It was supposed to be over.

All the madness, all the trouble, everything.

It was all supposed to be over for Sawada Tsunayoshi, 25 year old school physician of Namimori High.

And yet, he stood, sweat forming on his palms and slicking his bangs to his forehead. His mouth became dry and he had nothing to gulp down in his terror stricken state. The open bottle of strawberry Calpico he had dropped due to shock gushed out its milky pink contents onto the foyer floor, pooling against his shoes and spare slippers. His hand, now empty, was formed as though the bottle was still being clutched in its grasp.

"This is... impossible...! It was... It was over! There was... there was an ending! It was over!!!" the tawny haired man whimpered urgently, dropping to his knees into the puddle of his lost beverage. His apartment door which hung open before him, moved gently in the flow of a passing breeze, letting in the bright light of mid-day sun and the smell of summer.

"It was... over..." Tsuna whispered with such overwhelming grief. A pale hand pushed itself into his soft brown spikes of hair; the fingers, heavy with silver rings, touched lightly across his scalp.

"Now now, what on earth made you think that...?" the deep voice of the one who stood beyond the threshold of Tsuna's door inquired. Tsuna's eyes lifted, heavy with tears of helplessness.

"But... it can't be...!" he begged. His visitor smiled in a suspicious cheer, yet frowned when another figure appeared beside him from the brilliant sunlight.

"Why not...?" came the others voice, a lighter tone then the first. Tsuna clenched his eyes shut, then opened them with a great powerful burst of raw emotion.

"Because..! You were supposed to leave me alone!!" he whined loudly. Two pairs of eyes stared down at him.

"But, we came here just for this reason..."

Tsuna lifted his gaze to the two high school students who stood on his porch, both in swimming trunks and Hawaiian button up shirts. One, with midnight blue hair in a pony tail hanging over his shoulder and a criss-cross part down the center of his scalp; a pair of mismatched eyes gleaming with not-so-hidden urges. The other, with a great mass of white spikes, razor-chopped bangs falling into bright purple irises and an obvious lavender tattoo.

"Sensei is coming with us to the beach!"


Kangoshi 2- Summer Holiday!

I was thinking it would be fun to make a sequel, guys! I thought, 'I wonder if the students and staff of Namimori High would really want to leave Tsuna alone when Summer break starts?" Well, then the thought grew on me, and this, the second part came to be! I hope its okay to do this, its a little cold where i am right now, so its nice to think of summer activities sometimes!

Also, thank you to everyone who has enjoyed the first story! I was really overwhelmed by how well it was received! I hope you all enjoy the second story just as much! And oh yes, there will be multiple chapters! I have more planned for this 2ed story, so I want to fit in a lot of things, and that will take up too much for just one chapter (it would end up being like, a billion word count and that gets boring to read in just one go).

please enjoy! (disclaimer: no own khr, blah blah blah)


'kachak kachak kachak kachak kachak'

Tsuna sat perfectly still, listening to the thrumming of the train speeding along its way. As he sat there, he wondered a great many things. For instance, how had he gotten to be on the train in the first place? Why was he wearing a very gaudy Tropical themed shirt? What were the two young men at either side of him blabbering on about? Who's hand was that resting on his thigh?

The answers came rushing back to him, all in order of the manner he thought them.

He was abducted. They made him wear it. Nonsense. And lastly, both of them.

"And then Sensei, we can go snorkeling and see fish! Ah, but I hope the dandelion over there drowns. Oya oya, how nice that would be..." said one very excited (and very close, close, too close!) Rokudou Mukurou.

"Heeh, you say that, Mukurou-kun, but just remember who was the one who let you come along with Tsu-chan and I." the terribly eye-catching Byakuran said with a smile. This statement resulted in an impromptu fistfight right there with Tsuna in the middle, eyes glazed over and half-lidded.

"Damn Dandelion-head, it's you who followed me. You're a fool if you think I'm really going to let you near Tsunayoshi-sensei today!"

Tsuna's eyes shot open to full alertness.

"W-wait!" he shouted, throwing himself off his seat and away from the two students. The train car was more or less empty, save for a few middle-aged travelers who seemed to choose seats farthest away from the boisterous trio, occasionally glancing over with worried looks.

"N-now..! What the hell's gotten into you two?! What's happening here?!"

Both Italian's stared blankly.

"Sensei, of course you must know... you're going to the beach with me." Mukurou answered as though it were the most obvious thing in the world. Byakuran was quick to counter.

"Actually, you're going with me, but this person followed along."

"Wrong, we showed up at Sensei's house at the same time, Byaku-chin."

"Mmmmn, no, I believe I had my foot on Tsu-chan's welcome mat before you did."

"I'm the one who knocked on the door, and gave Sensei his cute tropical shirt."

"I brought the snacks."

"What kind of person is going to eat marshmallows on the beach?!"

Tsuna's eyes spun in a daze, and he collapsed into the seats across from the boys, pressing his face against the sun-warmed glass of the window. He could now recount the way he was rushed out of both his apartment (and his shirt) and carted off to the train station then onto the railway car. The very place he found himself at this current point in time.

"The beach...?" the young male nurse whispered, as though it were a foreign place he wasn't familiar with. Mukurou (who was blocking an opposing elbow from reaching his gut) nodded and smiled.

"That's right! We'll be arriving very shortly. Just you, me, the sand, sun, and water, Sensei!" he replied, many invisible sparkling effects appearing around him as he began ranting on and on (mostly to himself at this point). Byakuran gave a fox-like grin, attempting to shove his elbow harder at his classmate's abdomen.

"Tsu-chan, isn't it normal to go to the ocean on a summer day?" he asked innocently. Tsuna blanched, dread coming over him as the train slowed, pulling into the station and announcing their location.

"For students, sure! B-but! For me to go with you is really not allowed!" he insisted, but any more complaints were cut off in a fit of one long 'hiii' as he was lifted up and out of the train by hands at each of his upper arms, his feet left dangling frantically.

From the small station platform, it was only a short walking distance through a few city blocks to the shore-line (although, Tsuna himself did very little walking, having devoted all his energy to struggling to get away from his captors). Citizens and other normal bystanders cast many varying degrees of glances at the trio, some who looked as though they wanted to help Tsuna, others (the elderly) who just smiled at the display of youth's humor, and then those who seemed far too enraptured by the sight of two good looking young foreigners to do much of anything but stare.

As they moved through the slowly thinning streets, the pressure on either side of Tsuna's body was increasing as each of the boys at his side began pulling him in opposite directions. Mukurou, pulling him steadfastly toward the not-so-distant shore line with a eerie glint in his dissimilar eyes, while Byakuran was attempting to drag him over to a street vendor selling tacky souvenirs of various sea shells with googly-eyes glued on.

"Gaaah, stop pulling me already!! I might as well walk on my own, I'm already off the train!" the off-duty nurse shouted, wrenching his limbs free and letting them hang limp from the strain of nearly being separated from his body.

"Alright Sensei, you're going this way." both young men said at exactly the same moment, yet pointing in two different directions. Tsuna blanched.

"I'm going where there's a phone!" he hollered back at them, stomping his feet as he began looking around blindly for any type of communication device he could get. A firm grip on his shoulders stopped him in his tracks, and he shuddered a bit from a sudden deathly black aura that came from behind him.

He let out a very quiet 'ieee' of despair, seeing Mukuro's face shadowed in a demonic sort of way, only the eye that was a terrifying red color glaring out at the terrified older (yet smaller) man.

"Who would you call...? Who is the person Sensei calls..." the high school demon inquired, practically killing Tsuna's ability to sleep a peaceful night with that malevolently gleaming expression.

Tsuna didn't answer, too preoccupied with frothing at the mouth from sheer terror. Byakuran took it as his opportunity to play a hero... of sorts.

"Now now! Even if Tsu-chan had anyone to call, its useless~!! Tsu-chan, enjoy today as much as you can, its summer after all!" he sang jovially, tugging harder at Tsuna's arm to get him to follow accordingly. Tsuna sighed, aggravated, but knowing from experience that resisting after a certain point was futile. Mukurou seethed as he followed along behind, still muttering something about 'the one who Sensei depends on' and 'cellphones'.

Tsuna took the time to think of possible reasons why the world hated him, while Byakuran was making two google-eyed clam souvenirs act out a particularly obscene puppet show of sorts. This went on for several minutes, until the two high-schoolers noticed that their off-duty school nurse was slowly drifting away from them by way of small sneaking side steps.

"Ah! Thats right, we came here for the beach, didn't we? Tsunayoshi-sensei, I knew you'd see it my way!" Mukurou announced, rushing the smaller man and leading him towards the nearby pylons that lead down into the sandy shore. Tsuna felt his temples throb while he simply let his feet drag behind him in the sand as his limp body was pulled along uselessly. From his position, Tsuna was able to see the far off white figure of Byakuran, who seemed to only just notice he was alone at the souvenir stand, and was rushing back in a graceful yet insane speed.

"Mu-Mukurou-kun, let go! You can let go of me you know!" The meek nurse informed his dark haired captor. Mukurou glanced back and smiled jovially.

"But Sensei, the boat is just right there!"

All the blood immediately drained from Tsuna's face, and his eyes dilated into small pinpricks awash in a sea of white.



Mukurou stopped, throwing his arm out to dramatically point out a ridiculously extravagant yacht floating a few yards off shore, gleaming white against the water like something out of a magazine. Other beach goers were all pausing and staring, wondering what celebrity could possibly own such a thing. Tsuna gaped.

"What... what is that..." the brunet stammered, his skin crawling with unease. He hated boats. Among his many, many fears, bobbing along on the ocean in anything that floated was at the top of his 'Does-not-want' list.

"Our Love Boat! " Mukurou answered, throwing an arm around his (unwilling) companion's trembling shoulders. Tsuna blanched.

"I'm not going on that ridiculous thing! I'd rather sit right here for the rest of the day!" he announced, making a point by dropping himself right into the sand (he made sure to thank the heavens for not making himself sit directly in the way of the waves that rhythmically gushed up on shore). Mukurou frowned.

"But, how on earth do you plan to sun yourself on deck while I rub sun tan oil on your delicate back, getting lower and lower until my fingers gently brush against your-"

"Who the hell said I had made plans like that?!"

The dark haired Italian frowned, crossing his arms over his colorful print shirt.

"What else would you do when coming to the ocean then?" he asked. Tsuna bristled.

"I never said I wanted to come here!!"

The teenager only stared blankly, his head tilted to the side and hand braced on his chin in a thoughtful pose, clearly showing that even though Tsuna was being quite coherent, it made absolutely no sense to him.

'Can't he speak Japanese well enough?!'

Any further attempts at trying to explain were put on hold as the highly winded Byakuran collapsed face-first into the sand directly beside Tsuna, who let out a high pitched squeal of surprise.

"Oya oya, Byaku-chin, you should know running in sand is twice as tiring as anything else. Make sure to die, while you're down there." Mukurou said, his deep voice dripping in self-satisfied amusement. Byakuran lifted himself up, glowing purple irises glaring at his rival.

"Go on your boat, Mukurou-kun, so Tsu-chan and I can enjoy our life together in peace."

"What life together..."Tsuna asked apparently no one, as neither boy were listening to him. And then, like usual, the two stared arguing again, drawing the same concerned stares and whispered remarks from other citizens. Tsuna sat pathetically, just staring at them with his hand propping up his chin and eyes dull.

"Go fall from Tokyo Tower, dandelion head."

"Eat badly prepared blow fish, pineapple."

"Anger the spirits and become cursed, Q-tip."

"Die of exhaustion climbing Mt. Fuji, freak-eyes."

Tsuna blanched.

'Why are they using such tourist type insults?!'

It was becoming more and more apparent that the young male nurse was not going anywhere when both of his captors (and thus the only ones who really knew where he was and how to get back) were far more interested in causing each other emotional damage then anything else at the moment. In a way, it reminded Tsuna very strongly of the boys who would make fun of each other in elementary school, but later on in life became good friends. This observation made him laugh a little, the idea of either of the two teens extending the olive branch of friendship extremely unbelievable.

"You know," he decided to interject, immediately causing a pause in the pair's quickly escalating feud. "You two remind me of boys who tease the ones they secretly admire."

A cold wind whipped past the scene, and Tsuna was left facing two white paper cut-outs of blank faced teenagers. He then realized how what he had said sounded.

"Ah... I didn't mean... like that.." he said this quietly, since there was no point in yelling over the horrible yelling that was carrying on at an even higher volume then before. Now, however, the two seemed to be trying a different tactic, and one that very much involved Tsuna himself.

"Tsunayoshi-sensei, I swear I have nothing to do with that walking flake of dandruff! You're the only one for me!"

"Tsu-chan, I promise you are the only one I want to touch in many places! Such as the ****, and the ***!!"

"Sensei! Better then him, I'll love your **** and your **** everyday, until you can't take anymore! And also, I'll use my **** to **** your ****!!"

Tsuna, who's flaming bright red skin had absolutely nothing to do with sunburn, let out a very loud "Gyaaaah!!!" and jumped up to slam his hands over the active mouths of his students. He panted from the energy it was taking him to just remain conscious and sane, horrified at the words that had just come out two boys younger than he was! How they even found out about such places on the human body was a mystery to him.

"H-hey! Where do you two think you are?! Don't say things like that in public!" he berated in a hissing tone. Byakuran's eyes closed in little arches, and if Tsuna could feel his lips turn upward under his hand. Mukurou blinked his strange eyes and hit a fist against his opposite open palm.

"You're right! It's not romantic at al, telling the world how you'll squirm and writhe under me when my -"


"-enters your-"

"For gods sake, stop!!"

Tsuna released Byakuran (who happily went to the beach bags and began riffling through them) in efforts to use both hands to close Mukurou's mouth and stop his embarrassing speech. All this did however, was give Mukurou means to lick and bite seductively at the older man's palm.

"Aaaaaagh!" Tsuna tore his hands away, flinging the drool about as he flailed his arms rapidly, Mukurou smirking contentedly in the background.

"Tsu-chan, your skin is so flushed and pink!" Byakuran said as he sat under a multi-colored beach umbrella that had been set up with blankets and towels (at an oddly fast speed considering...), waving about a plastic bottle. "Here, let me rub you with sun screen to protect your delicate complexion!"

Tsuna shuddered, letting Mukurou push past him and grab the bottle away from his pale haired foe.

"You think you're really smooth don't you, Byaku-chin? This bottle is clearly labeled lube! L-U-B-E!"

Tsuna died inside, just a little more.

"Oho? Ah, silly me, thats the bottle I was saving for Tsu-chan for later, isn't it...?"

"Dandelion bastard!!"

This was it, Tsuna's chance. As Mukurou was attempting to bury his classmate's head int he sand and Byakuran was attempting to shove a plastic miniature shovel into a very uncomfortable orifice located on Mukurou's body. Using this as an oppurtunity to escape (it seemed the best option in the long run, wether he ended up getting lost or not), Tsuna first began taking small slow steps away from the brawl. He soon began quicker wider steps when it appeared that the cap of the... 'sun screen', had opened and was now flying in every which direction.

'Why.... are they so attached to me...? I thought I could handle them when they came to my office in school, but now they're coming to my house! My house!' Tsuna worried, rushing along the shore, trying not to burn his feet on the hot sand through his sandals. He was earning a few good stares, for as dazed and frantic as he looked, running along away from the far off scene of two foreigners having a... fight with lubrication.

He pulled out his cell phone, thankful that neither of the boys had taken it from him while he wasn't looking, and started punching in a contact number with a long, drawn out, low-pitched whine while bringing the phone to his ear.


Brown eyes poured hysteric tears.

"I-I've been kidnapped!"


"Those students I told you about, they came to my apartment and took me with them to the beach!"

'Sounds fun."

"It's not fun, it's really not! Really! Please come pick me up!"

A long, drawn out sigh came drifting through the earpiece, torturing Tsuna with anticipation.

'...Where are yo?.'

"The beach!"

Another sigh.

'You do know Japan is an island right? You're going to have to be more specific about which beach you're talking about."

"Nnnngh..." Tsuna began looking around, spotting a cluster of restaurants and shops back where the streets of the city were, acting as a boardwalk of sorts. "I... I see shops and restaurants..."

"For crying out loud... Forget it. I'll just use the GPS signal in your phone. Try to stay in one place, if that's not too hard for you."

"Th-thank you! I'll be waiting th-" but Tsuna was given only the dial tone as any further conversation. The brunet sighed, stuffing his phone back in his shorts pocket, begining his trudge over to the nearby streets. His stomach was growling anyway, so the smell of seafood wafting along with the sea breeze was more then tantalizing. He would have those two students to thank for bringing him here, if it wasn't for the fact they only took him along to tease and brutalize him.

He couldn't believe he resorted to calling that person. The one he always liked to avoid asking for favors, seeing as how there was always payback with some ridiculous amount of interest. Either way it was unavoidable, since he didn't know where the train station was (he hadn't had the opportunity to be very observant while being dragged along in the city), and his guides seemed to have two different ideas of how he was going to spend the day. Any more of that and they would have ended up splitting him in two.

But what was done was done, and, as Tsuna walked along the board walk wishing he had his wallet on him (of all things, of all things to not have his wallet), he decided it would be a good idea to ask a citizen where he was.

With timid steps, the young physician walked up behind a man apparently very engrossed in his newspaper, and tapped on his shoulder.

"E-excuse me, sir? C-can you tell me what city this is...?" he inquired sheepishly, giving a bow even thought he man hadn't turned around.

"Crab and fish~! The smell is sweet and it's good to eat~!" the man said in an extremely high pitched voice. Tsuna blinked, his face completely blank.


"U-um... excuse me...?" he prodded, now a little more scared then before. The man still didn't turn around.

"Endless ocean, see it ripple in the sun~!" the man sang again, unmoving and still engrossed in his paper. Tsuna was too incredibly freaked out at this point to notice the small puffy yellow bird that bounced about on the man's shoulders.

"A....ahhh... okay, I-I'm sorry to bother you..." Tsuna stammered, not wanting to talk any further to a person clearly out of their mind.

"Herbivore, herbivore!" sang the high pitched voice.

Color drained from Sawada Tsunayoshi's face for a second time that day, and his entiire body became ridgid.


"Her....Herbivore....?" the young nurse whispered, taking slow, staggering steps away from the man who was now folding his newspaper away, the headlines showing very clearly 'Namimori High News Letter' in great bold print. Tsuna's body shook as he now noticed the small yellow bird take flight and perch atop a mop of dark black spikes, singing in that high, squeaky tone a song that sounded a little too close to the School anthem...

'Im..impossible... the chances of this being... this person being...!'

"It appears you separated yourself from the two waste of air that you arrived here with..." came the voice Tsuna had been dreading, it's cold tone like sharp steel cutting ice. Tsuna tried to back away further, but his arm was caught suddenly in an iron strong grip of an opposing hand. The brunet trailed his large copper-penny eyes up slowly, dragging them up black jeaned legs and a torso wrapped in a dark purple button up blouse, and finaly locking with ice blue eyes that not even the bravest of men would want to be scrutinized under.

"Staring is very rude Sawada Tsunayoshi, and I will not accept it from one of my employees..."

"P-Principal Hibari..."

The little yellow bird ruffled its fluffly feathers and gave a few chrips, ones that sounded a little too much like 'Bite to death, bite to death~!' for Tsuna's liking...

Next chapter coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed this sequel to Kangoshi so far! It's very fun writing Mukurou and Byakuran's fights again! I hope you got at least a small chuckle out of it, and I am eager to write the other chapters as well!

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