The rockslide seemed like slow motion and, at the same time really, really fast. These things shouldn't be possible, but then again, this is Pegasus.

Nobody expected it, unless you count Rodney, who'd been complaining since they entered the cave. He was quiet now-- being half-buried under a mountain of rock will do that to you.

As John dragged himself over to Rodney, he knew there were better places to die, but he couldn't think of any. Hell, it was probably considered better not to die at all.

He didn't know if Ronon and Teyla had made it back to Atlantis yet. He didn't know if the rescue team could clear the rocks or just get trapped themselves. But because of the shortness of breath he was already experiencing and the way Rodney lay so still and cold that showed John he wasn't 'just sleeping,' he did know this: it didn't matter how fast help got there, it wouldn't be fast enough to save them.

John held Rodney close and kissed his forehead lightly. Maybe it was the hypoxia, but he felt at peace. The last thing he muttered was "Even so, it is well with my soul."


A/N: The song this story was based on and used in is called "It is Well With my Soul," written by Horatio G. Spafford.