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Ben 10 - Epoch


Null Void- Higher Asylum

This dark damp cell has been home to her for the past 7 years. How long had it been since she'd seen the light of day, the smell of nature, the laughter of people? It seemed longer then 7 years to her. Her white patient gown was loose on her body, that was mal-nourished and willowy thin. The cold air caused a chill down her spine, did it have to be so cold in this asylum? She sighed as he arose from her comfortless cot, walking toward the barred window that served as the only wall adornment. Outside lay the Null Void, and here she was- a prison within a prison.

She felt the energy inhibiters that were implanted within her palms. 'Extra Caution' is what they called it. Her power wasn't something to take any chances with, no matter what control she claimed she had, they knew otherwise. For that was the epitome of how she ended up here, in this imprisonment guarded within the already secured Null Void. Her crime had sprouted from her ignorance at control, and from her arrogance she had caused pain, death , and sorrow with one simple energy wave. 'Too powerful for her own good." - That is what Verdona had said when she first found out about her first transformation. So long ago it seemed, the memories didn't seem real. What was everyone up to? Did they think of her as often as she thought of them.

Doubt entered her skin, snaking it's way into her heart. No, they wouldn't be thinking of her as often. She was a bad memory to them, a failed friend. This dark damp cell had proved it.

'That's right, they don't care about us.' That haunting voice echoed in her head.

"I don't believe that." She replied, it was weak and both of them knew it.

"Yes you do. You are more powerful then all of them. We are more powerful. They are jealous."

"I won't listen to you." She whispered.


"Ah, nothing like spring break to usher you back home." a 22 year old Ben Tennyson stated as he got out of his car. His first day of spring break from the college he was attending started yesterday, but since he was slacking on getting things packed- it took him longer to get home.

He pulled his suitcase out of the trunk and wheeled it up the sidewalk, picking it up as he hit the front steps. He contemplated whether or not to knock on the front steps, he hadn't been home in several years. Would his father bring down that old alien tech gun if he heard someone walking in his house. But, he didn't have the option when the door swung open in front of him.

"BEN!" his mother's shrill voice nearly made him cringe. She threw her arms around her son and nearly suffocated him. "Hey boy," His father said cheerfully, standing behind his mother.

"Mom, dad." He breathed out. "Good to see you." His father grabbed his suitcase from him and the happy family headed inside.

Ben looked around at the home he hadn't seen in several years. His father put his suitcase by the stairs as his mother pulled him along to the kitchen.

"SO, tell me all about school." She giggled out. Ben gave her a lopsided smile, "Sure thing, but I'm kinda hungry."

"Oh, let the boy rest, he just got in." His father retorted, earning him a glare from his mother.

It felt nice to be in the kitchen with his family again, it almost felt like old times. Before the alien business, the world-wide fame of being a superhero, before Gwen… Then the bad memories flooded his mind.

====== 7 years ago

"….We have to stop her Ben, by any means necessary." the grim face of his grandfather had told them. Julie squeezed his right hand in attempted comfort, Cooper looked appalled; Helen, Pierce, and Manny were nodded in agreement. They didn't have any other options, they had to take her down. Ben was sure it was just as hard for Grandpa Max as it was for him, forced to bring down your own family member. He looked over toward the lone figure standing outside their planning circle, Kevin Levin. Ben couldn't ever remember seeing him so empty. This was bearing more on him then anyone knew, Kevin would help them, no doubt about that…but if it did come down to their final option…..It wasn't something either of them could think about.'


Ben shook away the memories, now was a happy time. He was home with his family, he'd call Julie tomorrow to set up a day to hang out, and if he were brave enough….he may run into Kevin. But all this could be put aside, now he was ready for a home-cooked meal his mother had made.

Outside Bellwood

As the sun went below the horizon, cars began to arrive in the middle of the desert outside of Los Solidad. There was nothing like drag racing to kick off the spring, and to Kevin Levin, who profited the most of these events- it didn't come soon enough. He was always late on rent and tonight would be a major payday for him, enough to settle his affairs for the next 5 months or so.

"Kev! Good to see you out an about. Thought you'd be laying low after that Courtney incident." His long-time contact and ex-partner in crime, Argit. Kevin laughed but tried to keep his distance, they weren't that close.

"Well, the chick was crazy- simple as that." Kevin responded. "Are you placing a bet or not?"

The rodent shook his head, "I ain't playing for cash, slips is more my taste." He wagged his eyebrows. "So, I guess this means you won't be dating for awhile." Kevin rolled his eyes and accepted a bet from some entering racers. "Courtney was hardly a girlfriend…hell she was hardly a friend."

"S'not what she told me." Argit hackled. Kevin looked him full in the face this time, "And that is why I don't get information off you anymore, your connections are always lying." Kevin collected all the bets from the participating entries and made his way through the crowd. Argit tailed behind him.

"So if you're not so interested in my connections then I suppose I shouldn't mention this new info I got." He smiled greedily, but Kevin still wouldn't take the bait. Argit deflated again, angry at Kevin's lack of interest. "You know Kev, it's not a bad idea to settle down. Courtney or no Courtney."

The 23 year old man stopped and whirled around, a glare set on his brow. "First of all, I'm perfectly fine with how things are. Secondly, I'll die the day I take advice from you." With this Kevin was about to signal the cars to get onto the starting line when Argit responded, "This information I got, It's from the Null Void. Apparently the High security Asylum is transferring prisoners in three days."

This got Kevin's attention. "Go on…?"

Argit squealed, "It means that during transporting these high risk criminals, the security will be lax around the Null Void entrances."

Kevin's glare receded, "And which high risk criminals will they be transferring?"

"An Anodite, if you're so curious." Argit replied.

7 Years ago

"PLEASE DON'T DO THIS TO ME!" Gwen screamed as four Plumber's held her down. "I NEED MORE!" the tears streaming down her face and the frantic tone was too much to bare for her loved ones.

'It's for you own good Gwen." Verdona asked, rather calmly in such a hysterical moment. But Gwen was too far gone in her manic state. Ben held Julie back in defense should Gwen try something to escape, while Kevin and Max held her down with two other Pumblers. Verdona had a sedative in her hand and came closer to the struggling girl. Gwen was already drained from her fight with them, but her energy could spike back up at any moment. Verdona didn't want to take that chance, she grabbed her granddaughter's arm and injected the sedative. For Gwen, all went black….'

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