I told you so...

"...Enziguri, enziguri, into the corner, baseball slide n' hesitation alright?" Chris nodded at his partner. "Alright, we're good. It's gonna be good." Alex smiled, trying to make the best of the situation. They were scheduled to lose to Beer Money. Again.

"How long have we got, man?" Chris asked, stretching out his arms. "We're on after knockouts." Chris rolled his eyes. Mid-card. Again.

They walked over to the face ramp, joining the small group of people gathered around a large flat screen monitor, showing the match unfolding out in the ring. In short, Kong was beating the shit out of everyone. Again.

Alex struck up a conversation with Jay, they were about to go into a feud with 'Lethal Consequences' in the next few weeks.

Chris sighed, looking up to the monitor. Kong threw Angelina across the ring by her hair. "Shit." He turned to look around, to see where the voice came from.

His eyes widened a little bit. It was a petite girl, one he hadn't seen before around these parts. Dark hair, dark eyes, she was watching the match with concern.

"She's a beast, huh?" Chris smiled down at her.
She turned to look at him with hostility, before her eyes softened, seeing the small smile on his face and those sweet blue eyes she couldn't possibly tell him to screw off. "Yeah.. Glad I'm not in there, is all."

Chris smiled, nodding. "Haven't seen you around before." He said, eyes going back to the monitor to see Velvet thrown over the top rope. She hesitated for a moment, I mean, she didn't know this guy, she didn't need to tell him shit. "I work.. Worked for ROH."

He stuck his hand out, smiling. "I'm Chris Sabin." She smiled back, her dimples showing in the middle of her cheeks. He almost felt weak in the knees. She slid her hand into his, shaking it lightly. "Brody. Brody Will-"

She was cut off before she could finish he heard that old machine gun fire that signaled that he was needed in the ring. Like, now. "Duty calls." He sighed, dropping her hand.

He turned to nod at his best friend and in ring partner, following toward the curtain. Before he could reach out to pull the fabric back to step out into the view of the crowd, a hand pushed on his chest, and backed him into the wall. He looked at the woman with an eyebrow cocked, he had never had any problems with her before.

"Yes, Angelina?"
"Stay the fuck away from my sister."