Welcome to the Hellmouth, Teen Wizard Style (or more accurately, Harry and Draco Style)

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Harry Potter and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer crossover (AU for HP)

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Sunnydale, California looked like a great town to live in. It sounded like it too. The very name made outsiders think of it as a sunny paradise, a small town in the glorious state of California, where all the best places were. One would think of a little town, with cute little houses all lined up and green grass. One would think of people taking walks and strolls, with pets and children in the lush green parks. This often came up in the minds of outsiders when hearing the name of Sunnydale. Those that did had no idea of the truth, and were probably better off not knowing. Not knowing that living in this town, or even near it, was not a good idea. And often was fatal.

This was reflected in the gruesome high death rate in this small town. The number of deaths, be it murder, suicide, or 'accident', could be compared to much larger communities, New York for example, when put to the ratio of how many people there actually was. As what was said before, not a smart place to live in. And the local authorities and most of the townsfolk turned a blind eye to the truth of all the deaths. All the unexplained, in their eyes, things that happened was explained away as gang activity or tragic 'accidents'. Even though there was dozens of these tragic 'accidents' that happened every month, that were in no way connected to each other. Examples of the many things that was used to explain the 'accidents' included falls on silverware, pitchforks, self-mutation, etc. The townfolk's tendency to try to explain everything away and the continual ignoring and turning blind eyes to that something was out of the ordinary was something that really got and bothered those who didn't do this, those who knew what was really out there. A small group of these was only still in high school, and they included one slayer. These folks couldn't turn a blind eye, even if they wanted to.

Here, you don't go outside during night. And if you did, you were only asking for trouble, and often trouble found you whether it was welcome or not. It was a town tradition to actually not invite people in, just step aside and watch them come in. Because if you did invite someone in, you might not know just what exactly you are inviting in. And it probably will be the last thing you would see before you died, before the thing that you invited in killed you. And your body would be found the next day, or week whenever someone found you, probably drained of blood or nearly.

It was this place that would become the home of a new group of people, ones who would shake up the community norms. And they would join the small number of people who knew the real 'nightlife'.

To see the arrival of them, just step outside, to the outskirts of town on a cool August night. There you see, by the road, a sign that welcomes visitors and inhabitants alike to the "Glorious Little Town of Sunnydale" or to SunnyHell as some would call it, and which name probably fits the town better than its current one. Because it often became the equivalent of that to the unfortunate.

The night was still and quiet. Not really unsurprising. All that could be seen could be the occasional move of an animal or insect. And the mosquitoes, can't forget those. Those little blood suckers that was everyone's pride and joy. What? Can't spot a joke when you see it? No one, at least the normal humans, even like the little buggers. Other creatures didn't really care, not really. What was surprising was the series of crackswhich interrupted the night life. And suddenly an observer, if there was any, would see three figures standing in the space where there was none before. Two of the figures were noticeably taller than the other.

Any girls that could have been standing there would have gone all googly-eyed and giggly at two of the newcomers. And over the next few days, many would, when the newcomers would appear in town. The overall appearances of the newcomers could explain why two of them would become walking targets. New meat (cough * cough I mean boys) in town, ready, and not really willing, for girls to try to hook up with the new targets.

The shortest of the newcomers turned out to be a teenage boy, probably about 15 if you just look at how old he looks like. But in reality, he was 17, just short and young-looking for his age. The boy, really, had hair that was long enough to cover his ears with silky, soft waves, which curled slightly at the end. His figure was lean, and slightly girl-like, but he was obviously not a girl. He didn't really have that much visible muscle, but this was deceiving. He was extremely stronger than he looked, and his muscles were hidden. Basically everything about him would make girls shriek with coos of "Oh, he's so cute!" or "Look at him, he's absolutely adorable!" a fact that often happened to his utter disgust and unhappiness. His body posture communicated confidence and that he was no one to mess with, despite how he looked. His deep green eyes seemed to glow slightly in the dark, witch was no accident, and at the moment was mischievous and full of humor as he looked at the other figure, obviously trying not to laugh (in which he wasn't really that successful).

The other teenager that was the source of his glee was almost his very opposite. He was tall was the other was short, and light as the other was dark. He towered over his companion at least five inches, or more, and it was this that caused him to become smug whenever he thought about it. And it was the cause of constant teasing to the other about their different heights. His short blond hair was a stylish mess, a style that was in fashion at the moment among all kinds of young people around the world, no matter where they were. His hair was so blond it seemed to be white, and gave the illusion that it would glow in the dark. His lean but somewhat more muscular body was at the moment standing rather stiff in indignation and his shockingly blue eyes was fixed with an icy glare at the now laughing other.

"Shut the bloody hell up, Black! It is not that funny!" The blond finally hissed at the giggling dark-haired boy, who was clutching at his stomach, trying to stop laughing. The cause of the laughing was the result of a prank witch had been expertly timed to correspond with their departure. The evidence of it was splattered over the blonde's face and shoulders in icky, slimy purple sludge. Some was starting to travel in the downward direction.

The last newcomer rolled his dark eyes and tried to restrain a smile. Obviously the raised son of one of the last marauders (sp?) couldn't restrain himself for a last triumphant prank before leaving England and the land of his birth.

The war was finally over and the small group had finally put into action their plan. Voldemort was dead, finally, at the hand of the smallest teenager, who was still laughing. But in the process, much of the people they had known and trusted were dead and gone. Sirius Black, after deciding not to go after the rat on that fateful day long ago and instead go to Dumbledore, survived to raise his best friend's son, Harry James Potter, now Harrison J. P. Black. But after getting hit by a rather nasty curse two years before, had finally succumbed to the death that had tried to get him for two years straight. This had confounded him to a bed in the last two months, almost too weak to move.

In revenge and grief over the man that he considered his father, young Harrison Black had immediately and recklessly sought out the traitor Peter Pettigrew, forcing him to reveal the location of the Dark Lord. Then had stormed the Malfoy Manor and found Voldemort. In a battle that would be talked about for years, he dueled Voldemort. A duel that would last for two straight hours, all the while fueled by anger, hatred, and overwhelming grief. He had finally slain the monster, and had immediately passed out after he made sure the Dark Lord was finally dead.

It had taken a while, but he had eventually recovered. During this time, several others were preparing to leave. Severus Snape, who had been a long-time mentor to Harrison, had found a house in America and had it made ready. Remus and Tonks had taken care of everything else, setting the two boys up for school.

Draco Malfoy had not escaped the war without injuries. In school, he had befriended Harrison, something that his father didn't like at all. Especially since Harrison and Sirius started to help Draco break down those walls that had been so carefully built around him, allowing him to make his own opinions. And his own opinions and thoughts actually turned out to be the opposite of what his father wanted. In anger, the eldest Malfoy had taken his son back to the manor, and then proceeded to try to get him to see 'reason'. He was not successful, but in the process nearly killed his son.

Draco for the longest time didn't reveal what had happened, but the Aurors had found him shackled to a wall, bloody and bruised. Apparently Lucius had tried to resort to plain old torture when Draco wouldn't break. Lucius had been found alive and had gotten an one-way ticket to a Dementor's Kiss.

Now both boys had a chance to start over. Away from the wizarding world and its expectations of them. Away from pressure and hopefully where they can find a life and actually live for once. Hopefully away from the kind of life that they had had before now. Draco's life of having to live up to the expectations and attitudes of a hateful man that was his father. Where he would be subject to the poisen-like attitudes, opinions, and behavior of the dark house of Malfoy. His mother was the only person in his old home that had cared for him. His father only had viewed him as property, someone to imprint his views on and make them see the world how he saw it. His mother could do little to help him, even though she had tried to shield him from Lucius. But it hadn't worked, and time had run out for the beautiful woman. Once he had found out the extent of the things that Narcissa had done to help her son and keep her husband's poisen from infecting Draco, Lucius had been filled with fury. How dare this woman, his property and not even his equal, mess with his son? After he had been done with her, the Aurors who found her could do nothing. She had died in one of St. Mungo's rooms, after her body had struggled for days to stay alive. Draco had wept bitterly over her death, the only person in his family to ever care about him.

Draco and Harrison J.P. Black was now brothers, since Draco had renounced his old name and been adopted in the House of Black officially. And Severus would act as their guardian, since in the muggle world they weren't of age yet. And the Lupins, Remus with his wife Tonks and son Teddy, would be joining them soon. They also were now the proud new owners of a store in town called the Magic Shop, which suited them all pretty well.

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Part 2

The house that Severus had bought some time ago and refurbished was near the edge of town. There was several reasons for this. One, Sunnydale was smack down on top of the portal between this dimension and the next, in other words hell. And this was the thing that all the things that are attracted to the area could be blamed on. It was the mystical energies of the hellmouth that seemed to draw vampires, demons, and other unsavory things to the area, like moths to a flame.

As a result of the local demon tourist attraction, dark energies of dark magic of the darkest kind ran throughout the town, just under the surface. They were actually spread out kinda like a spider web, with the most darkest originating at the middle of town. The dark magic tended to taint everything and everyone around the area (there were exceptions to the rule, as some of the local inhabitants, most of the plant life and living creatures such as animals, but those wasn't counted.) It left a bad taste in the mouth. And those who were sensitive to it could feel it, taste it, and sense it, from everything to a small nuisance to a bad problem.

The further you went away from the middle of town (more precisely the Sunnydale High School library), the less dark magic there was. So it was for this reason that Severus had their new home built.

The second reason was because Harrison and Draco would need a lot of room, and they needed time to get more used to people. Harrison had a tendency to be close-mouthed and hostile when faced with new people he didn't know. The same was true to an extent to Draco, but not as hostile as his brother. The reason for this attitude was because for the majority of his life, people had held him up on a high pedestal, expecting many impossible things from him at the same time. And they didn't accept failure that well. So as time went by, Harrison had kept to his close knit of friends as much as possible, where he didn't have it as bad. Draco's few problems came from the lingering but quickly fading behavior patterns.

Harrison also liked to have more room to run around. Unknown to muggle eyes, they had a mini-forest in the back yard, which provided enough room for Harry to transform into his animagus form and run around. This was hidden to all but them, and would be until they choose to tell others. This protection also extended to vampires, demons, and other such creatures. So they will be safer there than others are in their homes, because the ward system was the finest in the world.

Severus and Remus and various others had called in favors and contacts in order to get the very best wards. Numerous people, including Bill Weasley the cursebreaker, had come over to check it out and make sure everything was up and ready. Every few months or so, or whenever they would be contacted, some ward builders and others will come over to make sure everything is good. You can never be too cautious on the hellmouth, and Severus was the king of being cautious when it comes to the protection of his godsons (both are technically his godson, because even if it is not official, Harrison is viewed that way.)

Now, with two squabbling teenagers at his side who were definitely intent on getting on his nerves (he knew they were doing it on purpose, he wouldn't put it beneath them), he laid eyes on the house for the first time since it had been totally finished and decorated after he was allowed into the wards. And a new world opened up before his very eyes. Remus, it seems, had gone overboard with the types of things he knew Harrison (especially him), Draco, Tonks, and Teddy would like.

It was a big house, probably considered a mansion in these parts. But it was as big, or bigger if you counted all the extras, as the Malfoy Manor had been (which had gleefully been torn down and destroyed by some wizards two months before), if not more. The house was painted a white color, but had been given the option of changing its color once in a while. There was at least three wings that could be seen from here, with a number of white covered walkways everywhere. There were plants and flowers everywhere from the most exotic, to local, to magical, to common muggle types, to everything else. There were numerous gardens, bridges, streams, walkways, paths, fountains, benches, gazebos, covered seated areas, and almost everything that could be thought to belong in such a place.

There was even a greenhouse that housed some of the other plants that could be used for potion ingrediants or for other uses. Even just for show. The greenhouse was set to take care of the plants, if they hadn't by a human yet, which included watering, fertilizering, and much more.

All of this was in the wards, and was protected from hideous weather outside the wards. To muggle eyes when visiting the house, it would appear smaller, and well...not so magical..., unless the proper commands were given to the wards. The weather here would match itself to the outside, unless the commands were given again.

In the gardens and the forest surrounding the house was a number of magical creatures that would be in danger elsewhere on the continent. There was of course loads of other more normal animals and critters out there too.

All in all, the whole thing made Harrison stop teasing Draco and squeal (and shriek and a number of other things) when he first saw the grounds. He loved plants. That had been probably the only thing he had gotten out of Herbology, since he mostly forgot everything after he was tested on it for the final time (just kidding). The love of plants. He also adored animals too, magical or otherwise, that he had mostly gotten out of Care of Magical Creatures. Even with Hagrid teaching the subject and adding a certain amount of danger to taking the subject.

By Draco's look on his face, Severus also knew that he absolutely adored it too. And he was glad, because they both deserved this, had always but had never really gotten what they deserved.

"It's beautiful Severus, thank you." This came from Harrison, who had dashed to part of one of the nearest gardens to look at the plants. This partiucular one was filled with many types of the Dragon flower (1) which was a magical flower that had many uses, including the use in most healing potions and such. And since Harrison absolutely loved potions, and everything to do with potions, this addition was a very welcome sight to the gardens.

"Come on, let's go to the house," Severus started, making Harrison look up with a pleading look. "You'll have time to view it later."

With an accepting nod, Harrison joined his brother in heading to the house. Severus sighed and ran a hand over his face. Well, the boy had definitely had too much sugar and had probably gotten a sweet, or more, out of his hidden stash at his old place. There would be no explanation for his hyper behavior, and it sure looked like the signs of a sugar high. That was one thing that made it hard to take care of Harrison properly, and something that had to be monitored by someone else, not the boy himself. Alone, the boy would eat sugar treats all day long, not mindful of the consequences. And then others would have to deal with this hyper attitude of his until the offensive material had been flushed out of his body. Severus had been taking care of him long enough to properly recognize the signs of a sugar 'overdose', as he had started to call it some time ago. The problem was that the troublemaker had hidden corners everywhere, their main use was to hide his addiction. And they were all cleverly hidden, the signs of a true marauder. And Harrison, being raised by Sirius Black, was a true Marauder, having learned from the best.

He picked up his pace in order to catch the two teenagers up ahead, who was now entering that main set of wide wooden doors that marked the entrance. The wood had been aged slightly in order to make it appear older than it was. The door handles were black iron, curved at the ends. The knocker in the upper middle of the door was a beautiful piece of metal that showed both a lion and a snake, both looking out at the person or persons opening the doors. They were very lifelike, too.

Behind the door there was a rather small room that was meant to hold the coats of the visitors, all meant to be put into a large wooden wardrobe by one of the walls.

Beyond this was a long hallway that had the doors of several rooms along the sides. There were pictures and paintings along the walls, with scattered sculptures here and there. This long hallway led to a large room that was meant to entertain guests, with numerous long couches and chairs, with a random table here and there. There was even, mostly for Harrison's sake because he loved to watch some muggle programing, a muggle television set, complete with speakers, VCR, DVD-player, against one of the walls with a reddish color couch surrounding it.

On the opposite side of the room was a fireplace, with all accesories, with serveral chairs and a small couch in front of it, for a nice cozy place for guests or family to relax and enjoy the warmth on a cold winter (or when fancy struck since the temperature in the room could be messed with or the fireplace set to not put out any warmth, just to look at) a steaming cup of tea. The walls were a whitish color that went nicely with the warm colors of the furniture.

There were dozens of other rooms that were very similar to this room, with multiple of other uses in the manor. They were all very much the same too. Some way away from this room was the dining room. A long hallway led the way to it. When you step through the door, you would see a medium sized table in the middle of a somewhat medium sized room. The table was specially made so that it can be enlarged to accommodate a large number of guests, with the room the same. No matter how big or small the room seemed from the inside, it would not affect the rest of the house. The plates and rest of the necessary items that would be set on the table would match the room perfectly, in different color tones.

In the manor, there were dozens of rooms. Most of them would probably rarely get used, but the upbringing of one such as Draco called for some. So thus, the rooms had to be there. But of course, the presense of two others who weren't used to having such room called for a limited number of these rooms.

One of the prides of the manor was the library. The library was probably about the size of the Hogwarts library, maybe even bigger. And it had just about as many books. The collections of the Black and Malfoy Houses had contained a large number of books. And surprisingly only a small percentage of these had had in any way contained spells and other things that was considered Dark, from very moderate to very Dark spells. All the other books contained things that could be useful in some way, even if it was for research. And on the Hellmouth, there was use for such research. Severus had heard that a new slayer operated in this town, and he was willing, and maybe hoping, for the chance to help the slayer and her watcher. Draco and Harrison had agreed, if the chance ever came up and the ones involved were trustworthy.

Then there were the rooms. Each personal bedroom of one of the three was done up in their personal style, no matter what it may be.

Severus's room was located in the second wing, just off to the left of the dining room. The bedroom itself was rather small, but it was connected to another room that would serve as a secondary study. The bedroom contained a large four poster bed with black and silver colors. There was a dresser and a closet, but not much else. He really didn't want that much room, because basically this room was for sleeping and changing only. Then there was a bathroom, with a large tub, toilet and sink. There was also a closet to hold differents, such as towels. The whole bathroom was only done in the finest of materials, nothing else. And there was an extra spell for the bathroom to always remain clean after use.

The rest of his wing contained several other various rooms, including a set of stairs that led down to a basement area. It was here that his personal potion lab and storage area was contained. The room was slightly dark, for more light could potientally ruin some potions and/or ingrediants. All in all, Severus's wing wasn't that large.

Draco's was larger. He had his bedroom, which was decorated in silver and green, with its four poster bed, dresser, closet, but he had more in his room than his godfather's. He had several more closets and various other furniture too, that served a purpose he had as yet still to disclose. He had a small potions lab, but only about a fourth the size of Severus's. Then a training room with everything that he personally needed and/or loved to use. He had the same bathroom as Severus, almost down to the last tile. The rest of his wing contained rooms for study, entertainment, and relaxation.

Harrison's wing was about the same. His room was almost exactly the same, except for a spell that he had the colors set to change with the mood of the colors he was in. Of course this contained two sets of colors, silver and green and red and yellow. Due to his inner Slytherin and his Gryffindor upbringing. The had mostly aspects from all four houses, but these were his favorite two houses, nevermind that they were opposites and rivals. He had a training room with slightly different workout areas and tools than Draco, that better suited his various needs. He also had a fencing ring in his, that would find later use by all three of them.

There was a small track in the back complete in outdoor swimming pool too. A set of tennis (the only muggle sport that Draco understood and was willing to play, and even enjoyed) courts. A fencing arena was next to the tennis courts. This was for all their use. And the use of those that was given access.

If they needed or thought of anything else, they could get them added. One thing that was for sure, Severus and Remus had gone all out for the house, and much more(2).

(1) I made this plant up myself, and if there is a flower by that name, I had no idea.

(2) If anyone would like to draw the description of the house and grounds, please do so and then send me it.

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