The steam rose high, making spiral patterns above the busy crowd that stood waiting and watching as their children boarded the impressive crimson locomotive. It was the first of many trips to platform 9 and ¾ for the family positioned toward the center with blue-grey eyes and full heads of curls.

Hermione's right hand rested possessively on the round of her stomach, her other hand holding on to three year old Orion as he stood sucking his thumb looking up in wonder at his surroundings. The twins word identical smirks conversing silently as they did, setting Hermione's maternal instincts on edge. She would be watching them closely making sure they did not decide to start their education a few years early.

Today it was Scorpious who was setting off to Hogwarts.

Her sweet, dark haired, baby boy-With a heart like his mother and the patience of his father.

Hermione never did have to worry about him, there had never been a need, Scorpious had always been able to take care of himself and all that surrounded him.

Hermione didn't know how she would do without him until Christmas.

She stood back keeping the others in check as Draco had his say. She didn't bother listening in or worrying what rubbish he might be dictating to his heir. She knew him well enough to guess most of the talk revolved around Scorpious being sorted into Slytherin or being disowned. Scorpious, however, would take none of it to heart following his own path as he always did, sadly disappointing Draco in the process.

Hermione possessed no misconceptions of exactly which house Scorpious would be sorted into. He would be a Gryffindor, and Draco would have to get over his foolish day dreams of making Scorpious into a mini him. Draco would have to settle for Serpens and Leo following in his footsteps- two identical mirror images of their father in appearance and temperament.

Finally Draco stood, shaking his sons hand and retreating to her side, picking Orion up and giving the twins a warning glance with steel eyes.

Hermione smiled knowingly at her children stepping away from her husband so she could have a privet moment with her oldest son.

"Dad, had a few choice words." Scorpius stated looking mildly entertained by whatever his father had told him.

"I'm sure he did." She responded playing the word game that seemed breed into all the Malfoys and took her years to perfect.

"Him and grandfather both." Hermione only nodded expectantly.

"They told me they were proud of me and it didn't matter what house I ended up in, because they realized a long time ago that I wasn't a real Malfoy. That I had too much of you in me to ever be Slytherin material and that some family traditions aren't met to last. Look.." Scorpius said holding out his hand showing her the red and gold tie that rested in his palm. "Dad said it was yours and to make him proud to be who I am and never be ashamed that I'm your son, because he wasn't. Mom I will make you proud. I will make top marks and take care of the younger ones when they come. I promise." He stood taller with his statement, locking his jaw and forcing all the emotion that swam in his eyes into remission. He was going to be strong with his good byes, at eleven he was determined to do this right, just as his dad would, like a man and without tears.

He held his had out for her to shake and She took it pulling him forward and enveloping him into a strong embrace. His arms wrapped around her waist as she hugged him tighter and placed a kiss on top of his head.

His body curved around her stomach, where is his baby sister grew and when he finally pulled away he placed a small hand on the bulge, "Be safe, little girl, and don't even think about being born until I'm home for Christmas." He hugged his mother once more, though Hermione suspected he was hugging his sister more than her. Then he turned and walked over to the others. The twins he shot a warning to behave and his little brother got a quick hug and pat on the head. With a nod to his father and a small smile to his mom Scopious grabbed his owl, Bran, and boarded the train.

They stood on the platform watching as the train pulled out. Draco holding Orion in one arm the other fixed around his wife's waist as the twins stood on the other side of their mother pretending not to care that they would be without their brother for sometime.

Hermione was the only one to cry as she watched her son set off on an new adventure, knowing that because of her work with Lucius and Draco he would never have to endure the pain and heart ach that she and Draco had went through. None of her children would, not even when they reached their veela heritage.

A/N: There never seemed like a good place to put it so information that some might be curious about.

* The Bracelet was removed at their marriage ceremony, and Hermione was surprised to find that she felt no different having in removed then she did while wearing it, mainly because she had been so deeply in love with Draco when the thing was removed. To this day she still wears the ring out of free will, though now it resides on her finger as her wedding band.

* The Baby girls' name will be Rosalind, to serve two purposes. The first to continue Hermione's tradition of naming girls after a favorite Shakespearean figure and second to up hold Draco's family tradition of constellation names. A Rose is another name for a compass on a map, so I felt it fit.

* Thank you for everyone that read and reviewed this story I would never of finished it without you!