I don't know what possessed me to write this. I really don't, other then there's almost no Ichigo x Rangiku fics. A what if fic to that scenario early in the Arrancar arc where Rangiku doesn't find a place to stay and Grimmjow and crew don't attack that first night. Don't read if you aren't of age.

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Ichigo was having a bad day. His father had managed to catch him off guard in the morning, cracking him in the back of the head with a kick before berating him for five minutes about how sloppy he was getting. At school, he had to deal with Keigo harassing him about hanging out and going to parties, as well as watch him try and flirt with Rukia and Orihime. As the day ended it had started to rain, and he had forgotten an umbrella. Needless to say, by the time he arrived home in his rain soaked uniform he was thoroughly pissed off.

It didn't end there for the substitute shinigami. Upon reaching his room he heard a noise coming from the ceiling. It sounded like a voice. When he cautiously approached the light fixture to investigate, the glass bowl covering the light bulb fell to the floor. Before Ichigo could wonder just what in the hell happened, Renji dropped out of the hole, landing on it and cracking it.

"Renji, what the hell are you doing? What the hell did you do to my light!" Ichigo growled out, his patience had all but gone.

"Oiy Ichigo, take it easy. It was Rangiku's idea anyways."

Before Ichigo could get another word out, several familiar faces appeared from the hole in his ceiling, smiling at him before falling onto his bed. The substitute lost it when he saw Rangiku, Yumichika, and Ikkaku standing on it, smiling at him. He had just started his rant when the window slid open revealing a familiar white haired taicho.

"I told you he wouldn't appreciate it, but you didn't listen" said Toshiro as he closed his eyes, annoyed by his fukutaicho's lack of tact.

"Oh but taicho, it was such a fun idea!" Matsumoto jumped on his bed casually, almost causing Ichigo to resume his rant.

"Ok, just what are you all doing here in my room?"

"We're here on a mission to protect Karakura Town from arrancar. I asked Ikkaku to join me, and after they heard Yumichika and Rangiku wanted to tag along too." Renji's smug smile only further annoyed the orange haired teen.

"It's obvious Aizen has taken an interest in you Kurosaki" stated Toshiro, drawing Ichigo's interest. "I'm sure he'll send more then just those first two. When he does, you're going to need help."

Ichigo had to admit the truth in that statement. The two arrancar he'd met the other day had proved formidable. Only the intervention of Urahara and Yoruichi had saved him and his friends.

"So how long are you going to be here?" Ichigo had a bad feeling.

"We're not going back for some time, not until we understand the threat better. These arrancar are extremely dangerous, and much stronger then a menos" Toshiro explained.

"Where are you staying then?" Every shinigami turned to Ichigo at his question, looking at him with imploring eyes. "No, no way are you guys staying here. I don't have that kinda room!"

"What? Not even for me Ichigo?" Rangiku pouted, and undid one of the buttons on her already partially unbuttoned shirt, causing every man in the room to go red.

"No, especially not you!"

Her next move almost caused a nosebleed when she lifted the hem of her skirt, partially exposing her panties to him. He covered his eyes and tried not to look, but his teenage hormones practically forced him to take a peek from between his fingers.

"Seduction won't work on me!"

"Then why are you peeking Ichigo" fumed Rukia.

When the group broke up a short time later, Ichigo had seen them off. Rangiku was the last to leave, pondering what she was going to do. Ichigo was curious what plans the ditzy fukutaicho might have.

"Where do you think you're going to stay?"

"I don't know yet" the blonde replied. "I'll think of something. Are you worried about me?" She walked up to him and gave him a wink and a smile.

"Nope, not at all, just curious" said Ichigo, playing it off.

"Well I'll figure out something. Take care Ichigo!" With those words the most famous chest in the Seireitei walked off towards the town, drawing stares from almost every man she encountered.


As Ichigo was finishing up his homework late that night, he heard a tap at the window. He was startled when he opened it and an inebriated Matsumoto jumped into his room with a bottle of sake in her hand.

"Rangiku, what the hell are you doing? Do you know what time it is?" The teen was starting to get annoyed again.

"Oh don't be such a party pooper, it's still early! Lets have a little fun!" As she spoke it was clear to Ichigo she was a little giddy.

"Its eleven thirty! We have school tomorrow! Do you know what will happen if you get rowdy and my dad wakes up to find you in his house?" Ichigo could already imagine the headaches that would bring, picturing his father dancing around and congratulating him.

"Well then we'll just have to be quiet and share a drink." Rangiku sat next to him on the bed and held the half empty bottle towards him.

"I'm underage, I can't drink in the house! I have to get up early." The teen was growing annoyed, but at the same time his body was heating up from the close proximity and the fact that they were alone on his bed. If only Keigo could see him now, he'd never hear the end of it. It was getting hard to resist the temptation to stare at her cleavage.

"Well if I drink alone, I get depressed. When I'm depressed I tend to cry really loudly. Really loudly" she teased, pouting her lips.

"This is blackmail dammit! Fine, one drink." Ichigo swiped the bottle and took a swig of the liquor, wincing as it burned his throat. He tried hard not to cough and embarrass himself in front of her. He'd drank a few times before at parties, but that had always been just a few beers. He would find out hard liquor was much different.

Matsumoto cheered and took the bottle back, taking a swig herself before laughing and passing it back to Ichigo. She had to admit, she was enjoying the thrill of sneaking into his room at night and getting him to drink as it made her feel the part of a schoolgirl. She hadn't been sure it would work. Now she didn't have to drink alone, and if she played her cards right she'd have some fun and a place to stay.

"So Ichigo, do you have your eye on anyone? Maybe Rukia, or Orihime? Or possibly even someone else" she purred seductively, a trick she'd learned over the years in the bars across the Seireitei. She inched closer to him, enjoying the panicked look in his eyes. Teasing was one of her favorite hobbies.

"Wh-what kind of question is that?" Ichigo had nearly choked taking a drink from the bottle when she asked him. Even he didn't know who he liked right now, he hadn't had time to consider it with the constant fighting occupying his time.

"Well, do you have someone in mind? Hmmm?" She inched closer until her eyes were only a foot from his own.

"No, nothing like that. I haven't had time to think about it" he said hastily, suddenly finding the label on the sake bottle very interesting. Rangiku had to admit to herself he was extremely cute when he wasn't scowling. She teased him a little more before noticing a deck of cards on the table.

"Oh Ichigo, I love cards, lets play a game while we drink!"

"I guess we can play a game of poker or something" he said, uninterested.

"Alright, lets play strip poker! You deal" the blonde smiled and slapped her hands together quietly.

"There's no way I'm playing that with you, you're crazy" Ichigo hissed, even as another part of his anatomy stirred at the thought, vehemently opposed to the idea of not playing.

"Aw come on, please? I won't tell Hitsugaya taicho. You don't make me want to cry do you?" Rangiku gave him the look, the pouty lips and puppy dog eyes that got her anything she wanted from a man.

"Fine, a couple rounds, but no more!" The liquor in his system had allowed him to cave into her demand, and although he wouldn't admit he was excited at the chance to see her in all her glory.

Ichigo dealt the cards and checked his hand. Seeing a king, jack, ten, and a pair of sevens he threw away the first three cards and drew three more. He managed to get another seven for three of a kind.

Rangiku only drew two cards. Ichigo was feeling pretty confident.

"Three of a kind, sevens" he said, throwing the cards down face up.

"Three of a kind, queens" Rangiku smiled as she laid them down.

Ichigo cursed, deciding on what piece of clothing to remove. He decided to play to win and removed his socks.

"Oh thats no fun" she complained. "Now I'll have to really try!"

Ichigo lost again the next hand and was forced to remove his shirt. Rangiku laughed and gazed at him, enjoying the view of his well toned chest. Ichigo blushed lightly as he was sized up like a piece of meat. He dealt the next hand, praying for good cards.

The substitute was rewarded when he managed to score two pairs off the bat. He drew one card to Rangiku's three. He didn't get what he needed for a full house, but he hoped she didn't have another three of a kind.

"I've got a pair of kings" she announced.

"Two pair" he said, trying his hardest not to show any excitement.

"Well then I guess I lose" she said while smiling.

Ichigo had expected her to remove her socks, but was floored when instead she started to unbutton her shirt. His mouth gaped when she stood up and slipped out of it, revealing a lacy black bra that barely contained what some would consider the most majestic site in Soul Society. Giggling, she threw it at him where it landed on his head. He could smell her scent on it, the light fragrance of her perfume and shampoo exciting him. The sight of her body and the smell of her shirt had him struggling to main control over his lower body.

Ichigo closed his eyes and dealt the cards again, and then took a swig of sake. He could feel it giving him a buzz as he had several shots worth now. He peered at his cards and cursed, it was a complete garbage hand. He kept his lone ace and drew four. Rangiku drew three again. He got nothing worthwhile.

"Ace high" he muttered, knowing already he'd lost.

"Pair of eights!"

Ichigo stood up and mentally groaned. His pants were the only thing he could remove. Quickly he unbuttoned them and slipped out them, leaving him in just his boxers. Matsumoto watched him intently the whole time. She hadn't expected him to have such an amazing body, and was starting to have trouble avoiding arousal herself.

"Alright, I think we better stop now." He was having difficulty looking at her now. If he got a hard on now there was no way she wouldn't notice.

"One more" she pouted.

"No deal. I have school, and I only have one piece of clothing left to lose."

"Well that makes me sad. I get so loud when I'm sad" she said, her voice getting progressively louder.

"You're evil, you know that? One more, thats it."

He sat back down on the bed and dealt the hand, praying for good cards. If he lost, he didn't know what he'd do. Fortunately luck was on his side this time as he drew four clubs. Deciding to go for broke, he drew one card. When he flipped it over, he felt relief wash over him as it was another club. He'd managed a flush. That would be hard to beat. Rangiku only drew two cards.

"Three of a kind, jacks." Matsumoto smiled seductively, thinking she'd won.

"Flush. That's the end of the game, I'm done" he grinned widely while saying it, thanking god that he didn't have to drop his boxers.

"Oh well." She stood up turned her back to him, fiddling with the clasp on her skirt. Ichigo thought the game was over and was preparing to climb into bed when she suddenly faced him again and wiggled her hips, letting the skirt fall to the floor. Blood almost shot out of his nose when he saw her matching skimpy black lace panties.

"Hey I said the game was over!"

"But I lost the hand, I have to play by the rules" she said, doing her best to act innocent. Ichigo couldn't help but gawk at her amazing body, toned from years of training as a shinigami. He didn't know if he'd ever seen anything that could compare. She crawled on the bed toward him, pushing him down on his back. He was too stunned to resist, the alcohol only adding to the effect. She had been getting horny seeing him in just his boxers, and now the fukutaicho had him where she wanted him.

"Do you like what you see?" she giggled seductively. Matsumoto placed her hand on his chest and slowly slid it down his body and over his boxers, feeling his hardening member. "I'll take that as a yes."

She climbed forward on the bed with one leg on either side of his body as she straddled him, her bra covered breasts pressing against him as she leaned in and kissed him. She felt Ichigo stiffen in shock underneath her before he relaxed and gave in. His mouth opened and she slipped her tongue inside, seeking his. It didn't take him long to return the favor and slide his tongue into hers, his penchant for learning things proven to extend to more then combat. Ichigo's mind raced, unable to believe this was not a dream.

Emboldened by sake he ran his hands along her back while they kissed, stopping when they reached the clasp of her bra. She broke off the kiss and looked down at him, silently nodding and giving him permission. The clasp was undone and the blonde pulled her arms out of the straps, letting the garment fall from her body, exposing her large breasts to him. She heard him gasp at the sight.

"Is this really happening" he managed to whisper.

"Yes, just relax. I'll take the lead until you get comfortable."

Rangiku leaned back and grabbed his hands, placing them on her chest. She could tell that like so many others Ichigo was fascinated with her tits. He caressed them gently, using his thumbs to massage her sensitive nipples and draw slight groans from her. It didn't take long before the substitute sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her in for another kiss while rolling over so that the 10th's fukutaicho was underneath him.

"Oh so you want to take the lead huh?" she teased.

Ichigo grunted in response, instinct taking over. Although he was a virgin, he wasn't clueless thanks to manga and the internet. He kissed her again and slowly worked his way down her neck to her chest, taking a nipple in his mouth and sucking on it gently.

Rangiku could feel her underwear becoming damp with each passing second, her mind racing as she wondered how he was so skilled. She felt him kiss his way down her flat stomach to the edge of her panties. As the shinigami prodigy tried to pull them down she held them and giggled, playing an erotic game of tug of war for several moments before relinquishing her last piece of clothing. When she suddenly felt his hot tongue on her sex she had to grit her teeth to stifle a moan.

"That feels amazing" she gasped as Ichigo probed her folds with his tongue, using his fingers to hold them apart so he could push inside and taste her. Her hands clawed at the bed as she restrained herself from pushing her womanhood against his face. She was so hot that she knew it wouldn't take long to reach a climax.

Ichigo continued his assault on her palace, licking the delicate nub above her folds. His left hand snaked up and around her body to fondle her breasts while he increased the pace of his licking. After several minutes Matsumoto started panting heavily as she could feel the pleasure building towards an explosion deep in her belly.

"Ichigo, Ichigo, I can't take anymore" she gasped. When he pressed his tongue back inside her she let go, running her hand through his hair as she gave in to her orgasm. Her thighs tightened around his head from the pleasure, nearly suffocating him. Ichigo still licked furiously despite the headlock, sliding his hands under her butt to support her when she arched her back and pushed against him. He enjoyed her taste, and prayed she didn't get too loud. He was glad Kon was sleeping with Yuzu and Rukia had a futon set up in his sister's room. The shinigami could hear her moaning his name as she came down from her peak.

"Ichigo, where did you learn to do that?" she asked him breathlessly.

"It's a secret." There was no way in hell he was going to admit he saw it in manga and the few porno movies he'd seen.

"You're full of surprises" Rangiku smiled down at him as she sat up and kissed him again, tasting herself on his lips. "Lay back and let me return the favor."

Ichigo did as instructed, blushing when he heard Matsumoto giggle at the sight of his boxers which resembled a tent thanks to his arousal. She swiftly pulled them down and released him from his cloth prison, marveling at his size. The substitute shinigami was bigger then she'd expected.

"Lets see how you like this" she said before blowing gently on the tip of his manhood, causing his body to twitch. As she lowered her lips to take him in her mouth, the fukutaicho used her hand to cup his balls, gently massaging them as her tongue flicked at his head. She wanted to make him feel good, but at the same time not good enough to cause an immediate orgasm.

"Rangiku that feels amazing" he groaned out. He had to close his eyes if he wanted to it last any length of time, the sight of her laying on his bed sucking on him had almost caused the teen to prematurely erupt. He wanted to avoid embarrassment if possible, and enjoy this as long as he could. He had no idea when such a thing might happen again.

She continued to suck on him for several minutes, her head bobbing in a steady rhythm as she enjoyed his musky male flavor. Every time she felt him get close, she'd stop what she was doing and squeeze the base of shaft until the danger passed. For Ichigo it was both intense pleasure and harsh torture. He didn't know how much more he could take.

Rangiku on the other hand was ready to go again, and this time she wanted to feel him inside her. She pulled him out of her mouth and climbed up his body yet again, kissing him before asking the question she'd been wondering since her first orgasm.

"You've been doing good, but this is your first time right?"

"Yeah, you're my first" he said while looking into her eyes, admitting it without feeling embarrassment.

Matsumoto smiled down at him. She was taking his virginity, and the fukutaicho knew that no matter what happened he'd always remember her and what they shared. Despite the rumors to the contrary, she was not a whore. She could count on one hand the number of lovers she'd had over the decades in Soul Society, and she had been fiercely loyal to them while they were together. It scared her how unlike her it was to let the teasing go this far, but she had gone so long without companionship and the orange haired teen had so many attractive qualities to her. The way he risked his life to save his friends over and over, not resting until he was successful. The cute way he had resisted her teases up until tonight. Could he become her lover? There might be some roadblocks to work around, but who knew what the future might bring?

Ichigo watched as his first lover grabbed his shaft and slowly lowered herself onto him. She was wet and hot, and he almost came right there when he felt her ass against his thighs, his manhood fully inside her. Gritting his teeth to bear it, he reached up and grabbed her breasts as she wiggled her hips in a circular pattern, grinding his member against her inner walls. Every few moments she'd stop and use her muscles to squeeze him, her experience allowing the older woman to tease him in ways he'd never imagined.

"You gotta stop, if you keep doing that" he managed to get out between labored breaths before he was cut off.

"Shh, I know you won't last long your first time. It's alright, you've got me all hot Ichigo so I won't be long either" she chuckled and leaned forward, kissing him while she ground her hips against him. "Lets try to time it so we do it together."

Rangiku sat up and leaned back, one hand on the bed to hold her steady while the other went for her pink nub. It only took a few moments of rubbing her sensitive spot before the pleasurable sensations, coupled by the feel of Ichigo inside her as she bounced on him pushed her towards orgasm. Ichigo clutched at the sheets, trying to hold out.

"Just a little longer, I'm close" she said breathlessly, her fingers picking up speed. A few more seconds and she felt that familiar twinge inside her that signaled the start of her orgasm. "I'm cumming" was all she could get out of her mouth before she exploded, her inner walls squeezing and contracting around her partner. The sight of her face lost in ecstasy as she orgasmed coupled with the sensations in his groin pulled her partner along for the ride.

"Shit, me too Rangiku" he moaned. The sound of him moaning her voice only intensified her feelings. She could feel him throbbing, as well as the heat of his release way up inside her. It took almost a minute for the intensely pleasurable feelings to die down in both of them, leaving them extremely satisfied. Together they gulped down air greedily as she leaned forward and rested against his chest. After catching their breath they gazed at each other for several moments before sharing a tender kiss. Both of them were exhausted and Ichigo was ready to fall asleep.

"That was so incredible Ichigo. I had no idea you'd be that good" she said as she pulled herself off of him and rolled to the side, snuggling up against his body tenderly.

"Neither did I really." Ichigo could feel his eyelids closing against his will.

"Goodnight" she said quietly, leaning in one more time to kiss him before laying an arm across his chest possessively while nuzzling his neck. In response Ichigo wrapped his own arm around her and held her close.

"Goodnight Rangiku."


Ichigo was unprepared for the scream he heard that morning when Yuzu walked in to wake him up and tell him breakfast was ready. He had forgotten to set an alarm so that this kind of situation wouldn't occur. Upon hearing her yell, both occupant's eyes shot open. Ichigo saw Yuzu run out of the room while yelling. He mentally cursed. His little sister had seen the two of them naked and snuggled up together in bed, their modesty preserved only by a thin white sheet. He dread what was coming next.

"Dad, Ichigo is in bed with a woman!"

"What? My son has become a man? Oh joy!" boomed Isshin's voice from downstairs.

The sound of his old man racing up the stairs to barge into his room had Ichigo moving at near flash step speeds. Fortunately he got to the door first and locked it. He heard his father pound on it.

"Oh son, let me see what beautiful woman has made you a man! I want to meet her!"

"Knock it off you damned pervert!"

"Is that any way to treat your father?" Isshin went on a tirade, continuing to pound on the door.

"What's going on Kurosaki-san" came Rukia's voice through the door.

"Oh Rukia my third daughter, its not you in there with Ichigo?"

The situation went from bad to worse as Ichigo raced to get dressed before his father could break the door down. Getting caught with Rangiku by Rukia and his father hadn't been on his list of things to avoid, but now it was right at the top. As he turned around he was confronted by Rangiku. It took him several seconds to realize they were standing naked in front of each other. He blushed and looked away.

"I'll get dressed quickly. You better hurry too." She whispered while grinning at him. While she didn't mind meeting his father like this, she knew Ichigo would be mortified.

Ichigo had never gotten dressed so quickly in his life. As Rangiku was buttoning up her shirt, he could hear the sound of an electric screwdriver. A vein bulged from his forehead as he realized his pervert father was taking the lock off the door. When she finished buttoning her shirt and smoothing her skirt down, she pulled in the substitute shinigami for a tender kiss.

"Let's do this again, alright?" Her words were sincere. She truly enjoyed herself the night before and hoped to feel him under her again in the future. If things worked out, maybe they could even have a relationship. The teen certainly wasn't a bad choice as far as looks and talent.

Ichigo could only nod a silent approval, his mind racing at the prospect of doing it again with the busty blonde. Stealing another quick kiss, she managed to make it out the window and run towards Karakura High just in time to hear Ichigo's door fall to the the floor. Rangiku smiled the whole way there.


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