A/N- This is in response to the Guild of the Fantastic Quill's April Fools' challenge. The prompt words used were "bells" and "dance." Now, this will be written as a series of one-shots or drabbles, depending on length. I don't know how many it will run...but I'll let you know when I know. Please enjoy!

Disclaimer- I do not own Darkwing Duck or any related character. They all belong to Disney.

How Many Ways Could This Go Wrong?

Reaction One

Every year. Every stinkin' year. Every April Fools' Day, Gosalyn gets him first. Well, not this time. The father would surpass the daughter.

Drake Mallard kicked back on the couch of his sububan home, lost in thought. It was mid-afternoon with Gosalyn only having been home from school for thirty minutes. She had rushed immediately up to her room...And Drake knew she was plotting. Plotting his ultimate humiliation...just like every year. The year she put itching poweder in his Darkwing Costume. Oh, Quackerjack had loved that. Or the year when she had sewn bells inside the seams of his costume, making a surprise attack impossible.

Now that he thought about it, had she been trying to prank him or get him killed?

He pushed that thought from his mind as another, much more interesting one entered. He had it. The perfect prank. He leaped up from the couch, and threw open the door to the coat room under the staircase. He stepped in, shutting the door behind him. When he reemerged, he was not dressed in his ususal purple Darkwing Duck garb, but in the yellow, crimson, and black garb of his nemesis and devious double, Negaduck.

He clapped a hand to his beak, trying to stiffle his giggles and rearrange his face into the most menacing one he could muster. He then made his way up the stairs toward Gosalyn's room. No sooner had he reached the second floor landing, his daughter emerged from her room.

It would have been enough...and certainly funnier for him, if Gosalyn had simply stopped at making a face. Because said face was hilarious. It was that deer-caught-in-headlights-caught-in-between-a-screech-and-shocked-silence face people often got when being pranked. But this was Gosalyn. By all rights, he should have known that his rough and tumble daughter would not take an in-home invasion by Negaduck lying down.

A milisecond later, Gosalyn had wiped the look from her face and replaced it with a stern, determined look. He was sure his own face looked shocked. She lunged forward, driving her right shoulder into his abdomen. He groaned...and rolled down the stairs.

"That'll teach you to sneak up on the Mallards!" Gosalyn said triumphantly from the top of the stairs.

"Gos," Drake finally managed to gasp. "It's me. Your dad!"

Gos looked dubious for a moment...then her eyes widened.

"Dad? Oh my gosh, what in the world did you think you were doing? Are you okay!" she shouted, running down the stairs to help her father to his feet.

"I was--huff--trying to prank you...It's April Fools'!" he said, only managing a sitting position and removing his black mask.

Gosalyn glared. "Well, what did you expect me to do when confronted with Negaduck? Dance? Don't be stupid, Dad!"

In her own little huff, Gosalyn disappeared back upstairs to her room. Drake laid back slowly on the floor. Another April Fools' gone...and he still couldn't win for losing.

End Notes: Well, what did you think? I hope everyone found it funny! Now, like I said, I don't know exactly how many I'll do of these...at least two, I know for sure...I'll try for, like, five overall. And, on another note, in each of these drabbles, the first four paragraphs will be the same...the variable in this will be Gosalyn's reaction. Well, please review!