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My Seme Is An Uke!

By Tanuki-Mara

Naruto broke the heated kiss, curling his fingers into Sasuke's hair in order to tug the enthusiastic raven back. Naruto panted heavily, spreading his legs to further allow Sasuke to settle between them as Sasuke moved to mark his neck. A number of large hickies already dominated the column, but Sasuke never got sick of seeing the marks on his dobe.

"Sasuke," Naruto whispered in his ear, "I-I want you to be seme."

Sasuke's heart sped up, but at the same time he thought he felt 'little Sasuke' droop slightly. Shaking it off, he continued his conquest of Naruto, his hands running all over the small naked body beneath him.

"You're sure?" Sasuke breathed as his hands began to pump Naruto's cock, drawing out moans.

"Ye-Yeah," Naruto panted. He wasn't, honestly. He didn't want to be bottom, but if Sasuke wanted to top…

Sasuke leaned back to grab the lube from the bedside table. He stared at the liquid before looking back at Naruto. Naruto was spread out on the bed, legs apart as he panted heavily, a blush on his face that covered his whole, exposed body. His blue eyes were filled with lust as he looked up at Sasuke. To anyone else it would have looked completely fuckable.

But to Sasuke it just looked wrong.

"Damn it!" he hissed as he threw the tube down. "Fuck! I can't do this!"

Naruto sat up quickly, brow furrowing. "Ah Sasuke," he whispered, "am I no longer attractive to you?"

"No…" Sasuke groaned. "You're very attractive…"

Sasuke reached down to cup Naruto's face, drawing him into a deep kiss. Naruto gave over to it completely, his hands curling into Sasuke's hair until Sasuke pulled him back. "Naruto," Sasuke whispered against kiss-swollen lips, "you… you have to be on top."

Naruto's eyes widened as his grip in Sasuke's hair tightened dramatically. "What?" he squawked. "Are you serious?"

"Yes!" Sasuke snapped. "You have to! It's not natural otherwise!"

"Are you sure?" Naruto whispered softly, his hands massaging Sasuke's scalp.


Sasuke nodded, a dark blush covering his face. Naruto grinned at the sight, feeling immensely better. He stroked Sasuke's hair softly as he brought Sasuke's ear down to his mouth.

"You can still be on top, sort of…" he murmured.

Sasuke frowned, leaning back to look his lover in the eye. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Naruto grinned, mischief shining in his eyes. "Ride me, love," he purred as he brushed his lips lightly over Sasuke's. "Ride me."

A low moan rumbled out of Sasuke as he caught Naruto's lips in a searing kiss. God yes. Best idea Naruto had ever had.

Naruto's hands took up the tube, uncapping it quickly. Sasuke found himself pushed down on his back, Naruto's lips never detaching from his. It wasn't long until Sasuke felt a cool finger probing at his entrance, and his breath hitched, but not in fear. It was in anticipation.

The first finger slid in and Sasuke moaned loudly into Naruto's mouth. He wasn't in denial now. Having Naruto's fingers inside of him felt so damn good. A second joined the first as Naruto began to stretch him. Sasuke pushed down on the fingers, signalling he wanted more. Naruto complied with a third finger, earning him a mewl from Sasuke. Sasuke turned scarlet at the noise and would later deny such a sound came from his throat.

Sasuke let out a low groan as the fingers struck his prostate. His eyes rolled back in his head as Naruto manipulated the spot, rubbing against the sensitive area. Sasuke's breath began to shorten until he was simply panting, eyes closed.

Suddenly the fingers were gone. Sasuke's eyes snapped open as he felt Naruto move away. The adorable dobe was reclining back on the bed, coating his cock in the leftover lube. Sasuke's eyes widened before he nodded. He began to crawl towards Naruto, eyes locked on startling blue orbs. Naruto grinned at him as Sasuke settled himself over him, eyes even darker with lust.

"Okay baby," Naruto breathed as he reached out to grip Sasuke's hips. "Come on."

With a soft moan Sasuke reached down to grip Naruto's shaft, guiding it to his entrance. He would never admit it aloud, but he loved it when Naruto called him 'baby'.

As Naruto's thick member began to slide into him Sasuke let out a low groan. Naruto filling him felt so right, so good and so nice. Sasuke rocked back and forth for a moment, letting only the head settle inside of him, before he slammed down quickly. The yelp Naruto released was worth the pain, the pain that was already beginning to fade. Naruto's cock was pulsating inside of him, carving a line of fire. Sasuke let out a slight moan before he gave in, pushing himself up before slamming back down.

Naruto's hands were on his hips, helping him move as he bounced on the member, hitting his prostate. Naruto was moaning and yelling beneath him, obviously in heaven. Sasuke could only concentrate on the intense pleasure building up inside of him, the pleasure caused by Naruto. It was then, in the midst of sex with the gorgeous dobe moaning below him, that Sasuke realized he didn't want anyone else. He only wanted Naruto.

The revelation made Sasuke let out a moan, leaning down and stilling his actions. Naruto let out a whine of protest but Sasuke ignored it, moving in to capture Naruto's lips in a deep kiss. Sasuke could feel Naruto's hesitation and confusion before Naruto returned the kiss, sucking Sasuke's tongue into his mouth.

Sasuke broke the kiss, leaning back and moving again. Naruto grinned up at him, bouncing him harder.

"Ahh, Naruto," Sasuke moaned. "Mmm… fuck…"

"You feel good, Sasuke," Naruto whispered in reply. "So good, Sasuke…"

"No," Sasuke breathed, "ca-call me, ba-baby!"

A wide grin flittered onto Naruto's face and he thrust his hips up to meet Sasuke's downward slams. "Come on, baby," Naruto purred, "work for it!"

"Naruto!" Sasuke shouted as he slammed himself down harder. "Fuck me! Fuck me ha-harder!"

Naruto growled, reaching down to pump his member, bringing Sasuke even closer to the edge. Sasuke knew he was close; the pleasure was building to an almost unbearable level. He needed his release and he needed it now.

Sasuke's eyes snapped open wide as he reached his peak with a strangled yell. He exploded over Naruto, feeling Naruto burst deep inside of him. He rode out his orgasm with a few movements before he collapsed forward onto Naruto.

Naruto let out a huff and pushed Sasuke off of him. Sasuke groaned as he flopped to the side, too dazed to move. Naruto vanished before returning with a wet cloth. He carefully wiped Sasuke over, smiling and whispering soft words filled with love as he did so. "You were so good, baby," Naruto murmured as he finished cleaning Sasuke's ass, "so tight and warm."

Naruto vanished with the cloth, leaving Sasuke dozing lightly on the bed. Sasuke didn't sleep, as he didn't want to without Naruto there. Soon enough Naruto returned and pulled the blankets over them, curling up like a small child next to Sasuke. Sasuke pulled him close, stroking Naruto's back softly as he let sleep hover at the edge of his consciousness.

"I love you, Naruto," he mumbled. He felt a soft kiss placed on his chest as Naruto pushed his body closer to Sasuke's.

"Love you too, baby," Naruto whispered. "Promise you won't ever leave me."

"I won't," Sasuke promised, "I won't ever leave you."

Content, Naruto drifted off safe in his lover's arms. Sasuke pressed a gentle kiss to Naruto's head before closing his own eyes.

So what if his seme was an uke?

Sasuke still loved him.


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