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"Um e-excuse me but I n-need to get to my locker" after about 10 seconds of no response Hinata sighed. She had been standing there trying to get to her locker forthe past 10 minutes. What was blocking it you ask? What else but Sasuke and Sakura making out, gross. "Oi! You kids cut it out and get to class before I cut off your lips!" Anko shouted from down the hall. Sasuke and Sakura quickly separated and headed off to their lockers as the bell rang. 'Great,' Hinata thought 'now, I'm late for class and scarred'. She quickly grabbed her books and hurried off to her first class.

As Hinata entered the room she was quickly reprimanded by Anko. "Hinata you're late, I'll have to call your father the next time this happens!" Red in the face, Hinata quickly took her seat while Anko read the bulletin. "Alright the year 11 social is coming up soon, if you wish to help out with the set up talk to Ino Yamanaka. Next if you have Weapons with Kurenai in S27 you have been moved to room M4. Finally Kiba Inuzuka you have detention today at 5:00 don't be late!" Anko shouted so everyone could hear her. Hinata wasn't listening; she was too busy staring at the blonde beside her. Bulletins were the best time of day because Naruto would usually go to sleep and she could stare at him all she wanted without him noticing. He was so handsome with his whisker-like scars, glowing blond hair and tanned skin. Just like that Hinata started to daydream about the young fox. She was so caught up she didn't hear the bell ring and neither did her little fox beside her. As the next class started to come in Hinata was finally snapped out of her daze. She quickly got up and prodded Naruto's arm gently "N-naruto-kun it's time to go". "Waa" Naruto looked around wearily until his eyes snapped into focus. "Come on Hinata-chan we have to get to class!" He shouted as he grabbed her arm and raced out of the classroom. Hinata was having trouble keeping up but she made it in one peace.

"There we are S27 and look we're here before everyone else" Naruto pumped his fist in victory. Hinata quickly glanced at her watch. "N-naruto its five minutes p-past start time. Mrs Kurenai is never that l-late" Hinata pointed her fingers together nervously, she had never missed a class before. Naruto looked over to Hinata, seeing 'the fingers' he sighed. "Hinata-chan stop worrying I'll get you there on time BELIEVE IT!" Hinata giggled at her best friend. He always knew how to cheer her up. "We'll both split up and look for our class alright!" Hinata didn't want to leave him but nodded at his words. She really didn't want to be in a lot of trouble. They both set off in opposite directions, Hinata taking one side of the school and Naruto the other.

As Hinata walked briskly through the C wing, eyes darting madly from classroom to classroom, she came across a very flustered Sakura with swollen lips. "Hey Hinata do you know where our class is?" Sakura asked trying to act nonchalant but obviously she was quite worried. "Um Na-naruto and I are looking for it now, yo-you can help if you want" Hinata looked at her feet nervously. Sakura said nothing but nodded and came to walk beside her. Hinata's pocket started to vibrate making her jump. She quickly pulled her mobile out of her pocket and answered it "Hello?"
"HEY HINA IT'S NARUTO I FOUND OUR CLASSROOM IT'S M4!" Hinata had to hold the phone away from her ear to avoid it being damaged. She thanked Naruto and headed off with Sakura to get to class, dreading what her teacher was going to say to her.

"HINATA, SAKURA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? EVEN NARUTO WAS QUICKER THAN YOU!" Kurenai shouted as they came in. "Sorry we didn't know where the classroom was" Sakura apologised quickly, afraid for her life. "THAT'S NO EXCUSE IT WAS ON THE BULLETIN!" Kurenai had stem coming out of her ears. Hinata gulped, she had never seen Kurenai this mad before. "Well Hinata you were one of my best students last year so I guess I can give you a nicer punishment than calling your father. You and Sakura can change partners; you are now with Sasuke Uchiha. Hinata looked to the back of the classroom to see Sasuke glaring at her like she had eaten his lunch. No wonder Kurenai had red eyes, she was evil! 'Damn pregnancy mood swings' Hinata thought as her whole world went black. Kurenai smiled sweetly "Sasuke as her new partner you can take her to the nurses".

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