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Pairing: NaruSasu

Warning: Slash: Male homosexual relationships, sexual intercourse, and adult language.

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This story started because I was reading a bunch of 'Naruto-is-a-the-perfect-uke' stories. You all know the ones I'm talking about, the ones where Naruto cries every three seconds, is adored by all for being so uke-ish, and was simply waiting for his Sasuke-seme to come in and sweep him off his feet.

That's what this is. I've taken those characters, and switched them. Naruto is a girly-uke who everyone wants to fuck, and Sasuke is the big seme that protects him. However, as that little pairing thing says NaruSasu, you may see my little twist. Enjoy.

My Seme Is An Uke!

By Tanuki-Mara

Sunshine blond hair that fell in delicate spikes framed a pixie-pointed face, the skin of which was a lovely caramel, like a natural tan. The colour raced all over a delicate body, barely concealed by the sheet hanging loosely from slender hips. Three whisker scratches adorned otherwise smooth cheeks, giving an adorable fox-like appearance to the already gorgeous look. The large eyes were currently closed, but Sasuke knew that when they opened they would be a brilliant blue, the exact shade unknown. Some would say azure, others sapphire or cerulean. Whatever they were, those large innocent eyes were incredibly stunning.

And not so innocent.

Sasuke Uchiha tugged his own half of the blanket higher up his naked body. A glance around the room showed that Naruto had cleaned up for him before he had come over. His clothes were easy to spot in the clean room, strewn all over the place. The messy state of the clothes, along with the strong smell in the air screamed of sex.

And that was Sasuke's predicament.

They'd had sex. Sex. Naruto Uzumaki was his best friend, but they had gone and had sex.

But Sasuke had to admit – it was a long time coming. Even he could see the attraction between them, but he had never acted on it before. He had always ignored it, and the hurt it inflicted upon Naruto.

Sasuke held his breath as Naruto shuffled. He couldn't take another round. Not while his mind was still trying to sort everything out. Thankfully, Naruto simply threw an arm over Sasuke's waist, snuggling close to him before falling back into a deep sleep.

Sasuke let the breath out. That had been close. He didn't want Naruto to wake up –not after what had happened.

You see – it wasn't the sex that was freaking Sasuke out. He would gladly give in to sex anytime with Naruto… he was the ultimate uke.

No, what was freaking Sasuke out was that hours before someone had been pounded into the bed, thoroughly fucked.

And that someone was Sasuke Uchiha.

Ten Hours Earlier


The Uchiha whirled at the call from his blond best friend. Naruto sounded upset, of course, Naruto was almost always upset at school.

A blond blur slammed into Sasuke, who caught him easily, holding Naruto close. Naruto was crying, as usual, clutching Sasuke's top tight. "Sasuke!" he wailed. "Oh Sasuke!"

"Who was it this time, Naruto?" Sasuke asked in a soft voice he only used on Naruto. Sasuke was the school heartthrob, but he was cold to all but Naruto. He adored Naruto.

After all, Naruto was the heartthrob amongst the gay community at the large high school. He even beat Sasuke in that category.

"Gaara," Naruto mumbled as Sasuke led him into an empty classroom. "He was – he said he was – he – Sasuke…"

Sasuke soothed him, pulling him closer as he slid into a seat. Naruto immediately settled into Sasuke's lap. Sasuke was his best friend who always protected him, no matter what.

"Did he touch you?" Sasuke's voice was borderline cold. He was trying not to be mad in front of Naruto, but it wasn't really working. Naruto clutched him tighter.

"No," the delicate blond whispered. "He hasn't since you beat him up for giving me that hickey."

Sasuke's eyes narrowed at the memory. He had beaten the shit out of the redhead for forcing himself on Naruto. Bastard had backed off for a while, but it seems he'd grown his balls back.

"I'm so scared, Sasuke," Naruto whispered. Sasuke rubbed Naruto's back soothingly.

"It's okay," he murmured, "I won't let them hurt you."

"Not that," Naruto mumbled. "I-I… people chase after me so much… I'm so scared… scared of being… taken."

Sasuke froze, looking down at the blond mop. Naruto had a fear of being uke? How… ironic. Those bastards pursued him relentlessly, trying to claim him, and now he was afraid of being claimed.

"It's okay, Naruto," Sasuke soothed. "No one is making you have sex. I'll protect you."

"You promise?" Naruto whispered as his eyes peeked up at Sasuke's black ones. Naruto's bright blue orbs were filled with hope and desperation. "Promise I won't have to bottom?"

"I promise," Sasuke soothed as he gazed deep into cerulean pools. "I'll protect you and you won't have to bottom."

"Thank you." Naruto's grip lessened on Sasuke's top. "Thank you!"

Little did Sasuke know that conversation would seal his fate.


He was relieved to hear the joy in his friend's voice. Naruto jogged up to him, drawing eyes that Sasuke ignored, and clutched at his arm. "Hey, bastard!" he greeted Sasuke cheerfully, his eyes shining with happiness. "Come over to my place after school!"

"It is after school, dobe," Sasuke drawled.

Naruto narrowed perfect eyes. "Don't call me that," he growled. "And I mean later, like, five o'clock?"

Sasuke went over his schedule in his head. He wasn't busy, so he might as well. "Sure," he began slowly. "Why, you need help with your homework?"

"No!" Naruto shouted. "Bastard! I don't!"

"Fine," Sasuke replied, slamming his locker shut. "See you at five."

If only Sasuke knew…

"Here I am, dobe, what do you want?"

"In here!"

The shout came from the bedroom. Sasuke sighed, kicking off his shoes and dropping his bag by the door. Naruto lived alone, so they basically had free run of the house. "You better not be doing anything weird," Sasuke shouted as he made his way to the room. "Not like last time…"

"Shut up! You need to learn to knock!"

Rolling his eyes Sasuke gave an over-exaggerated knock to the door before him. He heard a small squeak and then the handle clicked. Naruto had it locked?

"You can come in!" Naruto chirped. He really was getting afraid if he locked his bedroom door. After all, his front door had been locked. Of course, Sasuke had a key.

Sasuke pushed the door open, entering the room without a second thought. He had been in Naruto's room a thousand times before. He had slept over, in the same bed as Naruto. The bright orange furnishings were second nature to him now.

However, the room was empty.

"Naruto?" Sasuke called, slightly worried. "Where are you, loser?"

"Here." The soft whisper behind him made Sasuke want to turn, but tight arms wrapped around him preventing it. Sasuke relaxed into the hug, assuming Naruto was still upset over Gaara.

"What are you doing, dobe?" Sasuke asked as he rolled his eyes. Naruto's arms tightened.

"You promised," he whispered. Sasuke tilted his head to the side. "You promised."

"Of course, dobe," Sasuke muttered, patting the arms on his waist. He wanted reassurance. "I promised."

Suddenly, something wet attached to the back of Sasuke's neck. He tried to turn his head but there was a sharp nick to his neck. Naruto was sucking on his neck! "Do-Dobe?" Sasuke stuttered. "What the hell are you doing?"

Naruto kept sucking, occasionally grazing his teeth over the spot until Sasuke was gripping Naruto's arms tightly. Naruto managed to shuffle them forward to the bed, pushing them so Sasuke fell face first. "Naruto?" Sasuke questioned. "What are you doing?"

With one last lick Naruto pulled away, straddling Sasuke's legs and pinning his hands beneath his body. Sasuke turned his head to the side and he was shocked to see that Naruto was shirtless, his slender chest bare.

"Mmm… you taste nice, Sasuke," he whispered in his angelic tones. "I wonder what your lips taste like?"

Before Sasuke could protest Naruto dove in, capturing pale lips with his own. As their mouths melded together Sasuke felt like he had died and gone to heaven. Naruto's taste was so heavenly; it was all Sasuke could do to hold onto his sanity. Naruto tasted just like he looked: perfect.

Sasuke barely noticed as his pants were undone and tugged down. Naruto's tongue was probing his mouth gently, making the brunet melt. Naruto's hands began to roam his body, caressing here and there. Sasuke's hips thrust unconsciously into the bed as Naruto's hands began to slide his boxers down. Naruto's hands were surprisingly cool on his now warm body.

A soft moan broke free of Naruto's mouth as he released Sasuke's lips. Sasuke gasped in a mouthful of air to his depleted lungs. Before he could say anything Naruto began to suck delicately on Sasuke's neck before scraping his teeth over it.

"Ah!" Sasuke's hands gripped the bed as Naruto worked up a hickey. "Oh God!"

Naruto grinned against Sasuke's neck as he slid his hands up Sasuke's back. He massaged the muscles lightly, feeling Sasuke relax.

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered in the brunet's ear, "oh Sasuke, I've waited so long for this."

"Uh!" Sasuke looked up at Naruto, his eyes dark and desperate. "Na- Naru-"

Naruto bit Sasuke's neck before sucking on it, stealing away his breath. Sasuke began to pant again, gripping the covers tightly. He felt Naruto's touches and kisses affecting him, sending all his blood rushing south.

Sasuke felt Naruto grind into him from behind and couldn't help but moan as he felt the hardness rubbing against him. Naruto ground harder, causing Sasuke to moan again as Naruto tugged his top off.

"Mmm, Sasuke," Naruto moaned. "Oh, you feel so good!"

Sasuke bit his lip in order to muffle his noses. He had no idea what Naruto was doing, or why it felt so good, but he knew he couldn't think straight while Naruto was doing it.

A rustle of cloth sounded behind him and Sasuke turned his head to look at it. Naruto unbuttoned his pants, shoving them down slightly. He smiled brilliantly as he saw Sasuke watching him before leaning in to capture Sasuke's lips again. Sasuke didn't struggle. He couldn't. He was powerless against Naruto's touches and caresses. He was powerless against Naruto's kisses – oh God – his kisses.

A strange sound reached Sasuke's ears, one he vaguely knew. It was the sound of something being uncapped. Before Sasuke knew what was happening the kiss had been broken and Naruto had a firm grip on his hips, tugging them into the air. Kisses planted along his back burned as Naruto made his way lower and lower.

Sasuke's eyes bulged as a hand wrapped around his cock, made possible from the new position of his hips. Panting heavily, Sasuke bucked into the hand, his hands tightening on the sheets.

Suddenly, a cool finger was probing at his entrance. Sasuke's breath caught as everything finally clicked in his head, at the same time as the finger breeched his entrance.

Sasuke was fucking bottoming!

The finger wriggled around as Naruto sucked on Sasuke's back, leaving a mark. A second finer was pushed in quickly, stretching Sasuke's entrance. Sasuke couldn't stop himself from pushing back on the fingers as they stretched him. He had long given up on trying to protest, trying to make sentences or even speaking. His breath was coming out in pants, sweat pouring off of his body. A third finger drew a groan from Sasuke and he pushed back on the fingers more. Sasuke knew it wasn't right, but he couldn't help it. It felt so damn nice…

The fingers were gone and Sasuke's breath caught. He knew what was coming next. If he was going to protest he should do it now. Yet somehow, Sasuke didn't say anything. He couldn't.

Naruto's hands settled on his hips, and Sasuke let out a slight whimper. Then, for the first time in a while, Naruto spoke. "Oh Sasuke," he breathed, "you have no idea how happy you make me. Oh Sasuke…"

"Naruto," Sasuke whispered. He had so many things to say but… "Naruto," all he could manage was his name. "Na-Naruto…"

In one swift movement Naruto slammed in. Sasuke's back arched as his breath deserted his body. Naruto was throbbing inside of him, filling him to completion. Sasuke's body clenched and unclenched around the intrusion, trying to pull it in and push it out at the same time.

"Naa…" Sasuke managed to turn to meet Naruto's eyes. His own black eyes widened at the sight that his eyes met. Naruto's face was tilted back, filled with rapture. His plump lips were parted as he breathed heavily, eyes closed as his hands flexed on Sasuke's pale hips.

Sasuke let out a loud gasp as Naruto pulled almost all the way out before slamming back in. Sasuke's back arched as he cried out, tugging at the sheets. Behind him he heard a soft giggle as Naruto leaned his body over Sasuke's. A tongue slipped out to trace the rim of Sasuke's ear and the brunet groaned. He buried his face into the bed, his hips thrusting forward. Naruto's hand sped up, as he slammed in harder.

Sasuke panted heavily, grinding back on Naruto's thrusts. "Uh…" he panted. "Na-Naruto!"

"Oh Sasuke," Naruto breathed in his ear. "You feel so tight! God, you feel good!"

"Mmm." Sasuke managed to look over at Naruto again. Naruto grinned down at him before leaning in to kiss him softly. The sweetness of the action caused Sasuke to grip the sheets tighter as Naruto's thrusts increased in tempo and strength. For such a small, girly guy Naruto sure was well endowed. Naturally, Naruto was the louder of the two, moaning and groaning with the occasional shriek thrown in.

Naruto's hand sped up and suddenly Sasuke let out a low moan as Naruto hit a spot deep inside of him. Naruto continued to hammer the spot, drawing out more moans as Sasuke spiralled into ecstasy. "Ngh… Naruto!" Sasuke couldn't hold it in. "Oh fuck!"

"I kn-know, baby," Naruto groaned as he bit Sasuke's shoulder slightly. "It fe-feels so go-good!"

Sasuke let out another moan and Naruto grinned. They were both almost there – so close. Sasuke had tugged the sheets up every which way, messing up the bed. Neither cared, both were too focused on the pleasure that was reaching its peak. The coil deep inside of Sasuke was getting tighter and tighter.

"Ahh!" Sasuke's eyes shot open as the coil snapped. "Naruto!"

"Fuck! Sasuke, fuck!" Naruto groaned as he filled Sasuke. "Oh hell!"

Sasuke bucked as Naruto throbbed inside of him, Naruto's hand still milking him. Sasuke moaned softly as he collapsed completely on the bed, Naruto falling on top of him.

Sasuke panted heavily, his eyes slightly crossed as Naruto pulled out of him. The small blond rolled him over before grinning down at him. Sasuke looked up at him with dazed eyes, too stunned to move. Naruto leaned in to kiss Sasuke's pale lips gently, sucking on the lower one as he dropped down next to Sasuke.

Sasuke tried to sit up but winced at the pain that shot up his spine. He collapsed back on the bed, ignoring Naruto's giggle as he crawled to the end of the bed, gathering up the sheet that had been set there for this specific moment. Naruto dragged it over them before he snuggled into Sasuke's side, his arm slipping over Sasuke's waist.

Sasuke's eyelids became heavy as he cradled Naruto close automatically. Naruto sighed softly, planting a gentle kiss on Sasuke's chest. "I love you, Sasuke," he whispered.

Sasuke's hand came up to stroke Naruto's blond locks, the truthful words slipping out on their own. "I love you too."

Ok, you see what type of story this is gonna be? If you don't like it, don't read it. It's only gonna get worse from here on in.