April Fools Day in Riviera II

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As with my last "book", April Fool's Day in Riveira I, you don't have to play the game to understand the plot at all. Although, knowing exactly what happens(events wise), and the personalities of the characters, do help.

A/N:A continuation of a strange yet intriguing story. Yes, I am continuing the story. There are many reason for and many reason not to, but I decided to continue it, for better or for reason. The first chapter is a slow "start-up" chapter.

Happy April Fool's Day people!

[Chapter 01 Rude Awakenings]

- - - -

Ein and his group were continuing in the trek Tetyth. The once "lively" water is now a silent memory. The raising tide was a distant nightmare that lived in the girl's mind, which is why they were so close to Ein. Like a school of fish, they followed closely, hoping that their water wouldn't get to them. The angel trekked towards the higher points, looking for "that" place. He was looking for that library with the "beautiful", lustful book, or as Ein has said it, the wondrous library of knowledge.

They continued until they arrived at.... a perplexing point. There in front of their eyes, was a narrow"path", connecting two different parts of the city. The once beautiful Mizer Bridge is destroyed and in its place was a thin strip of rock linking the lower and the upper part of the city. A few hundred feet below was a calm sea surface watching the events above. The once "short" bridge, due to the raising water, was not a skyscraper above the small inlet sea. The girls were unwilling to cross, yet Ein was.

He knew they wouldn't go, so he would have to "persuade" and "motivate" them.

"Just imagine yourself on a small walkway in Elendia. Just imagine yourself walking between two tall trees."

"That's... not helping...." Fia said, attempting to look down.

Ein pulled her back and held her and said "Don't look down." Fia blushed, at Ein's actions, and got back on her feet. The other girls jealously looked at the both of them, as Fia made the first move. Lina quickly followed, carefully going towards the goal.

Cierra watched in horror and decided to step back. However, she was soon stopped by a person named Serene.

"Hey, watch it." Serene said stopping Cierra from running into her. "Don't tell me your scared?"

"Well its not that I'm scared...."Cierra started to say

"I can fly you know. [4ô]" Serene said, looking back at the other "walkers".

Fia made it to the other side, as well as Lina. Cierra was "holding up" the line, so Ein went instead. The once flying person, walked effortless and gracefully across the ledge, as if he had wings. Each step, as bold and confident as the last, and with each passing second, he was closer to his goal. Unfortunately, the proxies of God wanted something else.

As he stood, near the center of this thin pathway, the wind started to pick up. His shirt was rustling in the wind, as with other things in the city, but it was still just a breeze. However, the wind started to pick up and Ein kneeled and hoped that the wind would soon die down. It did.

Ein got up and continued. Unfortunately, with his second step, he accidentally struck a twig. The sound wasn't his main problem, this time. The issue was that, he was now unbalanced. The girls watched, horrified by his actions. Serene, was quickly opening his wings and Cierra was canting a spell, but it was too late. Ein fell from the ledge, plummeted towards his watery grave. As he fell, he heard the girl's screaming, not about a little girl with a bad mouth but about his life and how close he was to death's door.

He looked up and watched Serene dive. He looked down and saw the misery pool of death, eagerly waiting for his arrival. He looked back up ,again, and realized it was too late. He looked to the side hoping to reach a ledge, but they were too far away. As each second passed, the surface, became bigger and bigger until Ein could see nothing but the reflective,shiny, surface of clean, tasteless water. Ein looked back and Serene's voluptuous body, one last time; then he closed his eyes and braced for impact. And then.....

- - - - -

Ein heard a loud, "thud" noise and opened his eyes. He looked around and saw that he "fell" back into his room. His lofty, warm, spacious, room in Lina's and Fia's house of Elendia. He slowly moved his head up and looked at the hanging calendar and saw that today was indeed the fated day. It is April Fool's Day. He looked around in his room, to see if anything has changed and nothing has. The wooden drawer, with his sword, Einherjar, was still sleeping there in its sheath. The red blinds were standing still, covering Ein from the dark world outside his window. The books, lights, tables and chairs were still motionless watch Ein. The angel looked back down and realized that he rolled and fell off his bed. At that point, he heard some noise, some movement below. He tried to ignored them and closed his eyes. A few seconds later, his "group" came.

As if on cue, the four came in, in the most loud, obnoxious way ever. Ein watched, in horror, attempting to contain his laughter, from his ever helpful harem. Lina quickly rushed in, in her golden-yellow teddy bear pajamas, and saw Ein; stopping instantly at the site. Before she could laugh, she was struck, in the back, by a door, thanks to Fia. The green-haired girl, in her emerald green sleeping dress, looked around frantically hoping that Ein didn't do "anything wrong." Before her eyes came to Ein's, the other two came.

Serene and Cierra came rushing up the room ,to see what was happening. The girl in the blood red dress and the girl with a light blue shirt with matching shorts ran up, rushing to the "hero" or in this case, to Fia. The two collided and the trio fell on top of Lina. The pile-up, at least in Ein's mind, was the most bizarre yet humorous thing that has ever happened. Well one of, as he would say.

Ein, was laughing so hard, he was almost dying.... almost. After the girls composed themselves, Ein stopped laughing. His face was red and was breathing, heavily and quickly. Fia rushed over, trying to help the grim angel ,recover. However, fate had something else in mind.

Fia tripped and fell on top of the barely conscious Ein. She stopped herself, from falling and hitting him, but the two ending in a bizarre, twisted, position.

"Fia, what are you doing? [3╬]" Cierra asked, fixing her long, red, silky, hair.

"Umm well..." Fia said quickly getting up, and turning away, hiding her red face.

"I'm... fine." Ein said, attempting not to blush.

"Ein. What happened?" Serene said, in a serious tone.

"Well... I was sleeping and..... I had a weird nightmare and...." Ein started to say.

"Was it about us?" Cierra angrily said.

"No.... it was a bizarre dream about water and.... ...and drowning." Ein said

"Oh my... someone will have to teach him how to swim." Fia said, thinking of the consequences.

"Well, its not going to be me." Serene said, walking and returning back to her room, angry about missing her "beauty" sleep.

"Hmm... well I can teach him." Cierra said, looking innocently at Ein.

"Well I think I should teach him, because I'm the best swimmer in Elendia." Fia said, jealously looking back at Cierra.

"Do you need someone to sleep with?" Lina asked in a joking manner.

"Nooo.... I need swimming lessons. [4ô]" Ein said, getting himself up from the ground.

"Aww." Lina said, wanting to sleep with Ein.

"Lina, you can sleep with me for tonight." Fia said.

"Umm.... can I get my well.... room back?" Ein said, looking at Fia with his tired face.

"Oh sorry." Fia said walking towards the exit.

The others left, leaving a tired wingless angel, to his featherless bed. The "hero" looked down to his cat before he went back to his bed. The sun was still missing, sleeping on the job. The mysterious day, that should have ended, somehow begins again.

- - - - -

A few hours later, when the sun finally raised, Ein was the first to get out of bed, on April's Fool's Day. Unlike last time, he made a "normal" breakfast, with the usuals. He made some fresh applecot pancakes with some shiny yellowish maple syrup on the side. He brewed some fine Elendian coffee and created orange juice from some oranges, from a nearby town and even left some corn flake cereal as well. In fact he even left a chocolate muffin, a rare delicacy, on the dining room table as well. He looked around, in the kitchen, wondering if he had missed anything. The angel in the white apron, hoped to leave a "good first impression" on the girls. Unfortunately, the memories of yesterday were still fresh in their minds.

Fia was first to wake up, again, and walked downstairs looking for the source of the ruckus. She was surprised at first and decided to "taste" the muffin. The first bite, filled her with sugary emotions and so she continued to get just one more bite. It wasn't long until she finished it all. The angle, snickered in the kitchen watching it all happen. By the time Fia finished consuming the muffin, the others had came down and watched in surprise. Fia, the most courteous and careful person, had a chocolate stain on her dress. The others were disgusted by her actions, because chocolate muffins were indeed a rare treat that "should be" shared. The chef watched eagerly awaiting the outcome.

"Fia, why did you eat all of the muffin? Lina wanted some too!" Lina said, looking at Fia with her "puppy eyes."

"Well I...."Fia started to say, taking a step back towards the table.

"You really do like sweets don't you?" Cierra said, with her evil grin.

"Well... what's been done has been done." Serene said, walking back upstairs. "Guess I'll be the first to use the bathroom then." she said, walking grumpily up the stairs.

And that was how the day started, well supposedly for the "Ein clan." And so, everyone, well mostly everyone, went through their morning routine. Ein was smart enough, to wake up early and prepare ahead of time. He was a bit more creative than usual and decided to rig the bathroom instead.

"Ahhhh." Serene yelled out being sprayed in the face by the water facet. Quickly she reached the handle and turned it off. "Geez, who did this?" Serene asked, grabbing the nearest towel on the rack. She wiped off all the water and opened the door, seeing the other girls giggle.

"So.... which one of you did it?" Serene said, folding her arms across her chest.

"It wasn't Lina." Lina said, still laughing.

"Well squirt, I doubt you be smart enough to pull it off anyway." Serene said, in an mocking tone.

"Why are you being mean to Lina?" Lina asked in a childish tone, attempting to "stop" the fight.

"Well...." Serene said, quickly thinking. She realized that she had lots of fun annoying and in some cases humiliating Lina, but she never really came up a reason, to why she annoyed Lina. "...No reason." she said.

And so the four each had their turn with the bathroom and with Ein's pranks. Lina fell out of the window, Fia tripped into the laundry basket and Cierra .... well she feel asleep in the bath. While the ladies had their fun with the "rides", Ein was in the living room.

His sword was shined, and sharpened but still sleeping in its sheath. Rose was sleeping in Ein's lap and Ein was reading on his funny, comedic, novels about the "humors" of life itself. Rarely, do the girls get to see him, reading, since they would never ever imagine him reading, and wearing glasses, or so they would think.

"Ein, are you ok." Fia said, seeing Ein reading.

"Yes..... why wouldn't I be?" Ein said looking up at Fia. After that comment, there was an awarkardsilence. Fia returned to the other girl's, and told them about the situation. The others were equally surprised but Cierra reminded them, that he could read and have read before.

"He has read the golem manual and some of the titles of the books in the Tetythian Library. I don't see why this is surprising." Cierra said, not realizing how strange it is, herself being an avid reader.

"Yeah but he had to read the golem manual and this time he's wearing glasses." Fia said, desperately hoping someone would understand.

"Fia, I'll check on him then.." Cierra said, walking elegantly downstairs to her lover. Fia watched, while the Lina and Serene, who were both worried about Ein, didn't really understand why Ein's reading, was indeed very strange.

As the red-haired witch walked to the living room, she saw Ein. Cierra was surprised that he looked very different when he wore glasses. He looked mature, intelligent, and like a different person entirely.

"Yes." Ein said, continuing to read his old, yellow-paged book.

"Why are you reading?" Cierra asked, coming closer to Ein. The others were watching behind the corner of the staircase.

"We read, for different reasons." Ein said, taking off his glasses. "Why are you here?" he said, looking up at the witch.

"Well... its strange to see you reading." Cierra said looking at the title.

"Anyway, I have a friend to meet, today." Ein said, closing his book and getting up from his chair. "I'll see you in a bit then." Ein said walking towards the exit. Someone readied themselves for the "strike".

"Wait...."Cierra yelled out.

"Yes?" Ein said, stopping abruptly in his tracks.

"Nothing." Cierra said. At that instant, Serene ran out with her scythe aiming for Ein's head. Fia tried to stop her, but it was too late. "I'm sorry Ein." Serene said, swinging, the wooden part of the scythe, and hitting Ein's head. He fell down, but got up shortly after.

"What's wrong with you people! [3╬]" Ein said in an annoyed tone.

"But you never read books." Fia said, revealing herself.

With that response, he put his hand to face and move his face side to side.

"If you need me, I'll be somewhere in town." Ein said, getting his book and glasses and walking out the door.

The girls, still don't know everything about Ein. While they do know Ein's proactive, protective, perverse side, they do not know of his dark,unknown pasts and the troubles that lie ahead.

- - - - -

Elsewhere, other people were preparing for this new, strange day. Many already have breakfast and some were planning their "jokes" for the day. Some working together as families while others working independently. As one could guess, there were some people, who didn't want to participate in these events, but unlike last time, these people decided to get in the game as well. The memories of the past, still stir in their minds. Some bitter, some sweet it is these "experiences" that change the behavior of people.

The citizens of Elendia are continuing there "holiday." Unlike yesterday though, Ein was in town and that, would surely change the fate of the future. For better or for worse, the grim angel's existence would have a grave impact in the town. One could only hope that the holiday itself was the last misery.

- - - - -

A/N:The strange thing to note, that I've just noticed, is that, how in the world did Ein make that breakfast? I could see Ein using a French Press to brew some coffee and using some instant pancake mix to make pancakes, but how does someone make corn flakes in a matter of moments, in the kitchen, without the convince of electronics and grocery stores?

While this is, after all, an April Fool's Story, there will probably be more serious events. As always, I'll try to focus on the "side" characters as well. Unlike the last story, this one will be a little more "disjointed", explaining the "background information" in parts of chapters, rather than having a chapter dedicated to itself.


For those of you that may not know, this is the 2nd April Fool's Day in Riviera. This story happens a week after the first story. There are several reason why I'd decided to write another story. For starters, I still have more ideas stuck in my head, I wanted to use. Sure I have used many ideas already, in the first story, but I still had a list of left overs, from that story. So I decided to create another tale to use the rest of the list. Another reason is that, well..... the last story ended in a cliff hanger, and left the message that there was going to be another story. The ending of this story is somewhat planned out and it definitely will not lead to another story. In fact, the ending might please the masses, if I can do it correctly. That being said, there are still many questions that needs to be answered like: "How did this holiday start so early?" . The answers to that questions and many more will come in the following chapters.

I don't know how many chapters there will be in this fanfic. At the very least there should be 6 or 7 chapters but nothing is in stone. For all I know, this could be over 20 chapters.