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Sam has learned that there are exactly 1,546 dots on the tile below his left foot. He's also learned that 4 hours in surgery means 6 and that surgery for a broken arm the second time around is a lot more complex. He also learned that only 25 doctors in America are legally able to perform Emma's neurosurgery. That's why they're in New York. In a big Metropolitan hospital they tend to avoid like the plague not mentioning that Dr. Kitt, the famed neurosurgeon, permanently smells like stale sweat and hooker perfume.

"How's he doing?" Dean's entrance gives Sam and abrupt shock as he jerks up in his seat. Sam looks over to Brad who is pale, feverish but finally asleep. Sam just shakes his head. Brad was supposed to be the 'simple procedure' but he has a fever of 102 and won't stop throwing up.

"Any word on Emma?" Sam asks. He voice is raspy and after a moment he realizes that he hasn't used it since he talked Brad back to sleep two hours earlier.

"They just took her in to the OR" There's a curtness in Dean's voice that Sam isn't used to. He aches to here the affection under his brother's gruff voice almost as much as he aches to see Emma open her eyes or Brad use his arm.

Dean settles in a chair on the opposite side of Brad's bed and pulls out a magazine all without looking at Sam. Sam tries not to feel stung and lean his elbows on to Brad's bed sharp eyes watching for any signs of discomfort or waking.


The world swim as Dean pries his eyes open. He must have dozed off when Sam went to go see what was taking so long with Emma. His hunter instincts immediately recognize an intrusion and he focuses on the target.

A nurse is inserting a needle into Brad's hand as he watches with a pale expression.

"Hey, hey what are you doing?" Dean demands stepping between the nurse and his son. It's bad enough they are in a hospital where are one of the nurses or doctors could be evil or possessed but right under Dean's nose.

"It's an IV broad spectrum antibiotics." The nurse puts a hand on a hefty hip like she's about ready to snap her fingers in Dean's face.

"You should have woken me up." Dean knows his reply is snotty and over-protective but no one is sticking anything into his kid without checking with him first.

"Look sir I have other patients and a break in 10 minutes. I don't have all day." She says before jamming the IV in to Brad's hand. Brad's lip trembles but the months of insulin injections have made him resilient. She curses, realizing she stabbed the wrong vein and goes to try again. If it was socially acceptable to punch women Dean would have her in her own hospital bed right now.

"I want another nurse." Dean growls not caring how he sounds and dangerously close to flaunting his money. The fat nurse looks surprised, like her kind of treatment is the norm. "Now!" The nurse storms out and Dean leans down to Brad.

"Did she make you bleed?" Brad shrugs wiping off the excess blood with a tissue before gripping his arm in pain.

"Easy buddy that arm's still healing." There are tears that are beginning to trail down Brad's cheek and a pitiful whimper breaks Dean's heart. He shouldn't have yelled at that stupid nurse.

"Hi Brad I'm Molly." Women don't strike Dean speechless. He's been all over the country. He's seen California girls in short skirts, edgy New York girls, perfectly manicured New England socialites. Every kind of beauty, manufactured or otherwise, Dean has experience with. He is impossibly struck dumb by an over-tired woman wearing scrubs and the most amazing smile he has ever seen.

"This is going to sting a bit why don't you hold on to Daddy's hand really tight." Brad looks uncertain at Dean being called Daddy but doesn't resist when Dean folds the small hands in to his. Brad's eyes squeeze shut at the feel of the burn. Dean squeezes back, gently fisting some of the blonde hair.

"There you go all done." Brad relaxes but keeps holding on to Dean's hand and Dean can basically feel the fear of abandonment radiating off of him.

"I'm right here." Dean whispers rubbing a hand on Brad's back. Molly smiles at Dean over Brad's shoulder as she fastens a tape bandage over Brad's IV.

"Thanks." Dean whispers looking down to where Brad's eyelids are drooping as pain relief takes over. Brad fights to keep them open, struggling against the tiredness.

"You got some good stuff there dude. Close your eyes." Brad shakes his head no, winding his fingers into the leather of Dean's jacket.

"They give me nightmares." Brad whispers, frightened and unsure how to ask for comfort. Dean feels like a kid again, comforting Sam when Dad wasn't home or when Dad was home and too drunk or angry to be sympathetic.

"Nightmares?" Dean asks shifting the boy over and climbing on to the hospital bed with him. "Not while I'm here." Brad curls into him in response tracing Dean's amulet and sticking his thumb in his mouth. He rarely sucks his thumb only when he's truly exhausted.

"I'm not going anywhere." Brad sighs contentedly and anchors himself firmly onto Dean's t-shirt before finally drifting off.


Sam can't help but pause at the doorway and wish for a camera. Dean snoring, mouth agape with Brad wrapped in his arms the protection clear. A different day it would have made Sam smile.

"Dean." As expected the slightest noise his brother's eyes jerk open and find Sam's like a needle finding north.

"How's he doing?" Sam asks swiping a hand over Brad's forehead and frowning slightly.

"He's alright. They're watching the fever but they don't seem too worried." Dean avoids any direct eye contact with Sam.

"How's Emma?" It's a question neither of them want to ask.

"They have her in recovery now. They're gonna come talk to us in a few minutes." Sam replies, shifting his weight from foot-to-foot as Dean throws a jacket on.

"Hey Brad." Brad's eyes open grumpily at Dean's voice. "Look who's here." Brad's face lights up at seeing Sam and it's the first time since this nightmare began that someone has actually been happy to see him.

"Hey you look better." Brad gives a proud nod and Sam feels his expression softening against his will. Mindful of the cast Sam gathers the 70 pounds of little boy in his arms holding Brad's body to his chest with one hand and his head to his shoulder with the other. Brad snuggles in deeper and Sam has to try and fight off tears.

"Look Bobby sent you something." Sam reaches in to his backpack and pulls out the blue teddy they had grabbed for Brad during his last hospital stay. He rarely let it out of his sight. Sam is pretty sure it's the one source of comfort he could count on while he was still figuring out the Winchesters.

"Thomas!" Brad grabs the bear and holds him tightly with one arm. Sam smiles ruffling the boy's hair.

"Yeah it's Thomas." They really needed another kid's movie besides the Thomas the Tank Engine they got free at a garage sale.

"Thank you." Brad mumbles into the stuffed bear.

"We'll be right back ok?" Dean assures Brad giving his leg a gentle squeeze of assurance. Nobody liked being left alone in the hospital. Brad doesn't seem to mind and Dean can't help but wonder how many times he's been in this exact position.


"Mr. Campbell and Mr. Campbell I presume." The doctor's voice is stern and serious as he motions to the vinyl chairs. Dean knows that look. He saw it when his Dad died, whenever his mother was brought up. It's a look of pity, guilt and acceptance. Doctors are famous for it.

"As you know the trauma to Emma's skull was quite severe. There were multiple bleeds and lacerations." Sam nods along with the doctor's word begging him to get to the point.

"The surgery was successful in relieving the pressure and stopping the bleeding."

"I'm sensing a but here doc." Dean offers apprehensively when Doctor Harris pauses.

"But Emma isn't waking up."



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