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I reached for the cup of coffee that I knew was filled with whatever poison my love had decided would rip me from this world and out of her life forever.

As a child, my mother always told me that when I loved, I would love deeply. She said it would be a love that would consume every ounce of my being, and when I had it, I would never let it go. She always said things like that. It's in the genes, she said.

She loved my father that way, and in the end, that's what killed her. No, my parent's story wasn't one of abuse. Just a story of love. They loved the same way she always said I would. They were the type of people that you would look at and not be sure where one ended and the other began.

When my father died, my mother died too. Not in the physical sense, no, that came later. But her heart was already dead, even before her body followed.

When people ask, my Aunt and Uncle simply say that she died of a broken heart. I always preferred the technical term: suicide.

I could never really comprehend my mother's actions. People live without the ones they love all the time, they persevere, and they survive. I was seventeen when she took her life. I'd lost both of my parents within one year's time. I had loved them, and they left me. She left me, because she couldn't live without him.

When you find that love, she said, you never let it go.

My mother couldn't let go of her love, so she followed him.

I had vowed to myself that I would prove my mother wrong. That if I loved, and if I lost, I would be able to let go. That the love I found would not consume me to the point where I could not live without it. That maybe I could love my work instead.

But my mother had a habit of always being right. It was a fact that I could no longer deny. Especially considering my current situation.

The vows that an angry seventeen year old boy had made to never love, the women I had pushed away with the knowledge that they could never change my mind, the work that I had hoped would become the only love I would ever need in my life, all of those walls I made, they all crumbled when she entered my life.

Because, as irrational and as ridiculous as it may sound, from the moment I saw her… I loved her.

She walked right into my life and I welcomed her with open arms. Her long mahogany hair, her mysterious brown eyes, her small frame that fit perfectly against mine, her clumsiness that somehow came across as sexy and endearing. The way she would smile when we were alone. The sounds she made when we made love. Her hundreds of secrets. Even more of her lies. I welcomed it all.

It was so hard for the people around me to understand. They insisted that she was using me, taking advantage of my charity in order to steal my love and in doing so steal everything away from me. Gold digger. Con Artist. Not to be trusted.

Should I have listened? Probably. Would that have changed anything? Probably not.

When you love, you will love deeply. Obsessively. All consuming. And never let it go.

In these moments I finally understood why my mother did it. I finally understood what she meant.

I just hoped that Bella was listening. That she could hear me through the stony gaze that she had fixed on me. Through the blank stare that would always meet any questions I ever had about her past.

I watched the stone wall behind her brown eyes begin to crumble as I spoke. A lake of tears begin to fill those beautiful eyes for the first time since I met her. For the last time I would ever see her.


I smiled then. Yes, I could understand my mother now. I understood it all.

Right before the cup hit my lips I heard her cry for me to stop, her chair screeching against the hard wood floor, her hands outstretched towards me.

I spread my lips and took a big gulp of the bitter liquid without truly tasting it.

I looked into her eyes once more and saw it. Guilt. Distress. Comprehension. Love.

Yes Bella, that's all I ever needed from you. That's all I ever wanted.

It felt as though I could feel the poison running through my veins, dominating and consuming my whole system. The same way her love had all those months ago.

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