I couldn't help it. It was just so funny. We were minding our own business, and then they showed up, Neku's entire gang. It was funny how life just tended to go bite someone in the rear once they were somewhat happy. It was just so funny, I giggled. Neku, surprisingly, said nothing to me, but instead, talked to his friends.

"Can you. . .give us a few minutes?"

"Yeah. . .sure." Shiki said, his friends apparently all too flustered and shocked to say anything. It was almost kind of funny, but then again, walking into Neku and I having sex is probably like someone walking into Mr. H and Sho having sex.

Great, now that image was burned into my mind.

After they left, I got up, searching the room for where I happened to throw my boxers, and Neku flopped onto the bed.

"'Let's go have sex in Mr. H's café again!' I said. 'What could possibly go wrong?'," Neku grabbed the nearest pillow and screamed into it.

"Oh, be quiet," I sighed, "You're starting to act like a girl, and I'm not very fond of girls."

"Maybe that's not entirely a bad thing," Neku removed the pillow from his face, only to have a pair of boxers land on it.

"Nice CAT boxers. Obsessed much?" I giggled, finally finding my own boxers and slipping them on.

"Shut up. At least you always knew who CAT was," Neku removed the boxers from his face.

"So," I turned to him once I finally had my boxers on, "What are you going to tell your friends?"

Neku stared at the ceiling blankly. "Good question."

"I could always speak for you, and you know, tell them about our wonderful adventures toge-" I stopped short to dodge the pillow that Neku had thrown at me, then gave him a smirk. "I'll take that for a no then."

"Good," Neku frowned, grabbing his shorts.

"Whatever you say, partner," I shrugged, buttoning my jeans and putting an arm through the sleeve on my shirt. Before I could get the other in though, Neku's hands wrapped around my waist, and he pulled me closer to him.

"To be honest with you Joshua. . .I'm scared," he sighed, digging his face into my back.

"And why would that be?" I asked.

"They. . .They've been the first friends I've ever had. The first I've been able to keep for more than just a couple days. I'm scared I'm gonna lose them, Josh," I could feel him shake his head against my back.

I giggled, and then he raised his head again and looked into his confused face.


"That's the first time you've called my Josh."

He raised an eyebrow and reminded me to focus on the matter at hand.

"Sure, sure, whatever," I let my head rest on his shoulder-bone, looking up at his face, "You know. If you're really that worried about them losing them, you can always dump me... right here, right now."

Neku paused, then looked down at me, "You really hate me that much?"

"No, I really like you that much," I corrected, pecking him on the cheek.

Neku remained silent for a while, so I decided to break it. I never did like silence anyways.

"You also need a tic-tac."

"You need a tan and some weight."

I giggled. "I guess we're even then. Come on, let me get my shirt on. I'm sure you don't want to keep your friends waiting."

"I guess," Neku sighed.

"Or did you just want more snuggle time," I winked, and he gave a small smile.

"After we talk to them, okay?"

"Yeah, yeah. . .whatever," I sighed as he let go of me to fetch his own shirt as I got my shirt fully on, starting to button it up.

"You ready?" Neku asked as I was getting the last button in.

"Ready when you are," I smiled at him. Neku took a deep breath, and we both walked out to the front. The trio was still waiting there, and almost a little surprised that we finally came out. Shiki and Rhyme were both sitting at the barstools in front of the counter, with Beat standing behind them. We walked over behind the counter and stood there, an awkward silence was floating over both parties.

"So. . ." Rhyme said softly, in a timid attempt to break the silence, "How long has this been going on?"

I smiled, "Depending on-" before I could finish, Neku elbowed me in the ribs and continued for me.

"A couple hours."

"No way." Shiki gasped.

"A couple hours and you guys are already banging up each other like you're in a porno?" Beat asked.

"How would you know that?" Shiki turned to Beat.

"Uhhh. . .no reason, yo. . ." Beat looked away.

Rhyme giggled, and Shiki turned back to Neku.

"Are you positive this is what you want? I mean. . ." she trailed off.

"If it wasn't what I wanted, I would have kicked him in the crotch and left a long time ago," Neku sighed, and I giggled.

"Sooo. . ." I sighed as well, my gaze switching from all three of his friends, "I guess the big question here is, are you guys okay with it?"

A stunned silence took over, and Shiki and Beat exchanged glances, but finally, Rhyme spoke up again.

"I don't mind if Neku doesn't mind," Rhyme gave a bright smile.

"I guess. . .if Rhyme's okay with it," Beat scratched the back of his head, trying his hardest not to make eye contact with any living thing in the room.

"Sure. . ." Shiki looked down, as if the ground suddenly became very interesting.

"So, are you still coming with us for ramen down at Ramen Don today?" Rhyme asked eagerly.

"Oh, right," Neku blinked, then turned to me, "I hope you. . .don't mind me going for a bit."

I smiled, "Go right ahead, I'm not a slave-driver or anything."

Neku gave me a smile. Not forced or anything, but just a plain simple smile, and I could feel my cheek starting to heat up. I guess he was really cute when he was happy. Soon, his friends were out the door, and he was almost, until he poked his head back in to look at me.



"Try to reserve our spot" he winked, then ran off with the rest of the group. I couldn't help but stand there, smiling. Even though it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, I had still lost the war. His friends would always be on a higher pedestal than me, and there was nothing I could do about it. Then again, what more could I expect from Neku? He had friends, and he wasn't going to give them up for the world, and I knew that.

It would never fail.