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A thin mist hung in the air as night began to fall over London. He walked through the streets and back alleys with no particular direction. Every person he passed by was saddened, glum, depressed, something was feeding off their energy and their happiness. He could tell they were around, the mythical creatures that could steal the very joy from the air, but he could not see them. He was not one of Those with Magic, as his kind called them.

He was wandering Europe, despite Carlisle and Esme's protests. They wanted him home, mostly because he was the last of their children to leave, and they had never thought that every one of their children would abandon them at once. Alice and Jasper had stayed in Denali because Jasper wanted to work on his control before returning to a pseudo-human life. Rosalie and Emmet had enjoyed their tour of Africa so much they were continuing their trips around the world.

And then there was him. The one without a partner. The one who had left the girl he had loved so much because she needed to be away from him. She had gotten more and more persistent in her insistence that she would become one of them, and he wouldn't do that to her, nor would any of the rest of his family. He had left, and the only memento of their rocky romance resided in his pocket.

He had spent a few weeks with Alice and Jasper, not wanting to tell them that he was there to see them one last time. His plan, for a long time, was to go to the Volturi and end it. He was tired of his path of loneliness, and since his options were to do what he wanted least of all and destroy Bella's life or to leave the world of the mortal and immortal he knew what he had to do.

On the day he was leaving, however, Alice grabbed his arm. "Go to England," she advised him. "Search out a castle that few can see. There you will find what you seek."

The words had been maddening, haunting his day and night. How could he find something that he had no intention of seeking? He was seeking death, would this mysterious castle hold the key to the ability to die with soul intact? If Alice could see what his heart truly desired would she really send him to England? Or had she sent him on a search for nothing in hopes that he would change his mind and return unscathed?

However the 'finding what you seek' part of her words didn't prove to be the hardest part, at least thus far. He had decided to at least give her advice a try, but had so far been unable to find 'a castle that few can see'. He felt like he had been to every castle in the damn country and there were no signs that few could see them. In fact most of them had been not only been extremely visible, but had been heavily advertised as tourist locations. He had gone so far as to sit in or around remains of ruined castles thinking that maybe 'few' referred to ghosts, looking for something, anything, for days on end until his thirst overtook him, but nothing ever turned up. He was ready to go back to Denali just to give Alice a piece of his mind before heading to Italy. All he had left was time.

He returned to London, where he was going to stay for a little while to just enjoy the culture. He was in no rush to get to the Volturi, he could take a few days to enjoy the trip. And so he walked the streets late at night acquainting himself with the city. He would be able to walk freely through the persistent mist during the day, but sometimes the best and the worst of a city came out at night. And something was certainly in the air tonight.

He turned down a darkened alley when he realized he was being followed. Two sets of footsteps echoed behind him, but it took all of his hearing to hear the soft padding. His focus slid elsewhere and he discovered he was being hunted. Two young vampires, not more than three or four weeks dead, were following him, mirroring his every move, and had been for some time. They saw him as an easy target, a loner who was obviously not meeting anyone and most likely had no one who would miss him once gone. They had no idea they were targeting one of their own.

Deciding to have a little fun he slowed and entered a crowded street. He maneuvered in and out of pub goers, young women dressed in revealing clothing, men bathed in cologne, and despite the possible feast between them the two continued to follow him.

He ducked between two buildings, and moved quickly down the alley. A few seconds later they followed, moving a little faster, starting to really chase. They had patience, he would give them that. Few who weren't aware of being stalked would think twice about someone moving faster than they were. He turned again to head down another alley, and then broke out into a run. Around the building he ran so he came up behind them as they turned.

"Damn," the taller one growled. "Where the bloody hell did he go?"

The shorter one hurried down the alley, looking behind garbage cans and under boxes. "He couldn't have possibly made it to the street," he called.

"Evening, gentlemen," Edward emerged from behind them, causing each to startle and turn towards him.

"How in the hell did you get back there?" the first one asked, looking at him in disbelief.

"It's quite easy to lose you, if you know what you are up to," he replied with a smirk as he leaned against the building.

"And what do you think we're up to?" the second asked, advancing on him.

"Are you really that stupid?" he rolled his eyes in response. "Well, I'm not surprised. You followed another vampire for over a mile, no hunted another vampire over a mile, and didn't realize it."

The two younger visibly relaxed, and they even started chuckling. "You're another vampire?" the short one asked.

"The name is Edward," he introduced himself, not bothering to stop leaning against the wall or to unfold his arms.

"I'm Charlie, this is Grant," the taller one introduced. "We were on our way to the meeting when we thought we would get a little snack. I guess we're out of luck."

"Meeting?" he raised an eyebrow.

"You don't know?" Grant asked. "We've got a meeting to decide if we join the fight."

"The fight?"

"You're not from around here, are you?"

"Obviously not."

"He that Those with Magic call the Dark Lord has made us an offer. We're meeting to discuss it."

Edward found many things wrong with this idea, but he decided not to vocalize them, at least not yet. "May I accompany you to this meeting?" he asked.

"James would love to have more there." They led him through several neighborhoods until they came across an unassuming house. They entered, and they came across several other vampires spread out in a large open space. A single human sat in a corner, trying not to look terrified. He scanned the room, and found that the group was young. None 'older' than thirty, more like twenty-five.

"Who is the newcomer?" a woman with dark chestnut hair asked, looking him over.

"Edward," Grant answered for him. "We found him while walking around. A tourist, but one of us. We thought he might be interested in our little meeting."

"Welcome," a man with vivid blonde hair offered his hand. This was James. "Have a seat, we're about to start."

Edward sat away from the rest of the group and glanced at the man in the corner. His name was Rodolphus, and he was here because his much stronger, possibly crazier, wife had insisted that this was of the utmost importance. But she was smarter than to place herself in the midst of a group that would love nothing more than to drink her dry.

"Brothers and Sisters," James stood, clasping his hands, giving every appearance of a leader. "Mr. Lestrange here has come to us with a very intriguing offer. We're here to discuss it." He turned to the man, an offer to take the floor.

The man stood, trying not to make eye contact while giving an air of importance and confidence. "I have come here with a message from the Dark Lord. He is waging his war, and he is winning. We will establish a new order among Wizards and men, with Wizards being the new rulers of men. And we want you to join the fight. And when we are victorious your reward will be great. No longer will you forced to hide in shadows. No longer will you have to hunt. You'll have all the prey you want, man, Mudbloods, and Blood Traitors alike. Have your fill, and all we ask is that you do what you are already doing, which is hunt and kill."

"But you want us to hunt and kill those you've chosen for us?" Edward piped up.

"For now. You'll have free reign once the war is over, except for true Wizards."

Edward looked from him to James, who was nodding in approval. "And what guarantees our safety?" he pressed. "For years Those with Magic have hunted down our kind and killed them. How do we know that it won't be business as usual after we play as your little pawns?"

"The Dark Lord never reneges on a promise."

"And you expect us to take his word?" he sneered.

"Yes, I do," the fire behind the man's eyes lit, and his pulse started pounding at the thought of someone questioning his beloved Master. The young ones all straightened up at the smell of the rushing blood. The man noticed and calmed himself down quickly.

"I believe," James said, eying the others, "that it might be time for us to speak as a group." The man nodded, turned, and disappeared. James turned towards Edward. "You seem to have much to say on the matter."

"I'm not one of you. I'm not going to make you decision for you."

"No," said a short dark-skinned woman. "You're older, you know the ways better. Tell us what you think."

"Alright," Edward leaned forward. "I believe that we have avoiding interfering in the affairs of Those with Magic for all of history, and I think that we have good reason to leave them be. The history between us is long and bloody on both sides, and I have no reason to trust that they're going to make good on any promises starting now."

James thought about it for a while. "There is to be a big final battle. Lots of Wizards from both sides, getting hurt. The battle will be an opportunity for us to feast. I think we use the opportunity. Declare allegiance with the Dark Lord and his followers until the battle, and then as they fight, we feast. They make a big deal about blood status. I say Mudblood, Pureblood, whatever they call it, they all bleed, and when they do we feed. Lets use it, and worry about angering this so-called Dark Lord later."

"The Volturi will never approve of our kind hunting and killing in such a blatantly open manner as what they're proposing. You're talking one country, not the world, and things will not be kept secret for long if we're killing for fun as they suggest," he continued to protest.

"I don't speak of taking our hunt outside the realm of Those with Magic. I'm sure once we betray them we'll be back to our usual games," James countered.

The rest of the group nodded in agreement. Edward shook his head but said nothing. They'd all follow James, no matter his protest. He would leave soon. This was not his fight. He was in no mood to participate in a mass murder.

"They want us to stake out the forest outside the Hogwarts Castle," James started again, knowing they were on his side.

"Hogwarts castle?" Edward turned his head. In all his travels he hadn't heard this name.

"It's a castle that Wizards use as a school. Very protected, almost impossible for a non-wizard to find."

Edward was intrigued. A castle that few could see. He might have to join the group after all.