in the underworld liked her. My kingdom was actually...happy? No! This is out of porportion!

Sakura is a total idiot. I hate that happy attitude- if she's the goddess of love, then why doesn't she "love" me enough to know that I hate her?

And the wedding is in a few days? I'm going to miss it, I have a war to lead. You'd think my own father would know that...but apparently, he doesn't. Either that or he doesn't care, but I'm placing bets on the latter of the two.

"Sasuke-kun," Pinky said. "How come this place is so dark?"

"The world can't always be happy," I answered proudly.

"Oh, but if only people would just try to understand each other-"

"Everything would be better? No, Sakura-baka, this world is not 'happy' as you try to imagine it. You're just a useless goddess...So what if you're also smart? Love is stupid and useless, just like you."

"Excuse me, Sasuke!" Did she just yell at me? Every other goddess who wanted to be in her spot would be sobbing, then would resign and disappear. "Without love, this world would just be death! Just because you have noexperience doesn't mean you should insult it!"

The pinky stomped away, huffing angrily about stupid wars and hatred.

Good, she was a worthy love goddess. You won't believe how many women have been in her place and have disappeared into the stars just because I told the that they were useless.

So I guess this means Test 1: Complete.


Okay, so this just popped into my head during Orchestra, and I couldn't help but write it!

To clear any confusion:

Sasuke has was born into his title, but Sakura was a human with a past so tragic that Mikoto, the goddess of pregnant mothers and the Earth, felt pity for her and begged Fugaku to let her be a goddess.

This will get better, I promise!