She walked over to the bleeding man as he lay clutching where his arm used to be.

"Stop please!" he cried as the shadowed figure came closer.

"Did he yell stop as well when you raped him!!" her vicious voice rang out through the room. She snarled and glared at him with her blood red eyes, the eyes of her clan. She took her sword and slashed his shoulder, as he screams for mercy.

"You raped and tortured my sons, and you ask for my mercy?!" She placed her sword at his throat. She grinned cruelly as her eyes shone and blood ran down her cheeks as tears.

"I'll kill every last one of you! You'll pay for what you have done!" Simultaneously the killer and the bleeding man stabbed each other. He died quickly, but she fell to the ground blood dripping of her chin.

"N-No" She whispered as the glow of her eyes died and they returned to their normal amber red.
The moonlight shone on her unmoving form to show her features. Sun kissed tan skin and blonde hair with blood red and amber streaks through it. To a normal person she was beautiful. A pair of light footsteps was heard coming round the corner. You could hear young children crying for their mother as they opened the door and came upon the scene. Both boys stopped and the taller one covered his younger brother's eyes.

"Mother no!" the younger one cried. Blood was dripping down his cheeks from three cuts on both sides of his face, looking like whiskers. He had tan skin and blonde hair like his mother, but the azure blue eyes of his father. He looked to be around the age of six, his brother ten years old. The older brother held him as he cried, crying silent tears of his own. He has the skin and eyes of their mother, but his father's red mane.

"Shh Naruto, it'll be okay, she can't die now. Iruka will come help us, it'll all be…" he stopped as larger and louder footsteps came from behind them. The younger one, Naruto, grew quiet and his eyes widened.

"Kyuubi..." The older brother, Kyuubi, grabbed his hand and led him to the closet. He pulled him in and locked the doors as the figures came into the room. Kyuubi held his hand over Naruto's mouth, making sure to stay silent and hidden.

The larger man was one of the men that tortured the two boys. A smaller younger boy also entered after the man. Kyuubi closed his eyes pushing back the fresh memories. The larger man laughed as they walked over to their fallen comrade and their mother.

"Well the queen is dead, too bad she killed him. He was a good solider, oh well there's always so many volunteers to fight the demons!" He laughed cruelly while kicking her dead body. His accomplice held a grim expression as he scanned the room. Slowly he walked around and scanned the area. He came by the closet and Kyuubi noticed the boy was young, around his age of only 10. The older man quirked and eyebrow and followed the boy with his eyes.

"Uchiha what are you doing?" The boy continued to ignore him as he got closer to the closet.

The boy still did not reply him. The larger man got angry and drew his sword.

"You should remember what rank you are and also the level of skill I posses." The young boy's voice rang out as the man stepped toward him. He hissed out the boys name "Itachi" And he sheathed his blade. Itachi continued his search as his eyes met surprised amber ones through the gap in the closet doors. He looked down to see the crying blonde boy in his arms. He quietly sniffed the air and closed his eyes. When he opened them Itachi was showing Kyuubi his Sharingan. Kyuubi relaxed and his eyes held gratitude in them. Itachi deactivated his clan's power and returned to his partner.

"I've searched the room, no ones here. The kits must have escaped to some other room." His voice held no emotion. The other huffed and replied "Well we better go south to the gate before they get there, no ones protecting it right now." He went to leave the room, but Itachi interrupted them.

"No we should head north, that's where their instincts will tell them to go." The other said nothing before taking off.

"Run to the Southern gate no one is there, I'll buy you as much time as I can get. Run and don't stop, run south." He took off after his partner, and left the boys in darkness.

Here's the first chapter hope you like it there is more to come!!