Welcome to the Hellmouth, Teenage Wizard Style chapter 5

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1. So, am I right, that Sirius Raised Harry from when he was a child?

Yep, Sirius raised Harry and raised him up as the Heir of the House of Black. Therefore, as the Heir, he had to know all the ins and outs of magical culture, traditions, etc. Sirius, when he was younger, hated this because he was the one that learned it, but when he started to take care of Harry, he recognized the importance of Harry knowing it. Therefore, he taught Harry. He just made sure that Harry did not have any misguided beliefs or hatred for the muggles.

Also, the wizarding world has a set of different holidays and traditions. So, they are different than the Wiccan ones.

2. What will the Group make of the Stock that's in the Magic shop? Will Harry, Draco, Snape and Remus be studying those books with interest, as well as the magical supplies and gadgets?

Hmmm, well you'll have to see in this chapter.

3. Will we get to see an encounter with Giles? Will he know who Harry is?

He knows of Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, because as a Watcher, it is a smart thing to know what goes on. When Voldemort was first defeated, the Watcher's Council of course found out. They have some 'agents' watching the events in the Wizarding World. He doesn't know that Harrison Black is Harry Potter though. :D He's not been approached by anyone, so he is unaware of who is in the town. He'll not stay in the dark for long, though.

4. Also do Harry and/or Draco know of Giles past, e.g. Ripper? Might he have had interaction with the Marauders when in his rebellious teens?

Nope. Sev and Remus know though.

5. Seeing how Harry was able to get 'reading' from Willow by engulfing her in his magic, will he be using the same method on a few other people in Sunnydale to see who are the people to watch?

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Harry had to keep from sending the obnoxious, self righteous pig that was Sunnydale High's Principal out the window. Two minutes into the introductory meeting, he was really tempted to do so. His fingers itched, obviously wanting to teach the troll how to fly. Troll was a very good name for the man. He was short, balding and mean as an ogre. Harry really wanted to see a flying troll, but he had to resist. No matter how much he wanted to. He could see it right now, in his mind's eye. The little troll would be talking, blah blah, and then would find himself all of a sudden flying out the window. Out he would go, a look of shock and fear on his small, awful face. The glass would shatter in all directions and would reach the ground before the Principal did.

Harry sighed. Really, what kind of perverse pleasure does this…thing…get out of interrogating his students? Especially the new ones, like Draco and himself. They had to check into the office before going to their first class, something that they had almost forgotten to do. When they did, the secretary frowned at them and was extremely rude, then had taken forever when she had gone to inform the principle that the new students were here. Then, they had to wait forever for the troll that called himself a principal to call them in. Draco had gone in first, and when he had emerged was looking like he was going to do some serious damage. His face had been white with anger, his lips pursed, and his hands tightly fisted. Harry wasn't able to get much out of him, and had just decided to go in without trying to calm Draco down. He knew these moods of Draco's. When something or someone really gets to Draco, so much that it is hard for him to even control himself, it was safer for everyone to stay away from the blond until he had calmed down. If they didn't, well, bad things tended to happen. Harry seemed to remember Draco telling him about an incident when he was very little, involving a stuffed dragon, a house elf, and disaster. Now, how did that story go? He couldn't remember.

But when Harry had gone into the so-called Principle's office, he had found out why Draco was so mad. This man, if he could be called such a thing, was not fit to be anywhere around students, teenagers, and/or children. Actually not fit to be anywhere around civilization. He was rude, nosy, and interrogated those on the other side of his desk like they were criminals and had killed someone. Harry thought of the detective shows that he would watch once in a while when visiting one of Sirius's muggleborn friends. It was a very good analogy, because that was how he was being treated at the moment.

Principal Snyder wanted answers, obviously. And if he wanted answers, it was trouble. Sev had looked into it and found that Snyder was actually working for the Mayor. Mayor Wilkins was up to no good (there was something in the works being planned at the moment and whatever it was, was going to very bad), and was obviously suspicious of an English family all of sudden moving into his domain. Harry and Draco's job, therefore, was to make those suspicions go away. In minor servants of Wilkins, it was easy. A small memory charm, or the stake for minor vampires (stupid ones too) was all it took. In the case of the vampires, there were some things on the streets that would account for their disappearance. The Slayer was one such danger. Memory charms would be applied to ensure that all evidence pointed away from the Blacks. They didn't want trouble, especially so early in their career in town.

For the more powerful servants of Wilkins, or even Wilkins himself, more would have to be put into getting rid of any evidence. One reason was simply that the two types of magics were very different. Wizarding magic and Wiccan magic, or Earth magic as some called it, were two very different types. There were certain things that didn't mix between the two. Sure, one could use another type of spell if they were powerful enough, but that was very unlikely. Strange things, and often dangerous, happened when they were mixed.

The Mayor was a master in Wiccan magic and had some wizards or witches working for him. Wizarding magic wielding wizards/witches. He was covered both ways. They weren't powerful enough, though, to get past the wards on the Black House, or even detect it. After all, it was a little more uncommon to find wizarding magic so near a Hellmouth. The Hellmouth energies tended to make most wizards and witches uncomfortable, so they stayed far away. The ones that knew what they were. There were of course some living on the Hellmouth that had no idea what they were, because no school had ever been able to contact them or even know they were there. The Hellmouth energies blocked any outside magic out, like a giant bubble around the whole area.

The Mayor, while not being able to use wizarding magic simply because he lacked the natural core that was at the heart of every witch or wizard, had over the years developed a sense for it. Since he was the real 'master' (he had control of the creatures in the area, he couldn't actually control the Hellmouth) of the Hellmouth, even when the vampire calling himself the Master had still been there, he was able to sense wizarding magic if he wanted to, or if the evidence wasn't covered up, or they weren't careful. They were, of course, going to be careful, and would mask any magic they do to make it look like it had never happened or was Wiccan magic. They could do that, Sev had taught them. It was more of the nature of manipulating the energies to resemble Wiccan magic.

Even though the two were so different, they were also so alike in many ways. It was because of this that it was possible to manipulate the energies to resemble the other.

So, they had to be careful. They didn't want to attract attention, not at all. That would be of the bad. So, in answering Snyder's questions, they had to do a very complicated dance of words and reasons, and not mess up at all. They were confident that they could do it, though.

Harry resisted the temptation of just flinging the troll out of the window and mentally calmed himself down. After assuring the troll that they weren't going to cause trouble, Harry was able to get himself excused.

Grabbing his bag and walking calmly to the door, he walked outside to where Draco was waiting. Draco was looking normal, so he had calmed down from earlier. When he got to Draco, who saw the annoyed look on his face, Draco snorted. "Got the interrogation too?" Even though he already knew the answer.

"Yep." Here, he swore in a language that had not been spoken for generations in the outside world. "Little troll. What does he bloody think we are going to do? That just because we are new that we are going to cause trouble?"

Draco snorted. "Of course he does. Also, notice the way the questions were taking?"

"Yeah. Milky-poo," which was their nickname for Mayor Wilkins, something that Remus (to their great astonishment at the time when they had heard the normally calm and polite werewolf call the man) had come up with. They had been calling him that for a while now, off and on. "Is obviously suspicious and wants to know why we are here."

Draco looked around them at the empty hallway. "Keep it down. Anyone might hear."

Harry looked frustrated. It was so annoying having to watch what they said in public. "Sorry. We're talk later, at home." Where no one would be able to over hear was silently said. He looked at the clock, as a sudden thought entered his mind. "Time for lunch."

Draco looked at the clock sharply. "Already? We were in there for that long?" He hadn't noticed the time go by that fast. Harry was already halfway down the hall. He ran to catch up with the prankster. "Hey, you. Wait up! What's your hurry?"

Harry didn't even glance at him, instead looking straight ahead. "Library."

Draco looked puzzled. Why the library? What was in the library that Harry needed? He voiced this. "Why the library?" Not said was that the Slayer and her friends were probably there at the moment, and of course the Librarian Rupert Giles, her Watcher.

Draco knew that Harry was dead set on helping the Slayer out in some way, even if it had to be from the shadows. He was like that. A white knight, who always wanted to help the fight out in some way. (Though the official title went to one of the Slayer's friends, even at this time) Sirius had been that way and, according to many others, so had James Potter. Draco wasn't totally against helping out the Slayer; she needed all the help she could get if she was going to both succeed in keeping the forces of darkness back and succeed in staying alive at the same time, he just wanted to be cautious and make sure they were trustworthy, and would be able to keep their secrets (if they ever did find out, that was a big if). Remus and Tonks were the same way. They wanted to protect Teddy, to make sure that nothing happened to him. For that, they had to make sure those that knew of what they were, if they were even told, were trustworthy and could be trusted with all of their lives. They also wanted to help make a difference.

Sev, though, was against idea of helping the Slayer. He wasn't against the idea of helping keep the forces of darkness at bay, but was against helping the Slayer directly. He just didn't want the Watcher's Council to find out about all of them, for a very good reason. He didn't trust them, with good reason, since they were more focused on their power and not the lives of innocent people. Innocent people were killed everyday and every second to creatures of evil all around the world, and the Watchers cared more about themselves. Not all Watchers were like that (following the rules were more important than saving lives), but many had been brainwashed to believe and follow the ideals of the Council and to never question them at all. So many Slayers, countless generations of them, had been taken away from those that loved them at an early age and brainwashed. They were to work alone, never having friends beyond their Watcher. So many other rules that could not be broken were drummed into their brains. The higher ups in the Watchers were all corrupt and power-hungry and if innocents got in the way of their power, they were just mowed down. No matter what happened. There were a few good Watchers and those training to be Watchers, but not nearly enough to stop the cycle of corruptness.

He didn't want any of his family hurt. He couldn't bear it if they were, especially by the Council. The Council would try to gain control of all of them, and when that failed would eliminate them. They would just keep throwing so many would be killers at their feet and eventually one of them would get past the defenses. When one got past their defenses, they would be lost, and the Council would win and live to get away with so many other injustices and crimes.

Draco was brought out of his thoughts by Harry's voice. "I need to go to the library to pick up some textbooks. That's where Willow said to get them."

"But you already have all of your textbooks." Draco pointed out. He had a feeling that Harry was just making excuses to get him into the library.

"Fine! I wanted to check out the library. Find out what books they have, where those books are…"

"In other words, act like the bookworm you are." Draco stated.

The glare that was directed back at him could have frozen an active volcano, which Draco had no doubt he could do if he wanted to. Harry's power was immense and no one knew what the limits were, not even Harry. "No, just in case they have a book that we don't have and if we need it, we know where we can get it." He emphasized the words, like to a little kid instead of someone his own age.

"And why…" Draco stopped at the look on Harry's face, which was daring him to keep it up with all the questions. Harry looked satisfied when he didn't say anymore and continued on his way, looking smug. Draco followed him, willing to put up with it. Only Harry was the one that was able to say something like that without getting some type of consequence. But he just let it go. Let Harry think that he had the last word. Draco will get him back later. He still needed to get him back for the slime incident.

On the way to the library, they passed by the cafeteria. Unknown to Draco, Harry grinned widely when passing the double doors. Draco didn't see him grin, because it was gone in the next second. When they got to the double doors of the library, Harry paused. Looking in and not seeing anybody, he pushed open the doors. It opened onto a desk area, which in turn opened up to a circular area which was full of tables and chairs. Above that, stairs led to the books and all of the book shelves.

"Hello?" Harry called, just for effect because he could already 'see' the outline of a man in the office. The man, who had graying hair and glasses, came out at his call. He saw them and headed their way.


"Hi, um, do you have (insert whatever book title you want here)?" Harry said. When he heard his accent, the man, Rupert Giles he presumed, brightened.

"Yes, yes. Just back here." He led the way, Harry following. Draco, his gaze focused on the middle of the library, stayed near the doors. Harry, seeing this, rolled his eyes. Yes, that was where the Hellmouth was located. Both of them, being well trained wizards against the dark arts especially, could sense it. It was like an open maw of darkness, ready to snatch them up and trap them forever. Harry, though, didn't mind going near it. He was able to ignore it. But Draco on the other hand wasn't able to, thus the staying near the doors and as far away from the Hellmouth one can get (while staying in the school library).

"Out of curiosity, are you British?" Giles said, leading him to a book case in the back.

He smiled. "Yes. My family just moved here."

"Ah. Is that your brother?" He asked, looking at the blond boy. Who, he noticed, seemed strangely uncomfortable. His gaze kept flicking back to the middle of the library. Very strange. Out of his line of sight, Harry noticed where his gaze was and narrowed his eyes. Draco was supposed to act normally, not to draw attention to himself. And looking fearfully at the middle of a library floor was not acting normally. He caught Draco's eyes, and silently said to quit it. Thankfully, Draco got the message and stop looking nervously toward the middle of the library.

"Yes, that's Draco. He's…not comfortable around books." It was a lame excuse, he knew it, but what else could he say? That his brother was uncomfortable around the library because it was sitting right on top of the Hellmouth, oh which by the way they could feel? Oh, that would go over well, and pave the way for a lot of questions that he didn't want to answer. Thankfully, Giles seemed to believe it.

"Here you go, young man." Giles passed a large blue book into Harry's arms.

"It's Harry." Taking the book, he paused. "There was something else too…"


Harry caught up with Draco outside of the library. After getting the book from Giles, he had asked for what would be a good book for one of his classes to do a report on. That had sparked a bunch of books and their descriptions from Giles and from there had led to more. Draco, getting bored and feeling rather hungry, had tried to convey the message that he wanted to eat, NOW, by flashing his deadly puppy eyes at Harry (while Giles' back was turned of course) and acting like he was eating something with a fork. Finally, when Draco thought that the lunch hour would be over before Harry stopped talking, Harry got it and had said goodbye for the time being to Giles. Draco knew that he would probably be going back to continue the conversation. Harry hated having conversations interrupted before they could be finished. If that happened, he usually tried to finish it.

There were only about twenty minutes left and they headed back toward the cafeteria. Grabbing a tray and loading it with veggies and fruit, and of course dessert, Harry paid for it. Draco raised his eyebrow when Harry completely avoided the main dish of the day, burritos, and wondered why. Harry, for some strange reason, loved burritos. Why would he skip it and go straight to the salad bar? Draco grew suspicious and skipped it too.

They went to sit at a table, and were waved over to another by Buffy. They had a good lunch. There was a bunch of teasing of Draco, which Harry of course initiated and a lot of promised paybacks by Draco. For some reason, Willow and Buffy had also skipped the burritos. Draco was definitely glad he had too, because later he found out why.

After lunch, there were a lot of embarrassing moments, much worse than normal. Then a strange thing happened. People's hair started to turn bright green. Not a dark green, but a green that would glow in the dark. And glow in the dark it did. The first time it happened was when the Black brothers were walking to their next class, the second after lunch, when they saw a kid come out of the boy's bathroom. It was one of the football players, one of the stars on the team. Well, there was a lot of sniggering and some open laughter as soon as the kid came out of the door. The football player saw the laughing and had no idea what was going on, until one of his buddies pointed out that his hair had turned bright green, sniggering the whole time. By this time, Harry was almost rolling on the floor with laughter. He wasn't the only one. It wasn't one of the best days that the player would later remember. The bad thing was, the color stayed for about two months.

He wasn't the only one. It was found out that everyone; literally everyone that had eaten the burritos had their hair turn bright glow-in-the-dark green. For two months. The culprit was never found, even though Snyder turned the school over looking for them. The burritos were, of course, tested and it was found out that a very large amount of food coloring had been put into the burritos. Every ingredient, the meat, the cheese, and the shell, was basically soaked but looked normal to those that had lined up in the cafeteria to get it.

Principle Snyder, due to an accident that had destroyed his lunch (not an accident though), had told one of the secretaries bring him a lunch. They had picked the cafeteria that day. The burritos that he ate that day were loaded with more green dye than all of the others.

Four months later, his hair finally recovered.


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