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Reaction Six

Every year. Every stinkin' year. Every April Fools' Day, Gosalyn gets him first. Well, not this time. The father would surpass the daughter.

Drake Mallard kicked back on the couch of his suburban home, lost in thought. It was mid-afternoon with Gosalyn only having been home from school for thirty minutes. She had rushed immediately up to her room, and had reemerged seconds later to move downstairs to the kitchen...And Drake knew she was plotting. Plotting his ultimate humiliation...just like every year. The year she put itching powder in his Darkwing Costume. Oh, Quackerjack had loved that. Or the year when she had sewn bells inside the seams of his costume, making a surprise attack impossible.

Now that he thought about it, had she been trying to prank him or get him killed?

He pushed that thought from his mind as another, much more interesting one entered. He had it. The perfect prank. He leaped up from the couch, and threw open the door to the coat room under the staircase. He stepped in, shutting the door behind him. When he reemerged, he was not dressed in his usual purple Darkwing Duck garb, but in the yellow, crimson, and black garb of his nemesis and devious double, Negaduck.

He laughed, quietly of course, to himself as he tip-toed around the corner to the kitchen doors. However, just out of reach of the swinging, white doors, they opened. Drake took a deep breath, preparing the best yell/evil growl/"boo" that he could muster in just a few moments' warning.

Gosalyn emerged, popping the tab on a Coo-Coo Cola seconds after the doors opened. The drink fizzed loudly, and she kicked it back, taking a huge swig. Drake opened his beak to make his move, and Gosalyn shook her head, stepping around him.

"Better luck next year, Dad," she said, continuing on, nonchalantly, to her room.

Drake watched her go, annoyance and disappointment contorting his face. How had she known? He sighed, resigning himself to his fate, and stepped into the kitchen.

"N-N-N-Negaduck!" Launchpad's voice greeted him, followed by his sidekick emitting a very loud, very shocked yell.

Drake blinked in surprise as the taller duck simply passed out, falling to the kitchen floor. He approached him, nudging the unconscious Launchpad.

"Launchpad?" he asked.

Nothing. Out cold. Drake chuckled to himself. He had not been able to scare Gos…but Launchpad, he had knocked out.

Ah, for small victories.


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