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And Andy Makes Three, pt. 4

Three hours and several thousand dollars later, an exhausted Brennan returned to the lab while Booth headed over to her apartment to await delivery of the larger items and start putting things together. She headed straight to her office, hoping to avoid a heart-to-heart with Angela at least for now. This whole situation had happened so fast, she felt like her world had been knocked off its axis. In a matter of hours, she was going to be responsible for a little boy. Whether it was a temporary or permanent situation, the fact remained that he was going to depend on her for everything and all she kept thinking was how he deserved so much better than she was going to be able to give him.

Sure financially and intellectually, she was as good a candidate for parenthood as anyone else in her age group. It was the emotional aspect she was worried about. She was well aware of her own limitations and deficiencies, but how would her inadequacies impact Andy's life? And without Booth there to drag her out of her office at reasonable hours, she had been known to work well into the night. What if she got so wrapped up in a case that she lost track of time and Andy felt neglected? These were all issues that she was going to have to deal with. And if she couldn't find satisfactory answers, there was no way that she'd be able to keep him.

"Hey sweetie, " Angela called softly from the doorway, noticing her friend's contemplative expression. "You guys get everything you need?"

"I would hope so considering the sheer amount of stuff that we loaded into the SUV," Brennan responded wryly. "Booth took it all back to the apartment to get things set up and wait for the deliveries."

"Wow, they're delivering stuff on the same day you ordered it? That's impressive."

"Not really, it just costs extra."

"So how excited is Agent Hot Stuff?" Angela asked, taking a seat on Brennan's couch with a smile.

Just remembering the expression on Booth's face as they went up and down the aisles in the baby store made her smile widely. "There aren't words to describe it Ange. He was a happier shopper today than you are when we shop for shoes."

"Wow, that's hardcore happy there, Bren."

"I know. He knew exactly what we'd need now versus later, what the best brands were, all that stuff that I would've had no clue about. I couldn't have done any of it without him."

"It would've gotten done, you just probably would've sent an intern to pick up stuff Bren. This way though, you got to have some fun. Did you get some cute outfits?" Part of Angela really wanted to call Brennan on the 'we' her friend kept dropping unconsciously, but she was afraid if she did, her friend would panic. She needed Booth to guide her way through this and to give her the confidence that she could keep doing this and keep the baby forever. And if the process just happened to help these two ridiculously stubborn people find their way to each other, who was she to complain?

"Of course that's what you think of first," Brennan laughed. "Yes, we got him some outfits, although I have to say I'm a bit concerned about the patterns they put on these clothes. Anything deemed 'boy' appropriate either had trucks on it, or bears, which in reality would eat the child, or sports. That much gender conditioning and stereotyping at such an early age is disturbing!"

"Bren, people are just trying to dress their baby cute and maybe help people know if it's a boy or a girl by the colors and patterns they wear. It has nothing to do with who the kids will grow up to be."

"Still, it seems a bit ridiculous."

"So after the bickering was over, what did you decide on?" Angela said with a smirk. She could just imagine the arguing back and forth over the inaccuracy of having bears on onesies or the macho overtones of dressing a baby in clothes adorned with large vehicles. She wished she'd thought of following along just to see them shop and listen to them talk.

"Dinosaurs." Brennan mumbled.

"Really?" Angela said, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

"Yes, it was the least restrictive of the choices. I mean, how could a little child be interested in trucks and he can't even feed himself yet, so sports seemed rather ridiculous…"

"And we know how you feel about bears."

"It's wholly inappropriate around children, Angela."

"Yeah, yeah, I hear you. But why dinosaurs?"

"Well Booth pointed out that since Andy was bound to be around the Jeffersonian, he would be around actual dinosaurs skeletons, something that most little boys wouldn't have the opportunity to do. And even though an actual dinosaur would have eaten a small child, there aren't any around now so its acceptable for them to be interested in the species from a purely scientific point of view."

"Oh, okay." Angela had to bite the inside of her mouth to keep from laughing out loud. Boy, Booth sure was smooth. He knew exactly which argument would be able to break through to her best friend.

"Dr. Brennan?" Maxine Ellis stood in the doorway to the office, drawing their attention to her and the little boy squirming in her arms. "I think someone's pretty excited to see you."

Without thinking, Brennan got out of her chair, crossed to the doorway and settled Andy onto her hip the moment he reached out to her. "Hey little man." She said softly, running a hand across his hair and settling a small kiss on his forehead. "You ready for me?"

Immediately upon being in Brennan's arms, Andy's squirming stopped. At the sound of her voice, looked up at her, mesmerized and reached up one hand to touch her face.