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Something was wrong with House. It was as simple as that. Wilson had been watching him all morning, not only was the man not popping vicodin every other minute, he was smiling. The oncologist hadn't believed it at first, but when he saw a young intern nearly knock his best friend down, their nose practically glued to the file in their hands, House did nothing. Well, not nothing…he actually brushed it off, no snide remarks, and no threats. Just kept on walking, well…limping. Afraid for the innocent stranger's safety, Wilson followed them around for the next hour, insuring that no cruel traps were laid out in response for this morning's accident. When no attempts at the man's life presented themselves, purposeful or not, within the next hour, the doctor had to call it quits. Rushing to his office, already five minutes late for a consult. That was the least of his worries though.

"Are you ok House?"

"I'm absolutely splendid, though why you're worrying about me instead of little Tommy who's dying…"

"Our patient is a 40 year old woman named Arlene…" Foreman butted in.

"That explains the estrogen…I thought he was getting a sex change." House muttered, glancing down at their case file. The black man snorted as his boss turned back to his white board, crossing out a couple things he had apparently written down under the idea that hormones were involved. Intent on solving this case before the weekend but Cameron didn't seem to be deterred.

"You're absolutely fine?"

"I think he made that clear when he said 'splendid' unless it means something else here in the states…" Chase muttered, licking his fingers as he turned a page in his crossword book.

Hanging his cane on the board, House turned to face them. "Now children, no fighting over daddy."

"He seems happier though, don't tell me you haven't noticed."

"Actually I was more focused on the case rather than House's emotional state."

With two of his ducklings long lost in their banter and Foreman still eyeing the list of symptoms with that permanent detached look of his. The diagnostician scooped up his cane and hobbled his way into his office, why listen to them when he could be rescuing princess peach anyways? Besides, it was totally obvious that the woman had lung cancer with a small case of pneumonia, she smoked like a damn chimney for pete's sake!

They're case didn't take that long to solve in reality. It was a simple case they had taken up to simply meet their quota. Though back in the conference room, figuring out what was wrong with House was far more interesting than the differential they were supposed to be doing.

Cameron sighed as she slowly made her way out of the hospital, only to realize she had forgotten her keys back upstairs. With a groan, she turned back around, heading to the elevators, her thoughts once again getting away from her. What could have made House smile like that? His icy blue eyes were bright, not shuttered off like usual. She only wished that she could make him smile like that. Sure, it wasn't healthy to have a crush on your boss, a condescending jerk that insulted both patients and doctors alike at that. But the diagnostician has a certain…something about him. There was no other way to explain it.

She tried to get his attention. Brought him his coffee before he'd even think about getting out of his chair for a mug. Gave endless suggestions during differentials, going as far as looking up rare diseases and medical conditions online if only to amuse him. She was hardly ever right…At least she was better than her teammates, but that was only a small comfort. Foreman always thought that he was right and was stubborn as a bull when it came to backing down from his ideas. While Chase just sat there, chewing his pencils to the core, filling out his stupid crosswords, occasionally taking part in the debates. Ok, so Cameron was a suck up and her colleagues deserved a lot more respect than that, but she could care less. Something was up with House and she was determined to find out.

The fishbowl office loomed just a few feet outside from the elevator. The lights were off, but seeing the blinds open made the pretty brunette pause in her steps. House should have left hours ago, staying late was something he just did not do. Shrugging it off, she walked past, instead heading towards the conference room door, resisting the urge to look inside. The last thing she needed was to be accused of spying on her boss, especially when her attempts at bedding him had yet to succeed.

The lights were still on, and it was easy to spot her keys resting on top of today's newspaper. She turned to leave when she caught site of Chase's jacket still hanging from its designated spick on the coat hanger. That was odd, she'd seen him get up when she went to leave…maybe he left it by accident? She suppressed the motherly concern she felt for anyone she was mildly close to, if he got sick it was his own fault. What kind of sane person leaves their coat when it's forty degrees out anyways?

Cameron opened the door to House's office, stepping into the dim room, intent on asking him out for drinks…or something. One last shot before the week was out, it couldn't hurt. What she didn't expect, was to see Chase pressed back against their boss's desk. Said man standing between his parted legs, leaning down, their lips locked in a passionate kiss.

Maybe tonight wasn't the best night to ask.

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