This ones for TJ Sparkles, who's messages have kept me sane.

"You sure you don't want me to drive, babe?"

The question fell on deaf ears. It was Christmas eve, it was snowing, and Brody was going at least 40 over the speed limit. Chris could already tell she was on edge yesterday. She smiled and played the adoring girlfriend in front of Taylor but he could just tell (mostly because Ange had told him) she wasn't happy about the angle. And of course, where they were headed didn't help her bitter mood either.

"We're here." She spoke, swinging the car into a clear driveway on the left side of the road.
"Whoa." Chris' mouth hang open, looking over the house. "Look Chris, I know you're all psyched and whatever to be meeting my family but you have to understand-" "That you're loaded?" "Chris, pay attention."

She pushed his face to look at her instead of at her childhood home. "My Mom-" "Yeah, I know- she's young." Brody sighed, ever since she'd agreed to let him come home with her for Christmas eve the previous night he'd been bouncing around like a little kid. "No, Chris-" He looked back to the house as he heard the front door open. "My Mom-" "IS HOT!" Chris exclaimed, looking at the almost too young brunette, waving at them from the door. "Chris!" Brody yelled. "What?" he grinned, turning to lay a kiss on his girlfriends cheek. "Now I can see where you get it from-" He finished the sentence with a long kiss on the lips, before racing out of the car and slamming the door shut behind him.

Brody groaned. Fuckin' charmer.
"Baby!" The older woman grinned, her hands slipping out of her too-tight-for-a-mom jeans to wave at them. "Hiya, Mother." Brody smiled, leading Chris up the garden path to say hello.

"Chris, this is my mother-"
"Oh, that makes me sound so old! Please, call me Marie." She smiled at him as he stepped forward to shake her hand. He stuck it out, but Marie just laughed. "Oh, silly! We hug in this house!" She grinned, wrapping her too-tight-for-a-mom sweater covered arms around him, squeezing him oh-so tight. Brody covered her face in embarrassment, and Chris didn't know where to look. His face was inches from his girlfriends mothers boobs, his girlfriend wasn't happy and his hands were dangerously close to grabbing ass.

"Oh! It's so good to finally meet you!" Marie grinned, pulling back to catch her breath then going in for another hug. Chris had to laugh. "You too, M-Marie." "Oh, we never thought Buttercup would ever date again after Phil-" "MOM, shouldn't you get back to the cooking- I smell something burning." Brody snapped. "Oh! The turkey! Could I ask for a hand from your hunky boyfriend?" Marie smiled, linking her arm with Chris'

"I'll be right in Marie, just give me a sec with our Buttercup here." Chris smiled warmly, earning a girlish giggle from a now blushing Marie. She walked inside, closing the front door as Sabin leaned into his girlfriend. "Your mothers very friendly." He whispered in her ear, planting a kiss below it.

Brody lay a hand on his chest to push him away. "If your not careful you might end up my step-dad." Chris laughed, wrapping his arms around her waist. "Oh babe, you're being dramatic!" She sighed, trying to pull away from him. "Let me go Chris, I just wanna get this over with." She groaned as she dodged his attempts to kiss her.

"One kiss, then inside." He spoke with his full lips puckered out.
She sighed, rolling her eyes. "Fine." She huffed, as if she didn't enjoy kissing him.

She lent up, letting him plant a long kiss on his lips.
As she pulled away he smiled triuphantly but could see she just wasn't happy.

"Hey." He stated, trying to catch her eyes- she was looking eerywhere but him.
"What?" She asked, finally looking up into his crystal blue eyes.

He smiled sweetly. "I love you."