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A very deep-rooted sense of responsibility which had been engraved in my head since I was a child kept me from staying in another day. And the next. And the next. And the next.

My nights were filled with warmth and ecstasy and, at least on my part, love.

I was having trouble with my newfound love for Bella. Was I being a fool? Was it too quick? My mother had always told me that she'd known my father was hers instantly. And this thing with Bella…it was everything my mother had spoke about. It was everything my father had ever discouraged me from finding.

For most of the week, I had to fight myself not to stay in bed with Bella in my arms. Two days ago, I almost cracked before Alice came barging in telling me to leave and let them have some girl time. I saw Bella briefly when she and Alice came in to get a new prescription for Bella's birth control, but unfortunately Alice had her out of there as fast as she could.

I was glad that Alice was warming up to Bella so much. Apparently they even had lunch with my Aunt Esme. I was starting to get optimistic. Maybe Alice and Esme could work on Rosalie and, when she came back, Leah as well. I had so many important women in my life, family; it would be wonderful if they could all treat Bella as one of them instead of some intruder.

The feeling of dread that bloomed in my chest when I was informed that I had a phone call from dear Rosalie told me I'd thought too quickly.

/You had better get that little tart out of your house and you'd better do it soon./

I could already feel the headache coming on and for a moment I dropped the phone from my ear and pressed my thumb and pointer finger to the bridge of my nose. This was going to be an annoying conversation, and I really wished she could have waited for me to get home to have it.

"Do we really need to have this conversation again?" I asked, hoping every ounce of my annoyance made it through the phone.

/Considering that your sister just came here in tears, yes, we do./

That got my attention. "Alice? What's wrong with Alice?"

/Why don't you ask your new live-in mistress? You come straight to Carlisle and Esme's when you're finished at work. We need to have a long conversation about that gold digging skank./

She promptly hung up and I was left in a state of shock. What could Bella have possibly done to reduce Alice to tears? This had to be an overreaction. Girls did that, didn't they? There had to have been some sort of explanation.

Luckily, I didn't have to go too far to find out. When I left my office, Bella was standing right in front of me.

And she looked very nervous, and very upset.

For the first time in a while, I took a full lunch break. Bella and I walked off the hospital grounds as I waited for her to tell me what was wrong.

"I heard something happened with Alice?" I prompted.

She let out a shaky breath. "I'm sorry, Edward. I should have told you the first time—"

"First time?" What in the world was going on with these two? It had been three days! How much could possibly happen in three days?

Apparently, a lot.

"We were talking and having fun and then all of a sudden she froze up and just got this weird look in her eyes. I was so nervous, especially after what you told me about her seizures, but then she just got all…dreamy and weird."

Alice wasn't taking her medication, which wasn't a surprise at all. It was strange that she had a seizure in the daytime instead of while she slept, but these things happened sometimes. Alice's situation was always a little more unique than others. But this seemed to be a bit more dire than just that.

"I'm sorry that scared you…"

"Well, yea, that freaked me out, but that wasn't really the scary part." She kept walking until we reached a bench and we both sat down. "Well, I asked her what was up and… Edward…she thinks she's going to, like, meet her Prince Charming or something."

Alice always thought that she could see the future because of these "visions." The fact that she was convinced that love was coming her way wasn't too surprising. I would definitely need to do something about it and planned to have the conversation I'd been holding off on with Uncle Carlisle.


"She purposely doesn't take her medication because she's convinced this man is coming for her. She described everything in perfect detail, where they would be, what he looked like…"

I blamed it on Alice's imagination, something we had always done. With her disorder, she shouldn't have been getting specific images. Maybe she would smell something strongly or see specific colors, but actual images weren't likely.

We've always blamed her "feelings" and supposed ESP to her very vivid imagination. But Bella wasn't a part of the "we" yet, so maybe this would take a little time to get used to. I guess that from an outsider's point of view it may be a little disconcerting—

"And then today!"

I brought my thoughts back to her, remembering that Bella was still very scared, and Alice was with Rosalie somewhere in tears.

"Everything was great, we were having a lot of fun and then I left the room for a second and when I came back she was on the floor convulsing! When it dawned on me what was going on I went to call you but all of a sudden she was on her feet, asking me what I was doing there and asking who I was…"

My mind was running a mile a minute. Alice had never collapsed during a seizure. She'd never had any memory loss. And now with the details of her visions…Was she actually seeing more than we thought? Actual images? Delusions? Had she been hiding all of this? All these years?

Was my sister's condition worse than we thought? Had we done completely wrong by her? A family of doctors can be dangerous; sometimes we don't see the most obvious symptoms in the ones we love.

Bella still had more to say.

"I tried to calm her down, really, but she kept going on like I was her enemy or something. I didn't know what to say, and then she was leaving so I let her go. I'm so sorry, Edward! I should have told you when it happened the first time, I shouldn't have let her leave, I—"

"Bella, Bella, calm down." I wrapped an arm around her shoulders in an attempt to soothe her. "This isn't your fault. I'm glad you came to tell me when you did."

I felt terrible. Alice wasn't Bella's problem to deal with and I shouldn't have put her in this situation. Or I should have at least warned her. I should have suspected.

"So…how did you get here anyway?" I asked, in a sad attempt to change the topic as well as out of general curiosity.

"Oh…um…" Bella blushed scarlet before taking out the keys to my Aston Martin and handing them to me. It was an incredibly over-the-top car that I barely used and only had because Emmett insisted. "I'm sorry, I sort of panicked."

I chuckled before handing the keys back. "Hey, if you don't mind driving something so flashy, it's yours."

"I can be your Bond girl," she replied softly, her smile hesitant. I kissed her forehead and held her closer.

After getting a quick lunch and talking about anything other than my sister, I saw Bella off and returned to work. I warned Bella I would be late getting home that night.

I would definitely be going to Carlisle and Esme's after work, but Bella would not be the topic of conversation.

Thankfully, someone had convinced Rosalie that she didn't need to stay for this conversation. I assumed it was Esme since nothing in the house was broken, meaning she didn't leave angrily. My aunt was pretty good at saying what needed to be said without angering quick-tempered people, probably from growing up in the middle between my mother and Aunt Sasha.

We sat in the living room, where Alice seemed to be bursting with energy, waiting to speak. Esme sat on the couch beside Alice, and Giles, their very overweight dachshund, was happily sitting on her lap. In the armchair across from mine sat Carlisle, who just looked thoroughly confused. Apparently, Alice hadn't exactly given them many details; the only things they had to go on were Rosalie's many accusations and both of them knew how Rosalie was prone to exaggeration.

"Alice," I decided to begin. "You need to get back on, and remain on, your medication."

My aunt and uncle both looked surprised and Carlisle lightly reprimanded Alice.

There would need to be more than that this time around.

"No, Edward, you don't understand, this has nothing to do with that." In Alice's world it was never about her condition.

I sighed. "Alice, I think it has more to do with it than you want to admit."

"Edward, what happened today?" Esme asked, since it was becoming clear I was the only one with any kind of information.

"Alice hasn't been taking her medication. Today, Bella found her convulsing on the floor and when she came to she didn't know who Bella was."

"No! That's not what happened!" Alice was at my side shaking her head. "Edward, you have to believe me."

"Then tell us what happened," I said, giving her my full attention. I still wanted to believe that this was a misunderstanding, but I wasn't completely sure how much I could trust Alice when it came to her condition.

She didn't turn back to her parents. Instead, her eyes remained on me. "Bella's phone just kept ringing and ringing and she insisted it could wait, but finally she decided to answer it. And she wasn't out of the room for a few minutes; she was out there for, like, 20 minutes. When she came back I… I wasn't convulsing. I tripped. And…"

"And what, Alice?" I asked, knowing exactly what she didn't want to say. Whether she was convulsing on the floor or not, the fact remained…

"She's not good, Edward. She's not who she says she is, you have to believe me." Her voice was frantic to the point of desperation.

"Sweetheart… how do you know that?" Carlisle asked in the same calm voice. We all knew how. This wasn't the first time. It was the first time she had started throwing accusations at someone so randomly. I knew my Aunt and Uncle were finally beginning to understand the severity of the situation.

"I…saw it…" Alice whispered. Tears were streaming down her face and I put my hand on her shoulder.

"Alice, we'll figure this out, everything's going to be alright," I said, before glancing over to my aunt.

"Come on, Alice, let's go upstairs. Vampire Diaries starts in ten minutes and we don't want to bother the boys with such things." Esme brought Alice with her and I thanked their ritual. Ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her and Esme always had something they watched together. It was actually where Giles got his name from.

I sighed as they disappeared, not even having it in me to joke about how Esme was struggling to carry the overweight pup upstairs.

"I think you were wrong when you originally diagnosed Alice."

At this point, I had Carlisle's full attention. I knew this was going to be a hard argument, but things were getting dangerous.

"I think we should check to see if it's psychogenic."

"Now, Edward—"

"No, Carlisle. She has a condition that she doesn't take seriously and that needs to change. Did you know that she doesn't take it because she's convinced herself she's seeing visions of her… I don't know, her soulmate or something."

"Alice always had a vivid imagina—"

"Alice is 24 years old and you're still treating her like a teenager. You need to stop indulging these ridiculous fantasies, if they even are fantasies. What if she really is seeing these images?"

Carlisle finally agreed. Alice would have her condition looked at again, with a different doctor overseeing her diagnosis.

I also broached the topic that maybe Alice shouldn't be allowed to drive so freely anymore since she obviously wasn't taking her medication, and her seizures were happening more often than just when she slept. Alice would need to take her medication in front of either Esme or Carlisle from then on since she obviously could not be trusted taking it on her own.

Once again, I thanked the fact that Rosalie wasn't present. I was certainly not looking forward to the next time I saw her, or Alice for that matter.

Not for the first time, I considered bailing on the family barbeque next week.

When I returned to the house it was almost 9:30, and I was hungry and tired.

Bella wasn't anywhere in sight when I walked in, but instead of looking I grabbed something to eat. I made my way upstairs a few minutes later, curious as to what was keeping Bella.

"Bella?" I called out. She wasn't in our room, or any of the others. I ran downstairs and checked the garage to find my suspicions were correct. Bella wasn't here.

I don't know why I felt the panic that I did. She was probably at the store and something held her up. I was being ridiculous. Instead of going on a rampage in my room to check if her stuff was still there, I did the rational thing and called.

I didn't have to wait long. Before the phone even had a chance to ring, Bella was walking through the door.

"Hey, you're home earlier than I thought you would be." She walked right up to me and kissed me long on the mouth. I couldn't help but notice her lack of bags or anything of the sort.

"Where were you?" I asked, pulling my lips away from hers before she could deepen the kiss.

Bella wrapped her arms tighter around my neck to give me another peck on the lips before pulling away. I stopped myself from reaching out to her but she quickly grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the couch.

"It's been such a long time since I was able to drive a car," she said, plopping down beside me. "I guess I just got caught up in it. I just sort of drove around the city, stopped at random places, explored the beyond…That car is amazing, by the way."

.I loved driving and could understand the urge to do so. I was ecstatic that she liked the car so much. "I'm glad you like it. I always felt a little uncomfortable in it so it's been wasting away in the garage."

Soft hands were suddenly in my hair as she turned toward me, pressing her breast against my shoulder. "I'm sure you look very sexy driving it."

I knew exactly where this was going; the same place it had gone for the last week.

"Bella…" I pulled her away from her. "I spoke to Alice…"

Her hands immediately stopped and she quietly sat back down on the couch. "Is everything alright?"

I nodded. "Carlisle agreed to look further into her condition. She said that she tripped though, and that you were gone for a while because your phone kept ringing…"

I admit, I had filed that piece of information away ever since Alice first told me. The whole situation reminded me a little too much of what Leah had said when Bella first got the phone. It was probably nothing…

"…Edward, I was only on the phone for a minute. Do you think because of her seizure a minute became much longer?"

I looked away. This situation was becoming too complicated. Telling me she was on the phone for a minute didn't tell me who was on the phone. Was I supposed to assume it was another wrong number? Should I trust her? I was trying to. Was I being overly suspicious?

But Alice… Could her situation be so bad? I placed my elbows on my knees and held my head in my hands. What was wrong with me? Alice could have some serious mental problem that we'd been overlooking all this time, and here I was worrying about a phone call? "She's going to hate me after this. Carlisle agreed to take away her car, he's going to put her through all these tests…"

"Hey…" Bella's hands pulled at my wrists, drawing my hands away from my face. I hadn't even noticed she'd moved, but she was suddenly sitting on the floor in front of me. "This isn't your fault. It's important that you do what you can now. I'm sure Alice will understand."

I meant to ask if she was sure about the amount of time she was on the phone, and follow with asking who exactly was on the phone. It shouldn't have hurt to ask. I was already being a selfish bastard about the situation so I may as well have just gotten it out of my system, right?

I may have even started to ask. I can't really remember, because Bella was sitting between my legs, and her hands were suddenly in my pants, and then my boxers.

And it wasn't the time for this. I was upset, my sister's… my sister…

But then I was enveloped inside her mouth and it was so wet, so hot…

I forgot about anything else.

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