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He stared at his favourite photo of her, one where she was heading off to dinner in a pink dress that looked stunning on her. It was one of his newest photos and he had a few of them around his apartment. As he looked up onto his wall, his eyes gleamed at the collection of photos he had gathered in the last 3 years. They ranged from ones of her in her everyday Navy duties to ones of her in her civvies. He even had a few of her sleeping. His eyes passed over the clock and he realised that she would be coming in now.

He stood watching her come off the boat, her captain standing next to her. He was jealous of the captain. He got to see her nearly everyday and was able to talk to her and to touch her, whilst all he got was to look at her from afar. He watched as the captain leant down, his arm wrapping around her back as he whispered something in her ear. Anger coursed through him as she laughed and blushed slightly at his whispered comment. He would have to dispose of the captain if he intended to have her. Yes, the captain would have to go. He was startled though, when she looked across at him and caught his gaze. Not wanting to make himself obvious, he turned and walked away, pretending to look for something.

Mike looked down as Kate's face screwed up in thought, "Are you alright?"

She nodded her head, "Yeah, it's just. That guy over there looks familiar."

Mike looked over and saw no one, "Maybe we should head off to dinner."

She nodded, "Sounds good."

He watched as they walked off. His time would come. Patience would reward him and he would have her one day. His eyes gleamed as a smile stretched across his face. She would be his possession and no one else's.