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Chapter One: Something that can't be ignored

Dr. Allison Cameron waited patiently in the ER for the next patient, a man who got in a car accident. She had everything ready for the arrival of the ambulance. She tapped her foot, looked at her watch, but nothing made time go faster. Suddenly, Wilson appeared in front of her. She grinned at him.

"Hey, James, just waiting for a Mr. Samuels to come in," she told him, glancing over him as a series of nurses came streaming in.

"Sorry, I have to go, can we talk later?" She asked, putting on rubber gloves.

"No, Allison, I have to talk to you now," he said solemnly. Her grin vanished. She looked at the car crash victim helplessly.

"What happened?" She asked the oncologist. He shifted uncomfortably, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"We got your sister's mammogram back," he said quietly. She sat down in the nearest chair. Cameron's sister lived near Cameron in New Jersey.

"She's got late stage breast cancer," James admitted, pulling the sobbing young doctor into a hug. House walked in.

"I thought I'd find you here, Wilson. Why is Doctor Cameron here crying? Did Chase break up with her?" House said sarcastically. Wilson looked over at him.

"Shut the hell up," he yelled, "Cameron's sister is dying." Everyone looked at them. House's face softened.

"Here," Wilson said lovingly. He put an arm around her and brought her into his office. He rubbed her shoulders.

"Jimmy, oh God, Jimmy," she choked. Mary Beth, her beloved younger sister, was dying. He hugged her again.

"Its okay, Ally. She's got six months," Wilson said, "You want to come with me to break the news to her?" He asked quietly. She nodded helplessly. House patted Cameron awkwardly on the back as they walked out. He wanted to have Wilson's ability to comfort Cameron, but it wasn't his nature. They arrived at Exam Room One, where Mary Beth was waiting. She frowned at all the doctors that were in the room.

"Ally, Dr. House? Why are you here?" She asked innocently. Allison tried to be strong for her sister.

"Bethie," she started, but put her hand over her mouth to hold back a sob.

"Oh, God, I have cancer, don't I?" Mary Beth said, looking down at her body. Wilson nodded, his arm around Cameron.

"I'm so sorry," he said sincerely. House didn't say anything.
"I'm only 21, how is it possible? I'm healthy and everything…" she started, and then broke down a little, her eyes brimming over. Cameron ran over to her sister and hugged her tightly, wanting to protect her from the living hell to come. After a few minutes, Cameron forced herself to leave.

"Don't worry, Ally, I'll help you through this," Wilson promised.

TBC: this is gonna be a Wilson/Cameron romance as Mary Beth dies and he helps her through it. I'm workin on 2 other stories, but the faster you guys review the faster I update…