It never fails.

Every time, I visit the RG, he's some where near by. Every time he notices me, he starts to walk the other way quickly. Every time I call out his name, he turns and I can see a distinct look of horror on his face.

It happens every time.

This time, of course, it wasn't any different. It never is. Even as the Composer, the ruler of Shibuya, I couldn't do a thing to change it.

As he stares at me in fear, I walk up to him, stopping right in front of him and smirking.

"Hello again Neku."

He twitches a little, clearly unhappy to see me, like he always is.

"What are you doing here?" He asks coldly, and I cocked my head to the side a little, my eyebrows rising in surprise.

"Is it a problem for me to come here and visit once in a while?"

He hesitates, like he's afraid I'll do something to him if he says something wrong. The fear in his eyes is growing larger, and I can't help but smile. Sure, being Composer gave me power, but to have my dear little proxy afraid of me just made me feel a little more powerful.

". . .No." He finally answers.

"Are you doing anything today, or are you just wandering the streets randomly?" I asked, curious. He seemed to hesitate again.

"I was going to Mr. H's café."

"What a coincidence, I was just going there myself." I giggle, and I can tell Neku gets mad for a moment, but it fades quickly as I step closer to him, "Why don't we go together?"

He's hesitating again, and it's starting to get a little annoying now. It's like he doesn't see me as a human being, which, I'm technically not, but I'm close to one in the RG. I barely have any powers in the RG, so it's as close as human as one in my predicament can get.

"Sure." He finally says. I was starting to get tired of waiting, and I'm sure Neku wouldn't want to see me when I get impatient. We start to walk, side by side. Not like he used to back in the Game, he was always walking in front of me then, even if I was leading the way. I guess it was so I couldn't see his disgust he had for me, but I could clearly sense it.

As we walk, I can see he's starting to get ahead of me. Just like the old times, so I can't help but smirk again. I let out a soft giggle, and Neku turns and looks at me. He's still afraid, but he's masking it. Of course, he never was good at masking his emotions, so I can still read him like an open book.

"What?" He asks, and I can't but giggle again.

"You're walking in front of me again, just like you always did when we were partners." I point out, smirking. He scowls, and continues walking, and I follow him.

I can tell he's mentally plotting to ditch me, I can read him like an open book. But I also know he won't, he's too scared to me to even try.

We reach WildKat, the little deserted café that Mr. H tends to ever so faithfully, like it's the only thing he has besides me. It probably is, being my dear Producer and only being able to talk to me openly and no one else. It wasn't me who restricted him, it was just how the rules went, and sometimes rules were never meant to be broken..

"Hey there Boss." Mr. H flashes one of his world famous grins at us as we walk in. Neku's still scowling a little, but he seems to be in a better mood with Mr. H around. Of course, I wasn't surprised, Neku had told him that he looked up to CAT all of his life.

"Hello." I smirk, but Neku stays silent as we both sit down on the chairs he has set up in front of the counter.

"The usual?" He asks, and I nod, so he turns to Neku, "How about you?"

"Nothing, thanks." He shakes his head. I watch at Mr. H as he starts fiddling behind the counter, but he stops when he checks the fridge.

"That's odd, I thought I had more milk." He sighs, closing the refrigerator, then turning back to us, "I need to make a quick errand, so can you two cafesit for me?" He asks.

"Of course, right Neku?" I turn to Neku, and his head lowers.

"Sure." He says softly. I watch him leave, and I'm starting to get annoyed. Neku, he couldn't just act normally around him. Megumi, it was okay, because I knew he would never betray me. But Neku, I couldn't really control him. I could kill him again so he'd be in the premises of my little game again, but good would that do, really?

"What's wrong Neku?" I asked finally, and he looks at me in confusion. I had a feeling he would; did he think I would think that's how he always acted?

"Nothing." He says quickly.

"Neku Neku Neku Neku." I shake my head disapprovingly, "You should know by now that that isn't going to fool me." I lean closer, "Really, did you think I hadn't noticed ever since the game. You're afraid of me Neku, just because I'm the Composer."

"No I'm not." He hisses, but I can see right through his act. I get up from the chair and lean close to his face, smirking. He's shaking now, and it's kind of cute. Then again, I couldn't expect any less from my dear Proxy.

"Then explain to me why you're shaking." I say, showing Neku that I clearly wasn't going to hold back, not now. I lean in closer, our faces only millimeters apart, and I can hear Neku's unsteady breathing: another sign he's scared. He's almost like a children's book now, so easy to read.

"I thought so." I smirk "I guess if you want to treat me like I'm and all powerful god, I guess I should treat you like most all powerful gods do to their underlings." Our lips meet, a forceful one on my part. As soon as Neku gets the chance to break it, he does, cursing under his breathe

"Joshua? What the hell? What if someone saw us?" He's steaming mad. I always thought he was cute when he was this mad.

"I guess your right, it wouldn't be fun if someone saw us." I say, pretending to miss Neku's point completely. I grab his wrist roughly and drag him to the back of the café. He fights with all he's got against my grip, but I knew the wrist was always the weakest part of the human body, and it was no exception for poor little Neku.

I threw him onto the bed that lay at the back of the café, since Mr. H spent the night at the café sometimes. Before he can react, I'm on top of him, and I can tell I'm smiling ear to ear with that little sadistic smile that Neku had learned to fear from the last day of little three week game.

Before he can protest, or yell for help, my tongue is inside his mouth, exploring. I can easily tell he's trying not to enjoy it. As we kiss, it's almost as if his tongue is battling mine for space, but I enjoy it. It's never fun to tease the willing, I know from experience.

I stop kissing him for a second, only to examine his face He's beet red now, and I can't help but giggle at it. He's cute when he's blushing too.

I start kissing him again, forcing my mouth on to him, because I know he isn't going to take it willingly either way. I let my hand. . .wander a little under his shirt, and I can feel him shiver as my cold hand touches his warm body. He's really warm, and it feels nice. My attention gets drawn away as my hand goes down until I can feel a certain body part of his. Because I'm so preoccupied, I stop the kiss, too focused, but I can see out of the corner of my eye that Neku is really scared.

"Joshua, what are you-" He tries to ask, but interrupted by his own surprise when I squeeze. I let my face rest next to his, puffing bouts of hot air into his ear as I start stroking up and down, searching for the moan. That moan that gives it away that he's enjoying it, even though he's trying not to.

"Joshua. . .you bastard." He says in between clenched teeth as I stroke harder. All I can do is smirk, and wait. I know it's going to come soon, his breathing is short and ragged, and the heat radiating from his body was only getting stronger. I lick his ear, making him shiver and letting out a stifled moan unguarded from his shivering. He curses himself under his breathe.

"You can't hide it from me Neku, you love it." I whisper into his ear, an evil twist in my voice, but he only responds with an annoyed huff of air. Poor Neku couldn't hide anything from me, he was just so easy to read, and it was completely evident that Neku was enjoying it but trying to keep it a secret from me.

"Joshua." He says softly as I continue to stroke even harder now.

"Say it for me again Neku, it sounds so cute when you say it." I say to him sweetly.

"Jo. . .shu. . . a." He says it again, and I lick his cheek, showing him that I approve. I give him one final squeeze, making him moan loudly, before I get up, both of us out of breathe. Once I can tell Neku's head had cleared enough to think clearly, he dashes out of the room like a stampede of noise was after him. It never fails, he always runs away from what he can't understand.

But. . .it never fails. He's just so cute when he's angry.