Chapter 12

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Epilogue…1 year and a half later.

"Kagome!!" screamed a voice throughout the palace. Kagome looks up from reading her book, smirks, and then begins reading again.

The door to the library opens and an angry sesshomaru walks into the room. His eyes landed on his mate and he makes his way over.

Kagome looks up at him and smiles. "Hi mate, what do I own the pleasure for you to come storming in."

"Why did you tell your friends that the marriage will be here?"

Kagome puts on an innocent face. "Because I want them to have a beautiful wedding so I asked them if they would like to have it in the gardens. Did I do wrong?"

Sesshomaru sighs and pulls her to him placing her head on top of hers. "No, but next time be sure to notify me first. When is the union?"

"In about a week, they want to get married as soon as possible."

Sesshomaru nods and kisses her forehead. "Then we shall start the preparations."

Kagome looks up at him. "Really?" he nods.

"Oh thank you mate!" she says while throwing her arms around him planting kisses on his face.

Sesshomaru growls his approval at his mate happiness.

"I'm going to go tell them the good news!" she says and walks towards the door.

Sesshomaru nearly laughed. She really didn't walk; she more like waddled towards the door. She was 4 months along and he couldn't wait for the pup to be born. He was hoping he would have a little girl this time.

He watches her walk out the door then sighs as he sits down. It was going to be a long week.

One week later…

Everyone stood on either side the priest amazing at the beautiful surrounds. Sure the garden was beautiful but the arrangements for the wedding made it spectacular.

Miroku stood in front of the priest. He was dress in the western colors looking his best.

Kagome stood in the front row with sesshomaru, Akihiko, shippo, and rin. Kagome stood dress in a blue komodo that had silver crescent moons on the sleeves and on the bottom of it. Oh her chest was the western house symbol.

Sesshomaru had on something similar to his other garments except instead of white he had on purple and yellow. The children had on blue also with crescent moons.

Everyone turns as the bride appeared at the top of the aisle. She had on a beautiful white dress that kagome of course help pick a designed for. Living in the future had its advantages in the past.

Everyone awes at the beautiful bride.

Kagome smiles at her friend who smiles back and looks over to her father, who held his daughter arm around his.

"You look beautiful sango." He says to her.

"Thank you father."

Sango looks around the garden seeing all her family and friends. Her eyes lands on kohaku who smiled at his sister.

Sango then looks to inuyasha who stood beside her brother. He was also dress in the western house colours. He had a look on his face that said 'it's about time.'

A woman beside him elbows him in the side. Mouthing 'be respectful and stop playing around.'

He wraps his arm around her waste all pulls her close. She could clearly see the markings on his face, the two purple strips on his cheeks and a crescent moon on his forehead.

He had woke up on day and found himself to be a full youkai. Not long after that he had found Sora, a beautiful bird youkai who had been injured one day. Inuyasha had help nurse her back to health and the rest, well…

She looks at the little girl holding onto his hand while the other twirled a piece of her hair.

She turns to kagome to see her giving thumbs up. She giggles and looks to the front, into the eyes of the man she was about to spend the rest of her life with.

She blushes as miroku grin and wink at her.

Once at the front the priest asks. "Do you hand your daughter over to monk?"

"Yes I do," says sango father.

The priest nods towards miroku. Sango is hand over to him and the ceremony begins.

After a very long day of celebrating and congratulating, everyone prepared to go their separate ways heading to their homes.

"Later kagome see you soon." Say inuyasha giving her a hug. Sora comes and gives her a hug also. "It was such a beautiful wedding. You did very well decorating it."

"Thanks Sora."

"Inuyasha, Sora, Kokoro." He nods to they and pats the little girl head. They nod back and Kokoro hugs his legs then she attaches herself to kagome's leg.

"By aunty kagome uncle sesshy, see you tomorrow." She says before running into her father arms.

"Good-bye Kokoro." The family leaves waving as the left in the carriage.

"She's so precious." Sesshomaru nods at her statement.

Sango and miroku walk up next. Sango embraces her in a hug. "Thank you so much kagome. I could never be happier."

"You welcome sango. Now you too have a good time and come visit me soon."

"We will lady kagome," Says miroku. He looks towards sesshomaru and nods. "Thank you lord sesshomaru for allowing us to have our wedding here."

"Yes we are very grateful for that. Thank you." The both say bowing slightly.

"You are welcome."

"Well we should get going. See you soon kagome. Don't have your pup until we get back we would love to be here."

"I'll try my best."

They nod and hug and watch as sango goes to the demon slayers that sat around the carriage. The two get in and the carriage takes off. Kagome waves till they're out of sight.

"Well I'm beat," she says turning to sesshomaru. He nods.

"Perhaps it's time to retire."

"Yes but the kids have to be off first."

"Already done."

"Thank goodness. Well lets head off." She loops her arm around his and the head up the stairs.

Once settle in their night garments the lie in each other arms.

"You know I'm really happy and so is everyone else. Inuyasha is a full youkai and has found someone, sango has her family back, miroku is without the wind tunnel and has married the woman he loves, shippo well he has a family, everyone is happy. Are you happy?"

She asks looking up at him from resting on his chest.

He gives her a smile. "I'm the happiest I have ever been and a long time. And I wouldn't have my life any other way."


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