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She's late.

Expect to be surprised? Is this what she means by it?

Just as I was leaving the shade of the trees, I felt someone tackle me to the ground.


I mean, my guard was left down and all, but...That person had no right to tackle me, the god of war! As I turned around, about to curse the person to an eternity in hell, my lips were brutally kissed. Of course, being the Great Sasuke, I enjoyed it and kissed back. When I pulled away, the faint smell of roses and cherry blossoms mingled in my nose, and I smirked up at Sakura.

"Hey, it's not nice to tackle someone like that, you know?" I joked.

"But you're Sasuke-kun, you con't enjoy nice." She poked my nose teasingly and jumped off of me.

"Heh, you're right. C'mon, let's go."

As we vanished into the air, I took a real good look at Sakura. She was wearing western evening gown that was pink with real roses sewn onto the hem. It had the same pattern along the skirt as the pattern on her usual traditional kimono. She must've felt my stare because she poked my arm and pointed to her face.

"I'm up here, Sasuke-kun," she said.

I pulled her flush against me as we landed in the middle of a grassy plain, covered with flowers and trees. We walked into the meadow, the most romantic place someone could ever be. Sakura seemed to really like it, seeing as she just totally left my side to run over to an apple tree. The soft beams of sunlight that hit her face made her look all the more lovelier.

She sat down, leaning against the tree, and smiled at me. I smirked back and lied down in front of her and cushioned my head on her lap.

"Sasuke-kun, tell me about yourself," she whispered.

"Myself? I have a brother; you know Itachi already. Ever since I was born into the world, I've worked hard to best Itachi. It never happened."

Sakura's eyes glowed with curiosity, which made me laugh.

"What?" she asked, blushing.

"Tell me about you. Don't you know how to take turns?" I retorted in mockery.

"Fine. Let's see...My mom was always ill. I had two brothers, but they were so engulfed in their studies that...that they were never home with me. Even though they expected me to know everything, I was never able to get into school."

She stared off into the sky, as if she were living that life all over again. Her hands smoothed out my hair and massaged my scalp. I practically purred in response.

"Wait...your father couldn't make enough money?"

I poked her forehead and kissed her hands.

"No. I don't recall ever seeing my dad, actually. I'm pretty sure he died a few months after I was born."

"Oh." We sat in silence as Sakura smoothed her hands over my shoulders, then my chest.

"S...Sakura, stop that." Her nails grazed over my abdomen and she kissed me.

"No, Sasuke-kun. I don't wanna..."

I pulled her in for a deeper kiss, then let go abruptly. "Seriously, stop!"

She played around with my hair for a little bit before taking her hands off and sighing. "Fine, but...can I ask you something?" she mumbled into my ear.

Now what? If she was gonna reject me...

"Sure, what?"

"Um, ano, can I try to take the last test? Please?"

I gaped. Why would any woman in their right mind want to even try? Sakura had come closest out of them all, but was she trying her luck?

"No, I won't allow it."

Sakura's cheeks puffed up (cutely) and she growled.

"But why not?" she looked desperate. What's she trying to prove to me? "Sasuke-kun, if I can't pass the last test, then there's no dignity. I would feel so humiliated!"

We had a glaring contest, and, of course, I won. However, Sakura pulled the dirtiest trick in the book - she pouted! And, like any other man, I gave in and nodded. "Fine, be that way. If you're harmed or if you fail, I'm still going to make you my wife, though."

"Fair enough."

We shook on it and resumed conversing about our pasts.

That night, I laid on my bed and reconsidered the deal. This test wasn't any more of the mushy shit. No, this is real, hard-core endurance that rips you apart emotionally and physically. Would Sakura be able to take it? I had my doubts, and I was restless.

Then again, I'd still get to marry her even if she got injured. For once in my life, I had mixed emotions. What if this test was too much for her? What if she kills herself and gets rid of her immortality? What would become of me then?I knew I wouldn't be anything without Love; Sakura made sure of that. I wouldn't put up with anyone else, that was for sure.

No, what was I thinking? She's Sakura! She'd be able to handle it, right? And even if she couldn't, she still wouldn't do something so stupid as killing herself. Either way, she'd still be mine. I'll make sure of it.

"Dammit, what the hell have you done to me?" I mumbled before falling into slumber.

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