The wormhole was closed … at least for the time being … but since nobody knew if in another 100 years it would open up again and they would have to return to destroy the planet so the problem could never arise again, that Draugar problem on Enin they had to solve came first.

Though the damage had been as extensive as they had anticipated the repairs of the ship had gone well, the Defiant was an extremely fine ship. After finally leaving the Manoso nebula it took them mere hours to get everything to work again but they weren't able to seal the hull breach properly and so everything faster than warp 1.3 would compromise the ship's integrity; they wouldn't reach Enin as soon as they had originally calculated. They had informed Tyr and Carlos about the change in plans … they would land and start the offensive without them and agreed that maybe them being a backup wasn't that bad at all.

The slow journey gave Hope time to tend to some other projects she had in mind and so she was fumbling with the communicators she intended to use in the fight; she had never liked the earpieces they currently used, she'd prefer something in the line of a combadge and above all she wanted something she was able to locate if they got separated.

She still wasn't used to her new vision and instead of implanting the tiny power cell inside the little device she held in her hand she dropped it on the floor where it … of course … rolled underneath a workstation, just out of her reach. Trying to retrieve it from under there her butt stood high up in the air and she was cursing the damn little thing to hell and back when she felt Riddick behind instead of actually hearing him come in; no opening of the door had indicated his arrival since they didn't close the doors of the engine room anymore as the light in there was as dim as in the rest of the ship.

"Is there anything I can help you with? Not that I don't enjoy the sight."

"Riddick, shove it!" she warned him; she was pissed and so not in the mood for what he suggested. "I'm not able to do my job with this Barbie vision! It's driving me crazy!" she wined up to him.

But Riddick wasn't really paying attention. Her kneeling in front of him gave him quite some ideas … he was horny as hell again; he could fuck her ten times a day and it wouldn't be even remotely enough. They had lots of sex under normal circumstances but now it seemed as if it had gotten completely out of control. They had tried really hard to pass time until they'd reach Enin with hours of workout, pre-mission business, equipment check, gear check, but nothing they did was enough to keep the restlessness at bay. The adrenaline, the readiness to combat had never subsided since their fight with the Draugar ship and both of them were on the edge. Sex was a good outlet to prevent them from going for their mutual throats and the air was constantly filled with sexual tension.

"I can think of a lot of jobs you can still do!" his voice was thick with sexual innuendo.

"Would you stop doing that?" Her face heated up at the picture his suggestion painted in her head.

He seemed to consider it…for a very brief moment. "Well, I could … but where would be the fun in that?"

"Can it, Riddick" she huffed, but her anger was already mixed with arousal … two bodies, one wavelength.

"Come on, I could help you. I could hand you the … tools."

Hope looked up to him, a wicked grin on her face. "Tools, huh? Do you use THAT tool from time to time or is it just for decoration? You definitely could hand me that tool." she nodded in the direction of his already enormous erection and the smile she gave him was pure sin.

"Well, I do use it but it's a very special tool, can't just let anybody use it."

The bulge in his trousers told her that he was absolutely interested in using THAT tool. "I see. And if I promise to take really good care of it?" Her hands had already started to open the buttons of his fly and a second later his dick literally sprang in her face. She couldn't tell how often she had seen him by now but it was still mesmerizing … a sight to behold … thick, at least 10 inches long, a beautiful masterpiece of male anatomy. And it was hers, all hers. Her mouth watered at the sight and the tip of her tongue danced across her lips, she couldn't wait to take him into her mouth, to swallow as much of him as she could.

He watched her tongue as she licked her way up to the tip of his cock, circled it and went down again. Hope, in front of him, down on her knees, looking up to him with that sinful smile and the hungry and … was that maybe even a tad of an adoring expression on her beautiful face? … was a sight he didn't get to see very often. Not that she didn't use her mouth on him, on the contrary, she loved to suck his dick, but kneeling in front of him … she didn't go down on him very often and that gave it quite an extra touch.

Her hand glided up and down his shaft while her tongue caressed his balls, outlining them before taking them in, releasing them ever so slowly and then repeating the action. Not for a second did her tongue stop driving him crazy; if she'd continue with that he wouldn't last long … and wouldn't that be a shame? She seemed to have sensed how winded up he already was and with a final lick she abandoned them so she could get back to the main dish.

Half a year ago he would not have been patient enough to let her have her way but he was now and judging by the gleam in her eyes he knew it would be good … more than good; he intended to savor the pleasure her mouth gave him to the dregs. Her lips brushed only lightly against his dick as she went up, her breath on his wet skin sent shivers of pure pleasure through his spine. He growled when her teeth scraped gently over the tip. 'Yes, Babe that's it!'

She had her right hand wrapped around the base of his length and her left hand fondled his balls, caressing them while her tongue swirled around the head of his dick, licking up the drops of precum that were glistening there with gusto. Her gaze never left his when she finally took him into her mouth, warm and moist it enveloped him like a silken glove and he didn't even try to hold back the groan that escaped his throat. Her hands caressed his ass and in that moment he would have done anything she'd asked for, he was as close to heaven as a sinner like him could ever be.

And then she lowered her head, took as much of him in as she could. It was pure bliss watching her … bliss and agony all at the same time … He wanted to see all of her face, wanted to watch his dick gliding in and out of her mouth and so he brushed the strands of hair out of her face that tried to hide too much of her. Her eyes were half closed and she looked like she was enjoying it as much as he did.

She definitely knew how he liked it, knew when she had to suck harder, knew when he craved to be taken in even more, did everything to drive him out of his mind, to make his knees go weak and make him grab the edge of the workstation to steady himself. He was ready to explode when she released him.

"Not yet, Riddick, I want you to lean back and relax." She licked up his length with a perky smile in her eyes.

'Relax? What the fu…' And then it dawned on him … he couldn't believe it … she had quoted him! Payback … that was payback! Of the special kind. That little minx had it all planned out! 'Sometimes payback wasn't a bitch at all,' he thought 'payback was … fuck …' and then he stopped thinking at all when she took him into her mouth for the second time.

She took her time, worked him slowly, let him glide in and out in an agonizing slow pace, her hand on the base of his cock followed the movements of her head, her other hand did magic on his balls. "Fuck, babe …" He wasn't too proud to tell her what he wanted. His hands were fisted in her hair, it was hard to not set the pace, to not fuck her mouth, pound into her like he craved to until he came.

Eventually she took mercy on him and took him in until he was touching the back of her throat. Her sucking got greedier by the minute … tasting and touching him like that, seeing him that aroused had her totally wet and horny herself. She caressed with her hand what she couldn't get into her mouth, her nails scratched across his balls and here eyes were closed now, she completely concentrated on giving him as much pleasure as she could.

He could smell her arousal and that turned him on even more …knowing she got that dripping wet by having his dick in her mouth was intoxicating.

When she felt his balls tighten in her hand she accelerated her motions, she was short of coming herself now. The soft moan deep in her throat was his undoing, it reverberated through his dick and pushed him over the edge, pleasure exploded through his balls, shivers wrecked his body, he cried out, his body spasming and shaking with the force of his climax while he spilled himself inside her mouth.

Her tongue didn't stop moving, licking away every drop of his come, her breathing came in nearly as short pants as his when she finally smiled up to him; he couldn't wait to return the favor but he knew she didn't want any foreplay now, she wanted to get fucked and the harder the better. He took a quick glance around … yes, over there, he would fuck her right in front of the core.

With a fast grip he had scooped her up and in his arms. He just growled deep in his chest before his mouth claimed hers. Their tongues found each other in a searing kiss, but that wasn't enough, he sucked her tongue into his mouth, wanted to devour her, ravish her … tasting himself on her had him hard as a rock again. Her clothes where shed in an instant. He could feel her heart hammering in her chest when he bent down to suck on one of her already hard nipples. Her chest was heaving heavily and she arched her back to get even closer to his mouth. "Riddick, please …" Barely a whisper, but in its urgency unmistakable.

He slid is arms under her butt lifting her until their faces were even, then lowered her down on the guard rail that encircled the warp core and spread her thighs. He would have loved to have a taste of her wetness but all of a sudden her hand clung to his shoulder.

"Riddick, that's too dangerous, the core, it is ..."

Fuck danger! "Shut up, Babe." He was inside her with one forceful thrust, his cock buried to the hilt in her and stretching her to repletion turned her complaints immediately into a cry of pure pleasure. His fingers sliding back through her hair he pulled her towards him and sealed her mouth with his, his tongue sliding in and out of her, mimicking the movements of his dick, fucking her mouth like his cock kept fucking her.

The pulsing energy of the core that she could feel in the tips of her hair when she bent back heightened her sensitivity, let her body tingle from head to toes. She locked her ankles around his hips matching his rhythm stroke for stroke. And then nothing was heard for quite a while except their mutual groans and his balls slapping against her ass, the sexual energy that radiated off them would have been enough to run the ship for a month with full speed.

Both were slick with sweat when Riddick's grip around her butt tightened, he lifted her a bit to get better access, to get even deeper, he didn't even try for slow and lasting. "Hold on, Babe." And holding on she did, she held on for dear life when he started to pound into her with brutal force, knowing it was exactly how she wanted it in that moment. Her head fell back, her eyes were closed and her gorge was exposed to his lips, his tongue, his teeth. He sucked at the tender flesh at the base of her throat, his mouth was everywhere, tasting her, licking up the tiny drops of sweat that ran down between her breasts. Having her like that had the beast in him roaring … she completely depended on him, he was the only thing keeping her from falling into the core ... merely 2 inches wide the guard rail was wide enough to hold on and prevent somebody to fall into the core if the ship rocked, but it definitely was not made to place somebody on it and fuck said person.

"Babe." He didn't have to tell her to open her eyes for him. Their gazes sank into each others a heartbeat before Riddick sent them into a mind-shattering orgasm.

Their bodies still joined they stood there for a while until their hearts stopped racing and their breathing returned to normal. It was a magical moment, a moment where their guard was down, when they were able to couch their deepest hidden fears.

"Babe, promise something."

She could see the true concern in his eyes and would have agreed to anything he'd asked her for. "Anything."

"Promise to be careful, I don't want to lose you again."

And she could see how much he still hurt deep inside about her near death. "I promise. But, please, Riddick, don't take any risks yourself." She knew he would anyways but she at least had to try … she too remembered only too vividly how she had felt when Shirah had made her watch him die. She had promised herself she would watch that never again.