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"Are you ok?"

I half turned my head when I heard Prowl talking softly to Jazz. My priority was to tend to Optimus now that we back at the base. However, my Prime would have to wait as I my services were obviously needed to tend to an obviously injured mech who was being stubborn enough to try and hide his pain.

"Just lay there, I'll be right back," I ordered Optimus. "I mean…move and I weld your hot red aft to the berth."

Jazz cursed, grimacing, clutching his chest. Then his knees suddenly buckled as he lost consciousness. Luckily Prowl had a good reflexes and grabbed hold of his bondmate keeping Jazz from falling to the floor.

"Ratchet!" Prowl called as I was already rushing towards them.

"On the berth, now!" I ordered, pointing at the nearest medical berth Prowl was standing by. I started my medical scans immediately, not waiting for the berth scanner to begin. Almost instant an alert went off. "Why are special ops mechs such a pain in my aft!"


"Either shut up or leave so I can do my job," I growled, inserting a cable into the port in Jazz's neck and quickly injected the nanites along with a powerful sedative that would keep a mech with Jazz's special talents out. I watched their progress on the berth's medical monitor.

"He's bleeding internally?" Prowl asked, his normally stoic face full of concern.

"A ruptured energon line. Probably when Optimus errr, I mean Elita's forearm smashed into his chest or the impact with the ground when he landed. Regardless, the nanites will mend line and clean up the mess just fine without me having to open him up. The good news is his sternum was only deeply bruised. If he'd been cracked the damaged could have been far worse."

Prowl nodded, his doorwings twitched slightly in distress.

"He'll be on medical leave for a week. He'll be sore for most of that time so no transforming, no spark merging either. I'm going to keep him in the medical bay for a twenty-four hour observation period to be safe."

"I understand. Thank you, Ratchet," Prowl replied, his calm expression returning. "Will you contact me when Jazz is awake?"

"Of course. I'll have all medical reports done by then as well."


With that I left Jazz not caring if Prowl lingered a little longer or not. Optimus' scan was complete so I quickly looked for any anomalies as I made my way back to him…or her. Frag this situation is giving me a processor ach.

"Don't make that face," I growled at Optimus. "I don't care that you're in a femme's body I still recognize that face. You're not Primus, Optimus. You can't protect everyone."

"But I can control my own..."

"Will you stop it!" I shouted. "Primus almighty, how many dents in your head does it take?"

"My apologies."

I groaned, covering my optics.

"Optimus you are my Prime but you are also my friend," I said in earnest. "I will not hesitate to smack some sense into you even if you're in a femmes body!"

"Very well, you win, Ratchet," he smiled.

"Of course, I always win. Now, to ease your conscience, Jazz will be fine. You, in your current condition, are doing well as is the sparkling. Your systems are a little stressed out from your high grade binge, joyriding escapade but no harm has been done. Now, since you and Elita are on medical leave, I suggest you take this time to teach Elita how to control her strength while she's occupying your body before she does anymore damage. I'll stop by later to make sure you're both still alive."

"That's comforting," Optimus snorted.

"Just get going, youngling," I chuckled.

After Optimus left, I checked on Jazz and saw the nanites were nearly finished with their work and his self repair systems were dealing with the bruising now.

"Sir. Ironhide sent a message to remind you about Jetfire," First Aid said as I was entering my office.

"Right," I mused and then smirked. "Get my newest apprentice."

"You are just too cruel at times, Sir," First Aid chuckled.

"It's the least that fragging Jetfire deserves. Maybe next time he'll actually use his processor and think about what he's doing to Optimus."

"You honestly believe that will work?"

"No. But at least I get some satisfaction in the fact that I get to watch the mech squirm while my apprentice learns about wings. The tech manuals can only teach a bot so much. Hands on experience is the best method after all."

Up next Optimus and Elita have a chat.