I was looking through all the reviews...and I was like..."YA KNOW? . . . I'll write more." Sooooo...here ya go. Josie's POV.
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"I always feel like such a goofball in these penguin suits. Like I'm at my own wedding or something."

She'd heard it; she was sure…but then again he could've just been talking about his suit, and besides that he had Lara…right?

'Penguin suit.' She inwardly grinned.


She didn't think he would remember; perhaps he didn't…but Josie could hope.

'…Adele penguins spend their whole lives looking for that one other penguin and when they meet them, they know. And they spend the rest of their lives together.'

Josie hated her babblings; she never seemed able to turn off…she wasn't quite sure how she'd managed to stay 'seventeen' for this long.

She'd made a decision; she would tell him before prom was over. Sam was a good man a deserved to know…even if he didn't return her feelings.

Oh God…she hoped he returned her feelings.

He was dating.

He was moving.

He was perfect.

She was in too deep.

Josie almost kissed him one week ago…or he almost kissed her…she wasn't sure if this happened the way she remembered. It had been those wonderful penguins again.

'Our penguin, right?'

'Do you think you'll find her?'

'Yeah, actually I do.'

She remembered how her heart sank at those words before she noticed him leaning in closer to her; hadn't she also been sure that he wanted to kiss her? She thought she had.

The more she thought about it the more she wished she could talk to him sooner; tell him everything…like that he was her penguin.

Wonderful animals, penguins.

She would've never thought that flightless, artic birds would give her so much hope.

She wasn't sure if she should hope…he had seemed so happy with Lara. Perfect blonde Lara.

She was a lying to him.

He would hate her.

…or even if he didn't there was no way he could…love…her…was there?

She wanted so bad to know. Even if it wasn't the answer she wanted.

She could ask him to talk.

Should she ask him to talk?

What was the worst he could do?

Say no? Josie didn't think he would…he was always so nice. Too nice.

She didn't think he should be that nice…not to someone like her.

She remembered how he would explain things to the class…never be to condescending. Smiling…caring…he loved his job and the students.

He had the same passion for literature that she had and the love for sports.

She just hoped he could forgive her.

She hoped he felt the same way she did.

She hoped he would understand why she did it.

She hoped to be held close…but she was sure that if he did that she wouldn't be able to let go.

She remembered the love stories in all her favorite books, being described as living through the ages, crossing worlds and surviving all. She wanted a love like that; she'd waited for a love like that. She thought that maybe she'd found it in Sam.

She hoped it was jealously glinting in his eye when he looked at Guy.

She shouldn't think that…but she did anyway.

She hoped he would talk with her.

She hoped her evening would end on a happy note.

She hoped he'd meant to say 'Penguin suit.'

"You wanna…?" Sam gestured to the dance floor; she was so happy, now she wouldn't have to drag him away to talk.