When Kent heard there was to be a triad wedding, it seemed like it was only a matter of minutes before the entire town knew. People were stopping the three on the streets and offering congratulations. Draco seemed very sceptical of the kind people, but Lucius had had a little more time to adjust and always responded kindly, if a little officiously.

Kent's wife, Marta, had apparently been aghast when she'd heard that Hermione, Draco, and Lucius planned to be married at the town hall in their normal robes. She immediately set to designing Hermione's gown and dress robes for the men, because she, of course, was a seamstress, among many other things. Hermione had asked Kent and Marta to be witnesses for the wedding, and Marta had cried and cried, even though she'd only met Hermione once before, to take her measurements. Even Kent got a little shiney-eyed, but he'd managed to keep it together.

"Are you sure this is how you want to do this?" Draco asked for the fifth time that day. The wedding was scheduled for five in the evening, and Kent was due to pick Hermione up and take her back to his house to get dressed in half an hour. Hermione had wanted to get dressed with her men, but Marta had kicked up a Molly-esque fuss, and they'd all decided it wasn't worth it.

"I'd marry you underwater if it meant we'd surface as husband and wife," Hermione said earnestly. She tugged on a silver-blond lock and grinned.

"Would you be wearing that sexy black swimsuit?" Draco asked quietly, eyes intent.

Hermione laughed. "We don't have time for your seductions, Draco!"

"Half an hour is more than enough time," Draco rejoined.

"Ah, to be a young man again, thinking thirty minutes is all it takes," Lucius said, entering the hotel room along with a burst of icy air. And Marta had suggested they have an outdoor wedding!

Draco pouted. "I could do a lot of good in thirty minutes."

"There, there," Hermione said teasingly, patting his hand.

"Draco, can I speak with you a moment?" Lucius asked in an official sort of voice.

Hermione frowned. She didn't like being kept in the dark, and for the past two days, Draco and Lucius had seemed to be planning something. She scowled at them, but they paid her no notice.

As they spoke in low tones to one another, Hermione put on her coat, scarf, and mittens. Kent's general store had been a Merlin-send, as they just hadn't been prepared for the sub-zero temperatures.

"Hermione, come with us a moment, won't you?" Lucius said, holding his hand out.

With raised eyebrows, Hermione took his hand. "What's going on?" she asked.

"Just… trust us."

There was, of course, no question that she did, so she let them lead her out of the room and behind the hotel. There was a footpath she hadn't noticed before, probably because of all the snow, but there were enough footprints to make the way a little easier.

"Want me to carry you?" Draco asked, nudging her with his shoulder and making her lurch off the path.

"I'll be okay if you cut that out!" she cried, taking huge steps to get back on the trail. She took a running leap at Draco, hoping to knock him backwards, but he barely budged, catching her in his arms and spinning her around so he only had to let go for her to fall into the cold stuff.

"Draco, please!" she said urgently. "Lucius, help!"

"I don't think so," Lucius said, smiling back at them. "Didn't we agree not to force each other to choose sides?"

"This hardly counts!" Hermione yelped as Draco feigned dropping her before his arms tightened. He lifted her back up and kissed her softly on the mouth. His lips were icy, and she gave a moment's effort to warm them up.

Then she noticed that Lucius' lips looked a little blue as well, so she extended her humanitarianism to warming him up as well.

"Come on, we don't have much time," Draco said, grabbing Hermione's hand and dragging her onward.

They trudged along for a few moments before finally stopping in a small clearing, surrounding by trees with limbs heavy with ice. The sun was already beginning to set, and the snow was glittering with the lazy strands of light.

"Here?" Draco asked quietly, and Lucius nodded.

"I'm not taking my clothes off, if that's what you two have in mind," Hermione warned, feeling a little unnerved.

"Hush, you," Draco said. He threw his hand up in a sweeping gesture, and Hermione gasped as they were suddenly ensconced in a dome of snow. The fluttering flakes came up from the ground to surround them, and with a similar gesture from Lucius, the snow was swirling around them. They were in a moving bubble of snow. It was beautiful.

And warm.

"How…?" Hermione began, but then all questions froze as Lucius dropped to one knee before her. She noticed only peripherally that Draco had moved behind her, and she unconsciously leaned against him as Lucius pulled out a small box.

"Hermione Granger," Lucius began.

"Are you serious?" she gasped. "I thought we weren't doing this. I thought I'd ruined the surprise!"

"Silly Granger," Draco said teasingly. "No one ruins a Malfoy surprise."

"May I continue?"

"Oh, yes, of course," Hermione said, giving him her attention. Her heart was racing—she didn't mind not having the big wedding, but she'd be lying if she didn't admit thinking about that perfect proposal.

"Hermione, you have given me so many gifts that I wouldn't even know where to begin. It seems strange to call you my own, but I finally see that you are mine, as I am yours. Would you do me the honour of being my wife?"

Hermione couldn't help it—she laughed. Lucius sat patiently as she laughed until her cheeks felt wet. There was something so bizarre and yet unaccountably perfect about marrying Lucius and Draco. If someone had told her a year ago… well, she would have laughed, then, too.

"Yes," she said seriously a moment later, though tears of both mirth and joy glittered on her cheeks like the snow that whirled around them. "Yes, of course."

Lucius stood and opened the ring box. Hermione was speechless as he placed the large rectangular diamond on her ring finger. It was ostentatious and completely over-the-top, but it was the most beautiful ring she'd ever seen.

She eyed it happily for a moment before throwing herself at Lucius, making him stumble back into the dome for a moment before Draco pulled them both back. She kissed Lucius hard on the mouth, insinuating her tongue into his mouth immediately. He kissed her back with fervour, biting her lower lip when she went to pull away.

"I love you, you know," she whispered, stretching her fingers to feel the ring there.

"And I, you."

Draco cleared his throat and Hermione turned, smiling. Her eyes widened when she saw he had another black box in his hand, and he was grinning broadly.

As she faced Draco, Lucius mimicked Draco's movement and pulled her back against his chest as Draco began to speak.

"Granger," he said, eyes twinkling. He took a deep breath and paused dramatically. "You're not so bad after all."

Hermione laughed breathlessly as he opened the box. His ring was identical to Lucius'. Confused, she let Draco take her left hand and slide the ring down her already crowded finger. The new ring slid beside the other, and side-by-side, they made the largest square-cut diamond ring she'd ever seen.

"Oh, it's perfect," she whispered. "Draco, thank you."

Tears were smearing her vision, and she reached out blindly for him. Kissing him softly, she thought about how far they'd all come, and how amazing it was to be a part of something so… perfect. Flawed, but perfect. Funny how contradictions like that didn't matter when you were in love.

When Draco pulled away from the kiss, his grey eyes were a little brighter than usual. He smiled at his father and said, "I think we surprised her."

Lucius said, "And shall continue to do so, one hopes."

Hermione laughed as her mitten got caught on her huge ring. "One always hopes," she whispered, watching the dome softly fall and the sun disappear through the mess of trees.


There was no aisle in the courthouse.

For some reason, that surprised Hermione. The few times she had pictured herself getting married, there had always been an aisle to walk down, slowly, possibly with her father on her arm.

But she didn't really mind. How could she, when she was standing between Draco and Lucius, facing the minister and hearing the words that would begin the rest of her life.

It was a simple ceremony, of course. Though she wore the long white dress Marta had painstakingly created, there was no other hint that a wedding was happening. Marta and Kent sat in the front row, Marta crying openly, from what Hermione could hear.

Lucius squeezed her hand and Hermione jolted a little, surprised to have been woolgathering at such an important event.

"Do you, Hermione Granger, take Draco Malfoy to be your husband, through hardship and triumph, through strength and weakness, through life and death?"

"I do," she whispered, meeting Draco's eyes with a wide smile. Draco slowly slid a simple white gold wedding band over her finger, where it snugly settled against the band of the engagement ring, beneath the flawless diamond. She placed a thicker band over his slender ring finger, beaming all the while.

Both her men were looking very solemn and serious, and she wondered if pure-blood ceremonies were not a thing of joy like Muggle weddings were. But then Draco smiled shakily as he drew in a stilted breath, and Hermione realised he'd actually be afraid of what she'd say. Her fingers tightened on his hand as he repeated the vows back to her, his voice clear and steady though his grip was tremulous.

"And do you, Hermione, take Lucius Malfoy to be your husband, through hardship and triumph, through strength and weakness, through life and death?"

"I do."

And Lucius did, too. Another ring made its home on his hand, thicker still than Draco's and looking utterly at home on his pale finger.

It was a little strange to hear the minister 'marry' Lucius and Draco, though he used the word 'partner' rather than husband. And Hermione knew that's what it was between them: a partnership. They would raise their children as one, fight battles together, face the world as a united front.

When Draco and Lucius both said their final 'I do's to one another, the minister touched Hermione's shoulder with his wand, and she gasped as she felt raw magic surge through her, culminating where her hands joined with Lucius and Draco.

For a moment, she could hear their thoughts. More than that, she could feel their thoughts, in the way one felt one's own thoughts, thinking in impressions and shards rather than full sentences.

Draco was happyscaredshy, and his heart hurt a little. Lucius was proudexcitedanxious, and he desperately wanted to give Draco a hug.

White ribbons of magic bound their hands together as Hermione watched with breathless laughter. She could see the minister's mouth moving, but there was no noise around her.

There was barely an instant between her thinking she wanted to kiss them and finding her arms full of both Malfoys. Draco's arms surrounded her and Lucius' lips crashed against hers, entirely too voracious to be called decent. And then Lucius pulled away to be replaced by Draco in a seamless transition that would be repeated again and again throughout their lives. Draco's lips were soft and gentle.

And then Lucius' proud feeling got stronger and stronger until Draco pulled away from the kissed and grabbed his father into his arms. Lucius seemed almost shocked at first, but he folded his son into a tight embrace, kissing his temple and smiling freely at Hermione. It wasn't a smile she'd seen a lot, and she was so glad it had made an appearance on their wedding day.

Almost shyly, Draco kissed Lucius on the cheek—the exchange of kisses was necessary, they'd been told by the minister, but Draco looked pleased to do it.

Hermione pretended not to notice Lucius' blush.

The triad signed the marriage certificate, Draco with trembling fingers, and the same white ribbons that had bound their hands now wound around the document before it disappeared, ostensibly to be filed at the Ministry.

Then the minister finally said, "I now pronounce you husband and husband and wife. I'd say you may kiss, but…"

Hermione didn't care that they'd jumped that gun—she wanted her kisses. And she got them, again and again, long after the minister left the room and after Kent and Marta gave embarrassed, unanswered congratulations.

The three easily Apparated outside the hotel room, and they entered in a sort of daze.

"Feels a little strange, doesn't it?" Draco asked, spinning the ring on his finger.

"It does," Hermione confirmed. "Are we going home tonight?"

Lucius sighed. "Home," he said in a nostalgic voice, as if he'd been away for years instead of days. "That sounds like a brilliant idea."

"I don't exactly fancy spending my first night as a married man in some sleazy hotel room, either," Draco said, directing his belongings to pack themselves. A moment later, as an afterthought, he packed for Hermione and Lucius as well.

"It's not sleazy," Hermione protested automatically, feeling defensive of the place she felt had given her so much.

But Draco continued on as if he hadn't heard her. "And that way we'll wake up ready for the party tomorrow."

Hermione groaned. "It's going to be a disaster, isn't it?"

"Of course," Draco said cheerfully. "And you'll love every minute of it."


The cross-ocean Apparition—not to mention the tearful good-byes and promises of visits and owls from Kent and Marta—exhausted all of them, though not as much as it would have before they'd benefitted from the triad's power. Hermione wasn't surprised to see that both men had Apparated directly into Lucius' bedroom before she showed up in the same place.

"Tired," she said pitifully, brushing out the wrinkles from her dress. Her bag ended up haphazardly on the floor, but there would be plenty of time to deal with things like that much, much later. Perhaps never.

"Come, pet," Lucius murmured, holding an arm out for her. She walked easily into the embrace, curling her arms around his neck as Draco completed the embrace from behind her.

"My husbands," she said happily. She reached up to tug on one of Lucius' long strands of white-blond hair, but he caught her hand and pressed a kiss to her palm.

"Our wife," he whispered, kissing her softly.

She'd grown so used to Lucius' half-ferocious kisses that the softness of this one left her a little speechless, if not quite as breathless as usual. Draco contented himself with sighing into her hair, but a moment later, his face became heavier against her neck, and she realised he could barely stay on his feet.

"Draco, get into bed," she said softly.

He obeyed after a moment, only opening his mouth to argue, but closing it immediately afterward. He undressed without flair and crawled into the huge bed, fairly disappearing beneath the fluffy duvet.

"Not exactly a romantic wedding night," she said, a little embarrassed. She was too tired, both mentally and magically, to even consider the things they usually got up to.

"We have a lifetime of perfect nights ahead of us," Lucius whispered. He pressed a kiss to her temple and unlaced the back of her dress. When it was loosened enough, he helped her step out of it and then undressed himself. "Let tonight just be enjoyed as the last calm night we'll have in quite some time."

Hermione wanted to groan again at the inference to the party. All and sundry had been invited, but there hadn't been time for RSVPs, so Hermione had no idea who would be showing up. She didn't want to know. Ignorance was truly bliss when it came to the melding of all things Granger and Malfoy.

Draco sleepily pulled back the blankets, and Hermione crawled in, followed by Lucius. There was barely time for entangling limbs before the three fell fast asleep.


"Great party, 'Mione!" Harry shouted over the din.

"What?" she yelled. The part of the hall was set up as the dance floor, and apparently hearing was an unnecessary bonus.

"The party's going really well!" Harry said, his lips moving dramatically.

"I'm getting out of here!" she said into his ear. He looked at her blankly, and she grabbed his hand and led him into the relative quiet of the 'grown-up' section of the party.

It was the only way to keep Hermione's friends from feeling uncomfortable around Lucius' friends and vice versa. Draco's friends mingled breezily between the two groups, slipping from world to world with the ease of true Slytherins.

Only Pansy Parkinson and Theodore Nott didn't join the melee in the dance room, preferring to stand by the crystal punch bowl and judge people with their eyes—especially Hermione. But she didn't mind, not with Draco casting her longing looks as Michael and Thello—or really, just Michael—demanded details of the magical ceremony. Thello looked around rather imperiously, smiling only when his eyes fell on Hermione, though he schooled his features quickly. She knew he was only too eager to play the promised game of Mario Kart, though Hermione suspected Draco would be begging off that meeting, if the heated looks he'd been sending her were any indication.

Michael and Thello had both been surprised to learn that the triad wouldn't allow them to split up without dire remonstration. Thello even asked if Hermione was sure she wanted to be bound by such a volatile bonding, though he remarked immediately after that it was too late, anyway. Hermione didn't find it very difficult to convince him that their marriage was very stable, their magic the same. She'd never felt more in tune with two people, and she'd never felt more at peace.

Michael slipped his hand into Thello's, and when Thello didn't avoid the contact as he usually did in public, Hermione knew he understand exactly what she meant. Their triad wasn't meant to be; hers was.

Lucius was talking with his colleagues from the Ministry, and Hermione was studiously avoiding that entire corner. She didn't need to see the people she used to work for, and she didn't care if any of them had a thing to say to her. She was still miffed about those four lost hours during which she'd been fraternizing. She did suspect, however, that by the satisfied look on Lucius' face and the pandering postures of his co-workers, that Lucius' promotion would not be a thing of conjecture and speculation much longer.

As long as he loved his job, Hermione didn't mind that he climbed and climbed that ladder. She and Draco had Outreach, they had a mission, and Lucius being in a position of power was only to the good for everyone. No would could pull strings like Lucius Malfoy, and strings would need to be pulled and pulled hard.

"I must be getting old," Harry said, shaking his head like a dog to clear his ears from the noise.

"Can't party like you used to?" Hermione teased. Her eyes were wary as she watched Ron approach. He hadn't said his congratulations when he'd first arrived like Harry and Ginny had, but he didn't look entirely put out, either.

"Who can't party?" said Ron, cuffing Harry on the arm and gracing Hermione with a weak smile. "Mum says… congratulations," he offered sheepishly.

"Why do I get the feeling you're paraphrasing?" Hermione had long since given up any illusions she might have had about getting on again with Molly, but as long as she had Harry and Ron, and Michael and Thello, and Ginny… and of course her husbands—Hermione shivered; her husbands—she wasn't wanting for friendship.

"She wants to understand, Hermione, really. We all do."

Ron looked ready to launch into a tirade, but surprisingly it was Draco who saved them from his opining.

"You don't have to understand, Weasley. That's not your job. Your job is to accept it. Take your cue from Potter like you always have."

Harry frowned, but Ron didn't lose his temper. He only nodded sagely as if genuinely taking Draco's advice.

"Does anyone want something to drink?" he asked a moment later as the silence stretched on.

"I'd love a champagne," Hermione said, glad to give him something to do besides stew.

As he walked away, Draco was eyeing Harry warily. "Something to say, Potter?" he asked, the familiar rivalry rising all too quickly to the fore. Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, but he smirked at her in response.

"I already offered my congratulations, right after I recovered from heart failure," Harry retorted, looking as though he had absolutely no intention of rising to whatever bait Draco was tossing about.

"We appreciate it," Draco said in a new, softer tone. Harry nodded once, and the conversation quickly shifted to their favourite topic: Quidditch video games starring none other than themselves.

Ginny came up and handed Hermione a champagne flute, tearing Hermione away from Draco and Harry, who were debating the merits of single or multi-player.

"Ron left," Ginny said as they stationed themselves against the wall. They had a perfect view of both Lucius and Draco, of which Hermione took great advantage. Lucius was looking spectacularly bored by his company, though Hermione rather thought only she and Draco could see through his charade of interest.

"Is he all right?" Hermione asked automatically, not really concerned. Like everything else, Ron would get over it. Eventually.

"He's fine. He just feels weird here, you know?" Ginny paused and then gasped. "Oh, my gods, the way that man looks at you, I feel like I'm going to burst into flames!"

"What?" Hermione said, laughing at the non sequitur.

"Your husband!"

"You'll have to be more specific," Hermione said wryly. Both her husbands were looking right at her, so she didn't know which Ginny was talking about.

"Well, I meant Lucius, but now Draco's doing the same thing! Merlin, how can you stand it?"

"I can't," Hermione said lowly, feeling heat score her body as she thought about what she'd rather be doing at that moment.

Draco caught her eyes and slowly extricated himself from his conversation with Harry, walking nonchalantly toward the hallway at the far end of the room.

Then Hermione looked to Lucius, who was watching Draco leave. His gaze turned to her, and as she watched, he, too, left for the hallway.

"Er, I have to…" Hermione trailed off, blindly handing over her champagne.

"Go," Ginny said urgently, eyes wide.

Hermione tried for casual as she crossed the floor. She was stopped a few times for congratulations, but she barely heard a word. Finally she made it to the end of the hall where the light from Lucius' study striped the floor. She opened the door almost nervously and was immediately yanked into a bruising grip.

"You look positively edible," Lucius whispered against her ear, his breath hot and insistent. Her head fell back almost instinctively, responding to the need in his tone.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Draco said huskily from behind her.

Never was a protest so far from her lips. Hermione whimpered as Draco unceremoniously hiked up her skirt and yanked down her knickers, tossing them onto Lucius' desk. He turned her so she was facing him, and he held her eyes as he slipped to his knees, immediately seeking out her swollen clit with his tongue.

Hermione made more undignified noises as Draco teased and tortured her. Lucius contented himself with exploring her body with his hands, one hand eventually moving down to part her folds for Draco. Hermione rested her weight against Lucius and just floated away with sensation.

Her hand slipped into the younger man's silken hair, but when she gripped it reflexively, Draco stopped and stood, crossing the floor to the sofa and sitting back. Hermione panted as he leisurely opened his trouser placket and stroked his cock.

The party guests and unwarded door didn't even warrant a second thought as she was drawn to Draco as if leashed.

"Sit on my cock, Granger," he said, and Hermione's quim throbbed at the command. She moved to straddle him, but he shook his head.

"Back facing me."

It took some positioning, but Hermione lowered herself onto Draco's erection, her arse against his hips and her back resting on his chest. He burned at a thousand degrees, and she knew she was no cooler.

"So full," she moaned, feeling wicked and exposed as Lucius eyed her like candy.

Draco hooked her legs over his knees so her thighs were widely parted, and she moaned desperately as he spread his legs, opening her even farther. Her feet dangled and she had no traction to move, but Draco didn't seem to mind. He slid a hand between her thighs and teased her lower lips.

"Father," he said, breath damp against Hermione's neck. "I think she could use some attention, don't you?"

And Lucius' smile was predatory as he knelt between their spread legs and his mouth met her clit.

Keening, Hermione tried to get leverage to impale herself on Draco, but he seemed perfectly content to let her squirm, though she could feel his cock throbbing within her and knew he was almost as needy as she was.

Lucius' mouth on her was making her desperate, and she was vocally grateful when Draco began to thrust into her from below, slow, deep thrusts that dragged her body against Lucius' mouth and made strange things happen to her eyesight and heartbeat.

Draco's fingers twisted her nipples harshly, and the pleasurepain made her gasp as her orgasm blindsided her, making her arch and tighten and cry out in surprised ecstasy. Draco followed her immediately, holding her body against his as he pulsed into her.

But Lucius' mouth didn't stop even as Draco's cock lost its size within her. It was only moments before she was squirming again, and Draco groaned, shifting so he slid out of her.

"Stand up," Draco said, helping her steady herself as Lucius tore his mouth away to pull her up.

Her legs only wanted to hold her for a moment, which was lucky because Draco quickly moved off the sofa and then said, "Lie on your back. Good. Open your legs. Wider. Wider. Perfect, good girl."

Blood was pounding in Hermione's ears as Lucius knelt on the sofa between her legs and immediately sank into her very slick sheath.

"Wrap your legs around him," Draco instructed, seating himself on the armchair next to the sofa and watching avidly. Hermione met his eyes, and they were almost black with lust, despite the spent condition of his prick.

"Draco," Lucius rasped as he pounded into Hermione, and Draco seemed to know what Lucius was saying even though Hermione had no clue.

"Hold her down. Arms above her head." Draco moaned softly when Lucius did as directed, and Hermione was startled at the feeling of abandon the position inspired in her.

"Harder," said Draco, and Lucius fucked her harder.

"Slower," said Draco, and Lucius' thrusts became grinds against her body.

"Kiss her." This was barely a whisper, but Lucius obeyed eagerly, and Hermione was lost, only barely hearing Draco say more commands and experiencing Lucius follow them.

"Make her come."

"Come, Hermione, my beautiful wife, my perfect wanton creature," Lucius gritted harshly against her ear, and Hermione came, soundlessly this time, overwhelmed and feeling entirely out of her own body and beyond herself.

When she came back down, Lucius was panting and resting his head against her neck. Draco was sitting with his cock in hand, stroking leisurely but seeming utterly satiated.

It was nearly an hour later when Hermione felt steady enough to clean herself up and straighten her dress.

It was another thirty minutes before she even suggested going back to the party.

And it was fifteen more when Lucius and Draco let themselves be convinced to join her.


"It was a good party," Hermione noted, speaking softly as if raising her voice would disturb the utter perfection of the moment.

They were all lying in Lucius' bed, which had become their bed by unspoken accord, discussing the events of the party they'd shut the doors to only moments before.

Hermione was exhausted, her feet ached, her jaw was sore from smiling, and she'd never been happier in her entire life.

"One to remember," Draco agreed, trailing his fingers along Hermione's side. His fingers grazed over Lucius' hand, which was resting proprietarily on her waist.

Hermione's eyes fell closed as she whispered goodnight to her two loves. Thinking about how lucky she'd become in this life was enough to make her fall apart, so all she could do was accept it, earn it, and give it back.

"Goodnight, pet," Lucius murmured against her shoulder, which he kissed softly before the pillow sagged a little as he rested his head.

"Sweet dreams, Granger," Draco said. He kissed her lips and whispered a good night to his father as well, which was reciprocated in a mumble and a touch of Lucius' fingers to Draco's cheek. His wedding band glinted a little in the dim light, and Hermione flexed her hand to feel her own wedding ring. It was heavy, yes, but not hard. Never that.

Some things, Hermione thought as her eyes finally fell closed and she mentally reached out for the parts of her mind that were Lucius and Draco, really do change.


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