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Tsuna could hear them quite clearly.

All of them; gathered around him in a circle while he lay on what felt like a hardwood surface. There was a gentle lolling about his head, like the ocean's waves, which he didn't remember sounding so close before. It would have been relaxing, but their voices and what they were talking about did nothing but make him shudder inwardly and wish himself to disappear.

"Has he always drooled so much in his sleep?"

"You should have seen him as a little brat, he'd fall asleep right in my lap during his lessons. Ruined my pants, all that saliva..."

"You bastards know Jyuudaime's not asleep, he's passed out! Unconscious! It's all because you were messing around with him!"

"Shut up you obnoxious Piano-idiot. I'll fire you. "

"You sonnova-"

"This is fun, huh? Everyone together! Too bad Tsuna got sick, what kind of nurse can he call himself, getting heat stroke like that? Ahahaha!"

"He wasn't supposed to be a nurse in the first place. Dame-Tsuna was supposed to be the Head of the Vong-"

"Hey, hey, Reborn! That's all in the past, isn't it, kora? Right now Tsuna is a cute little nurse, with a little pink dress and a cap on his head, kora!"

"Jyuudaime doesn't wear such a thing in real life! No matter how cute he'd look in that kind of thing..! Jyuudaime... doesn't wear... nurses... uniform.."

"Oya oya, Now Gokudera-sensei is the one drooling~!"

"...I should consider having Tsunayoshi wear a nurse's uniform as mandatory..."

"Hey, Tsu-chan's eyebrow is twitching real bad! You think he's dreaming of me?"

"The only way Tsunayoshi-sensei would ever dream of you would be if he and I were watching you drown."

"Say's the pineapple who can't swim."

"I can swim just fine, Dandelion-hair, I just happen to dislike being surrounded in water too long, thank you very much."

"Then what kind of moron who hates water would bring Tsuna to the beach for a date, kora? The ocean is water, you know. Hell, look where you are right now! Geeze, what kind of education are these brats getting, kora.."

"Was that a shot at my school, you foreign herbivore..?"

"Oh ho, listen to that, Reborn. Tough words from the guy who's had a little puffy bird on his head for the last two hours, kora."

"Bite to death~! Bite to death~!"

"...That thing has been bothering me since I got here. I was wondering if I was the only one who saw it..."

"Hey, hey! Tsu-chan really is waking up!"

"-I'll rip off those unseemly sideburns of yours too, don't think I forgot about that little display just now. You even stuck your tongue in..."

"You're being awful brave, for a government employee. You have no idea who you're messing with, do you?"

"I'll bite you within an inch of your life.."

"Hey. I said Tsu-chan is waking up..."

"I'd return the favor, but I much prefer the taste of fresh tuna, if you don't mind."

"Bastard, I'll kill y-"


Tsuna sat up lightening fast, panting furiously from trying to keep quiet for so long while the men gathered around him said such things. He ignored the faces he'd expected, Hibari, Mukuro,Byakuran (both boys who were currently trying to pull each others hair out), Colonello, and of course, Reborn. He didn't quite expect to see a few other familiar faces gathered about and peering down at him. He decided to ignore the muttered "Sensei, we're not in school right now, you know...'.

"Yamamoto-sensei? Gokudera-sensei? What are you two doing here...? Am I still..." the young male nurse stopped and looked around, horrified to find himself deck-side on what appeared to be the very yacht Mukuro had pointed out to him while he'd still been on land. It would explain the lolling about he'd felt while rousing from his literally unconscious state, and the reason why the strip of beach looked so very far away.

Yamamoto and Gokudera smiled earnestly down at him, both dressed in casual attire and looking ever the part of bishounen among the others in the group. If Tsuna had time to think about it, he'd probably end up feeling self-conscious about his own looks. However at the current time when he was nearly having a conniption from being on an actual boat without knowing when or how he'd gotten there, and the knowledge that there were hands quite nearly dipping into the crotch of his pants, his mind was elsewhere.


"You'd think as a nurse you'd be able to tell that I am obviously checking your temperature, Tsunayoshi." Hibari said flatly, but the fact that his eyes were screaming proclamations of ownership to the gathered men did very little to convince Tsuna he was telling the truth.


"Get your filthy hands off Jyuudaime, you bastard!!" Gokudera, as always, was a little too over enthusiastic with his dedication. Tsuna pushed the annoyed Principal away and grabbed for Yamamoto's outstretched hand to haul himself upright and standing. His head throbbed, making him a little dizzy and wobble in his steps. As soon as his toe went just a little bit out of line, 6 separate sets of arms flew out to catch him (Reborn did nothing, as he wasn't the type to in the first place).

"O-oi! I'm fine, I'm fine! How did I get on a boat?!" the tawny haired nurse exclaimed, moving to grab hold of the ship's railing for dear life. The deep blue-green water sloshed against the hull, rocking the huge yacht slightly like a cradle. Tsuna felt like he was going to throw up.

"Of course it was my idea, Tsunayoshi-sensei." Mukuro stated, looking quite casual and suave despite Byakuran trying to rip out his ponytail, and his own hand pulling a fistful of white spikes. "I thought you might recover from your heat stroke better if you were closer to the ocean, you know?"

"Actually, the stupid Pineapple tried to grab you and run off, but it was easy to catch him and bring you here, Tsu-chan~! Don't you feel better already?"

"What?! NO! That was a horrible idea! And you two, keep your hands to yourself! You'll make each other go bald!"

Tsuna continued to take a few good deep breaths to calm himself, shakily accepting a bottle of water Gokudera had been offering him (or rather, pressing insistently against his face and arm) for the last couple of minutes. Once he'd caught his breath and decidedly ignored looking over the side of the railing, he felt a bit more settled.

"Na, Tsuna, looks like you were having lots of fun when we got here!" Yamamoto said cheerfully. Tsuna gagged at the round of smirks and glares that swept across the men who had so far spent the better part of their day tormenting him.

"I'm letting you know now, Yamamoto-sensei, that's not how it is at all... What are you doing here? Gokudera-sensei, you too?" he questioned, hoping that since it was them, these two men would be far more reasonable with their answers.

"My dad has a sushi shop close by, I was coming back from checking in with the staff there. Then I ran into Gokudera who was walking in that direction." Yamamoto said with a perfectly normal air. Gokudera bristled slightly and looked away at the mention of himself, but Tsuna just let out a relieved sigh.

"Ah, is that so? That's good, so normal..." he mused airily. Hibari (who was annoyed more then ever that the group around Tsunayoshi had gotten even bigger) stared at his two employees suspiciously.

"You, Piano-idiot, what were you doing here?" he demanded. Gokudera glared heatedly at the principal, biting at the end of his cigarette.

"I was looking for Jyuudaime, that's what I was doing, bastard! It's a good thing I found him in time before that stupid hat-wearing-pervert-molester did anything else!" he snarled, pointing an accusing finger at the fairly quiet Reborn, who simply smirked and touched the brim of his fedora in recognition. Beside him, Colonello chuckled.

"Hey~! Wait a minute, how'd you know where to find Tsu-chan?!" Byakuran interrogated, in the midst of getting his neck wrung with his own shirt collar. Gokudera whipped around to face the sea, scratching at the bridge of his nose and turning a bit pink.

"I..! I have to know where Jyuudaime is all the time so... I just have that special kind of.. 'fated intuition'!" he announced.

"Be honest Piano-idiot, you purchased your 'fated intuition' for around 4,000 yen at the electronics store just like the rest of us did." Hibari deadpanned. While Gokudera turned an even more intense shade of red, Tsuna paled frosty white.

"...You've got to be kidding me....!!"

"Trackers..? You've put trackers on him?" Reborn suddenly chimed in, his tone of voice far more interested then Tsuna would have ever liked to hear him use. And sure enough Reborn put a stop to the party as he strode forward and tipped Tsuna's chin upward just so, smiling in a way that set everyone else on edge even more so.

"Don't worry dame-Tsuna, when I get you home, I'll be sure to watch as you inspect every inch of your body, so you'll be sure to find every last one. You can thank me later for it." he offered smoothly. Tsuna shuddered.

"I''ll tell you a thousand times that's not necessary..."

Hibari, who'd apparently had enough of the loud atmosphere and the men who kept showing up to group around his own employee, made a sort of throat-clearing noise. He was clearly and unmistakably annoyed beyond any point Tsuna had seen him over the years. Even the time during the school 's physicals, when he'd accidentally slipped and spilled a container of a student's urine sample, all over the Principal Hibari who'd been passing by at an unlucky time.

Tsuna still had nightmares of that day...

"I think this all has gone on quite long enough." Hibari stated, strict and fittingly stern. For once Tsuna agreed with him perfec- "Tsunayoshi will come with me, I will be the one inspecting his body, and that'll be the end of all this nonsense."

Apparently, this time too, Tsuna was left with completely opposing ideas to that of Namimori's Principal.

"L-li-listen everyone! Just when I thought I'm able to handle the people that are here, more of you pop out of no-where!" the school physician whined exasperatedly. His companions simply stared in many different types of misunderstanding.

"But, Tsu-chan, you're not having fun?" Byakuran asked, oblivious.

"Of course not! What part of this looks like it's been fun for me?!" Tsuna screamed, clutching the front of the white haired teen's shirt.

"Well, just a while ago, you fainted from happiness!" the student responded, a delighted smile stretched upon his lips.

"That's the completely opposite reason!!"

"It was because he still can't handle my powerful kiss, of course." Reborn chimed in. Hibari snapped around.

"And what exactly do you mean by 'still', herbivore? It had better not lead to the assumption that you laid your hands on Tsunayoshi before the unpleasantness that previously occurred..." he growled, taking wide steps to stare Reborn straight in the eye, a small flickering bit of electricity sparking between them. The part of Tsuna that cared about the well-being of others (which had lead him to becoming a nurse all those years back), prayed neither man would decide to start any serious conflict.

"You think I've stopped at just a kiss? How innocent of you."

Then again, Tsuna knew Reborn long enough to know he'd never leave something as it was, and he knew Hibari long enough to know he'd never let something that sounded insulting be said at his expense. Sure enough, Hibari leaped at Reborn, who in turn rushed at the principal, the two men clashing against each other with rapid movements.

"Hiiiie!!! S-STOP! We're on a boat you know, someone is going o fall over board!!" Tsuna screeched ("I don't want that 'someone' to be me!"). Yamamoto tried in vain to stop the fight while Mukuro, Byakuran, Colonello and Gokduera simply watched with interest only in who was winning.

"Kufufufu, while the wolves are fighting, their prey can be easily taken~." Mukuro muttered under his breath, waltzing over to Tsuna with a suspicious glint in his mismatched eyes. Tsuna groaned, shuffling back against the railing of the boat in order to escape the oncoming predator. No one even seemed to be paying much attention as Mukuro slid himself right up beside the nurse, they were all paying attention to the violent clash between Hibari and Reborn (which had escalated to the point where even the boat's captain on board was meekly asking them to cease).

"Na, Tsunayoshi-sensei, while everyone is above deck and so easily ignoring what they're all here for, shall we go check things out in the cabin..?" the Italian exchange student offered, and Tsuna felt hot breath against his ear.

"M-Mukuro! I'll definitely pass!"

Mukuro chuckled, quite pleased with having gained sole custody of Tsuna without the interference of the others. Acting on his natural boldness, without much warning at all, the sly student pressed his body close to Tsuna's thin frame and ran his hot, wet tongue across the shell of the smaller man's ear. Tsuna shuddered, leaning farther against the ship's railing and bracing it tightly. Mukuro simply pushing his body harder against him.

"Mu-Mukuro! St-stop that!"

"Why? Your pack of wild guard dogs are busy fighting amongst themselves over you, such a pretty little scrap of meat~. Who can blame me for simply taking advantage of the chance I've been given?"

Tsuna clenched his eyes shut tightly and bit his lip while the transfer student's fingers slipped under the Hawaiian print shirt and began slowly running up the skin of his abdomen.


And then, very suddenly, Mukuro's heat was ripped away from Tsuna and the small male nurse was left blinking at a highly irritated looking Byakuran, the other men all rushing over to see what exactly was happening (Hibari and Reborn having abandoned their fight, with Hibari a bit worse off in the injury department then the Reborn, who's expensive suit was torn in several places and tie some how sliced in half).

"Eh..?" Tsuna stepped away from the railing and stared.

"Mou, Tsu-chan, I saved you! Are you even more enamored with me now?!" Byakuran sang, clasping Tsuna's hands in his and pressing their cheeks together.

"What happened, Tsuna? Where'd that Mukuro kid go?" Yamamoto asked, his golden yellow eyes searching around for the teenager that was, only seconds ago, molesting his school nurse without a care in the world. Tsuna found himself wondering just where did that Mukuro kid go?

"That idiotic Pineapple was taking advantage of the commotion to pull a fast one on Sensei, so I tossed him overboard~." Byakuran answered, his eyes closed with an accomplished sort of pride. Tsuna didn't say much, just stood there blinking for a moment, taking in what his white haired student had said.

"Mukuro-kun... is overboard..."

"That's right, Tsu-chan!"

"But... Byakuran-kun... didn't you say earlier... when I was waking up... Mukuro-kun can't swim..?"

"Un, that's right!"

Tsuna stared at the face of the young man. His simple, can't-be-bothered reply just hovering around in the air with the passing sea-gulls as the boat swayed with the rock of the ocean's waves.

"YOU THREW HIM OVERBOARD WHEN HE CAN'T SWIM?! YOU'VE GOT TO SAVE HIM THEN!!!!" Tsuna exploded, throwing Byakuran off of him and searching the blue-green water below for signs of the tossed teenager. While Byakuran went on an eerily cheerful rant that pretty much surmised into his reasons why he was not going to go in after his classmate, Tsuna spotted the trashing upper body of said student.

"Hiiie!! Mukuro-kun!! Just hang on, we're going to save you!" Tsuna shouted, then turned to the group of men. They all stared at him.

"Well?! Someone save him!!" he urged.

"..Why the hell would I jump into the ocean to save a herbivore?" Hibari stated simply (because it was, in fact, a rhetorical question). The others seemed to have similar feelings, even Yamamoto simply looked over with a big grin on his face.

"He looks like he's getting the hang of it though!" the tall, spiky haired man said with a thumbs up in Mukuro's direction. Mukuro responded to this by sinking faster beneath the waves. Tsuna stared at them all, completely dumbstruck.

'But..! I can't swim! If I go in, I'll drown too! But, Mukuro-kun...!"

"Damn it!!"

Without saying another word to any of the men remaining on the boat, Tsuna jumped up on the boat's railing and threw himself into the ocean. Just before the water's surface, he could hear shouts and yells of his name and other various things, but it was a little too late for to go back now.

Tsuna had braced himself for the cold of the ocean, but he wasn't prepared for the reality of exactly how cold it was. After all, it was so hot up on the boat with the sun shining brightly and all those men crowding around him. Thinking about it now that he was actually in the water, Tsuna figured he should probably try swimming.

"Kuaaah!!" Tsuna gasped, gulping a huge breath of air as his head broke the surface of the water. He immediately set his body to work, trying to get himself to the thrashing pair of arms that was Mukuro. Perhaps it was his body's self-preservation or a rush of adrenalin fueled by instinct, but somehow Tsuna felt his fingers grasp around Mukuro's, and the student was quickly pulled back up to the surface. Unfortunately, he wasn't really moving anymore.

Tsuna began half-swimming, half-sinking through the water back to the boat, struggling to stay afloat until he felt several pairs of hands pulling him through the water to the floating life-rings that were thrown over the yacht's side. Hibari, Gokudera and Yamamoto were swimming along next to him, stuffing about half a dozen flotation vests around him (they didn't really do anything about the 140lbs of dead weight that was Mukuro- who'd managed to latch himself around Tsuna's neck).

All five men were pulled aboard, and once unlatched to lay flat on the boat's wooden deck, Mukuro just laid there, unresponsive.

"Ah, he's dead. Let's throw him back over." Byakuran stated, giving a little kick to his fellow classmate's side. Tsuna slapped Byakuran's foot away, kneeling down next to the unconscious Mukuro's chest and hastily checking for a heartbeat.

"He's got a pulse, I'm going to start CPR!"

Before Tsuna noticed the way Mukuro's eyes opened just briefly to flash in an oddly triumphant glint, he leaned in and pressed his lips to Mukuro's and began to resuscitate. However, he couldn't get farther then the exhale of oxygen before his mouth was promptly filled up with a hot tongue.

"Mmmmph!! Mmmgh! Nngh!!!" Tsuna flailed his arms about hysterically as Mukuro took advantage (yet again) of an opportunity, kissing him hard, with his fingers wrapping themselves into the sopping wet spikes of brown hair.


"What the hell do you think you're doing to Jyuudaime?!"

"Clearly returning CPR. Since Tsunayoshi-sensei was kind enough to oblige to my needs first, the favor should be returned."

Once more, Mukuro was removed much more quickly then he probably would have liked, leaving Tsuna kneeling in a puddle of salty sea water, dripping, out of breath, and bright red. Mukuro, rather then being tossed right back into the ocean, was held down against the floor by half a dozen hard soled shoes stamped against his head.

"Oya oya, Tsunayoshi-sensei is so kind, to risk life and limb jumping in after me~." Mukuro cheered, his words a bit muffled due to Hibari's heel digging into his cheek. The principal didn't particularly seem to care that he himself was also drenched from head to toe, but the fluttering yellow bird decided to land instead on the dry surface of Reborn's fedora.

"Tsuna, you okay, kora?" Colonello inquired, laying a large towel handed over by a deck-hand across the sopping wet nurse's back. Yamamoto and Gokudera, who were both equally as soaked, took off their own towels and layered them over the drenched nurse.

"That was so cool, Tsuna! Just like a real nurse, you dove right in and saved him! I thought he would have done fine on his own though..." Yamamoto praised, trailing off towards the end with a pointed glare at the squashed Mukuro. Gokudera was too busy checking Tsuna all over for any possible sign of injury, asking if he felt alright, if he swallowed any sea water, and any other thing that could possibly be wrong.

"This is what happens when little brats are around grownups, they cause nothing but problems for everyone else." Reborn said, his sharp eyes fixed on the two students among the group, of whom Byakuran was making sure to mash his foot harder against his classmate's larynx.

"To be fair, I never said I can't swim, I said I don't like being surrounded by water." Mukuro said, though his voice box, face, and ribcage was being crushed.

"You were nearly drowned to death before Tsunayoshi got to you."Hibari sneered, repeatedly smashing his student's face into the wooden deck.

"Kufufu, a perfect opportunity to give Sensei a second helping."

Tsuna's hands clenched into fists, slamming them down with a shallow splash. They were all acting like nothing was unusual about what just happened. Mukuro had nearly died just then, but here he was still goofing off and making those weird jokes of his. He didn't seem to care that he could have been seriously hurt, and that Tsuna seriously worried about whether or not one of his precious students had really drowned. He might as well be a bag of meat only around to be pulled and fought over by feral dogs.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" he shouted, a fire burning in his eyes as he glared at each one of the clamoring men. Six sets of eyes (and one pair that was half-smashed against the deck under a polished shoe) flinched back against such a fierce glare.

"Dame-Tsuna, just sit there quietly while-"


And indeed Reborn did shut up. In fact, everyone shut up. Even the little fluffy yellow bird of Hibari's stopped his unsettling chirps to stare at the towel covered sopping wet mess of male nurse.

"I'm tired of this! How many times has it been now that I've had to tell you people to just stop?! You think this is a game or something?!" Tsuna shouted, throwing the damp towels away from himself and standing up (nearly slipping on the puddle of water that dripped from his body).


"Didn't I just say I don't want to hear it?!" Tsuna cut off Hibari before his boss could even come up with the words 'bite you to death'. But then, Tsuna meant business. More then when they'd all crowd around in his office at the school, or out in the hallways, or even in his own apartment, more then the fact that he was somehow covered with who knows how many tracking devices that he had no idea as to the location to. The current situation was beyond all of that.

"None of you respect me at all, do you?! You all see me as some idiot that you can just mess around with as much as you want, that you can just carry around and drag to any old place without any regard for how I feel about it!! " he shouted at the top of his lungs, fists clenched at his sides. No one said anything to answer him, since it didn't seem like Tsuna particularly wanted an answer. It stayed like this for several long minutes before...

"You really are an idiot, aren't you, kora?" Colonello said with a scratch to the back of his head. Tsuna snapped his head up and gaped at his 'kind-of-Uncle's' face.


"Tsuna," Yamamoto cut in, his expression a little too pitying for the young nurse's liking. "You're not stupid, but, you're not really getting the big picture here, are you?"

Tsuna stared at him, his previous rage having diluted into a sort of bewilderment (though he was still ticked off). Hibari, who'd apparently decided to finish Mukuro off later, withdrew his shoe from his student's face and stalked over to Tsuna until he was once again, intimidatingly close. The Principal shot a glare to Yamamoto, who remained right where he was, even smirking a bit to play off his Boss's attempt to remove him from Tsuna's side.

"We've gone over this before, Tsunayoshi, and you didn't listen to me then. Now you find yourself here, stuck on a boat, crowding around with men who want nothing more then to see you striped of those wet clothes." Hibari explained with his simple stare. Tsuna gaped once more.

"Wha-what the hell kind of joke is that?!" he squealed. There was a collective eye-roll at just how thick Tsuna really was.

"Jyuudaime, those two little brats kidnapped you so that they could have their way with you!" Gokudera exclaimed, gesturing wildly with his cigarette at Byakuran and Mukuro, both of whom appeared to resent the accusation.

"That's ridiculous," Mukuro huffed, "Tsunayoshi-sensei was enjoying himself perfectly fine before any of you showed up."

"That includes you, Mukuro!! I was perfectly happy in my apartment watching T.V before the two of you popped in and dragged me (literally) to this weird beach!" Tsuna retorted.

"You would have had more fun in an apartment without air conditioning then with me?" Byakuran inquired. Tsuna blinked.

"My air conditioning isn't broken..."

Byakuran stared at Tsuna for a good few minutes, not saying anything.

"Byakuran... Did you break my air conditioner..?" Tsuna asked. The young man smiled.

"I wanted to make sure you didn't have an excuse to stay~!"

"You two didn't give me enough time to come up with an excuse before you hauled my ass out here!"

Byakuran just smiled, even when Tsuna tore his sandal off and threw it at the boy's head. Groaning, the male nurse went back to lean half his body against the boat's railing, turning his back on the group of men. There were just too many things going on at the moment, too many people interrupting each other; too much talking.

"I don't know what any of you want from me anymore... I'm just the school nurse, I don't even have any good merits, I'm not an interesting person, and I'm not fun to be around.."

"If that were true, would any of us bother with you at all, Sawada Tsunayoshi?"

Tsuna turned his head slightly, staring through mopey eyes at Hibari's displeased face. He then looked past him, to the young men who all stood staring (save for Mukuro, who was, in fact, still smashed under Colonello's boot, Reborn's shoe, and apparently the buttocks of Byakuran, who was now sitting on him).

"But... I dont understand..." Tsuna muttered in confusion. Hibari glared and smacked him over the head ("OI! Hit Jyuudaime again, and see what happens to you!").

"There is a limit to how naive you are allowed to be! You honestly cannot see the reason why you have all these herbivores crowded around you?" the Principal asked incredulously. Tsuna just stared.

"It's because... You all like making fun of me and giving me a hard time... "

"And why do you think that is, Tsu-chan?" Byakuran prodded. They all watched Tsuna expectantly, searching his face as he the dots in his brain connected, the cogs meshed, and the answer formed. Tsuna gasped and turned bright red, his eyes flickering wildly.

"Th-then..! Y-you all...! To me, you all think..." he stuttered, touching at both his bright red cheeks with his fingers. Hibari smirked.

"Now do you get it, Tsuna?" Reborn drawled. "Everyone here wants you-"

"It's all been hazing because you want me to be 'one of the guys'?! You want me as your friend! "

The boat fell into silence, only the sounds of the churning waves lolloping against the yatch's hull and a passing sea gull to fill the massive void that was left by Tsuna's very dull (and inaccurate) observation. Tsuna looked back and forth between everyone, each man there seeming to develop dark ominous clouds over their heads for some reason. But Tsuna was smiling very happily.

"I've never been someone's best friend before, regardless of actually belonging to a group of guys! That's what this is right?!" he urged, completely awestruck. Hibari clenched his fists at his sides, and Reborn's fedora eerily covered his eyes once more.

"Who the hell could possibly come up with that conclusion after all this, kora?! You think any of us even know each other?! You really are stupid, aren't you, kora?!" Colonello ranted loudly, repeatedly thwacking Tsuna in the forehead while he shouted, Tsuna only able to take it and let out a whining noise.

"Tsunayoshi-sensei!" Mukuro announced, struggling to crawl over to his school nurse while Byakuran still sat on him. "Sensei, obviously everything I do is to show you my love-"

"Ah, he said it."

"-and also, it's obviously why I brought you to your favorite place to spend this summer day with me!"

Tsuna stared down at Mukuro (and to a lesser extent, Byakuran). Half a dozen feet went right back to smashing the young man's face into the deck once again. Tsuna blinked.

"That... I don't get that kind of joke... And this isn't my favorite place to spend my summer, you know.."

There was a collective head snap, as everyone now focused intently on just whether or not Tsuna would be elaborating on that. Tsuna blushed hard from having all the attention so rigidly just on him.

"And where exactly, would that place be, Tsunayoshi?" Hibari demanded. Before Tsuna could even form the words to answer him, there was a deep and amused chuckled coming from Reborn. Hibari's glare intensified.

"Of course none of you would know the things he likes, like any of you know anything about him at all." the tall Italian man said, straightening his curled sideburns down. Yamamoto and Gokudera glared heatedly in his direction, not liking this person who knew things about Tsuna that they didn't.

"Reborn, don't be rude to-"

"Dame-Tsuna. I tell you what..." Reborn was suddenly very, very close to Tsuna's face, so much so that the younger man could feel the light touch from his lips against his burning red cheek.


And then something fast and hard hit Namimori's school nurse in the back of the neck, instantly causing Tsuna's vision to swim and melt into a dark haze. He could hear the others shouting again in a familiar way, but most of all, he heard his former home-tutor's voice.

"I'll take you to that favorite place of yours."

Tsuna could almost hear the smirk in those words before his brain switched off.



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