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"THAT'S IT! It's a cow not a goat! Haha silly me a goat sounds silly" Hinata said loudly as she left, giving a salute to Sasuke before closing the door. Sasuke saluted back with a smirk, she was only this weird around him.

Hinata and Sasuke sat on her bed with disappointed looks on their faces. In front of them was hanging a giant orange banner with blue letters reading "Team Get Hinata's Honour Back". When Naruto had said he wanted to come over because he had big news this was not what they were expecting. "So you see if we all put our heads together we can do this!" Naruto shouted while saluting. Hinata and Sasuke didn't say anything. They both stayed where they were, staring. Naruto coughed loudly. Sasuke glared at him "so how do you propose we do it then idiot?" Naruto shot a glare back.

"Don't pick on my idea bastard! It's a great idea! This first session is the brain storming session!" Naruto shouted and pointed to the blank whiteboard he had set up in Hinata's room. "So basically you didn't have any idea other than the team name" Sasuke hit the mark with his words and Naruto began to throw insults back at him. Hinata sighed as she played with the hem of her school kilt. It had been a month since Sakura had first told the school about Hinata and Sasuke and things weren't looking up at all for the Hyuuga. At least Naruto was trying. "Ah I can see how this is going to turn into a fight so how about we just focus on brain storming" she said as she got between the two bickering males. Naruto grinned and nodded but didn't say anything. Sasuke sighed as he stood up "I guess I'm gonna have to lead this thing if I want it to go anywhere". Naruto glared at him but took his spot on the bed. He had no clue what to do next but wasn't going to admit that to Sasuke. Hinata gave Sasuke a thankful smile but before he could return the smile Naruto had pulled Hinata so she was sitting on his lap. Hinata's eyes bulged out of her head and Sasuke glared at Naruto. "Ah Naruto what are y-you doing?" her stutter was back along with her nerves. Naruto grinned a fox like grin at her. "It's more fun when I have something to snuggle" he said as he held her around the waist and pulled her into him. Hinata's face went red and she almost couldn't breathe. Before she knew it she was being pulled off Naruto by Sasuke and sat back down on the bed. "I think snuggling would be a bit distracting" Sasuke said as he shot Naruto a look in which he responded with a glare back. "Fine" Naruto grumbled but he put his arm around Hinata's shoulder in defiance anyway.

Sasuke swore he would kill him but when he noticed Hinata's pleading look he decided it was best to just get on with the task at hand. He picked up one of the whiteboard markers and began writing. "Okay so we will start with our problems first and then focus on tackling each one individually. Our main problems are: Sakura and Hinata's image. The two coincide but if we deal with them separately each one will improve the other without us trying." Hinata and Naruto nodded, Naruto didn't have a clue what coincide meant but he knew the problems were joint together. "Okay so first things first. Our biggest problem: Sakura's forgiveness. Any ideas?" Naruto shot his hand up in the air "Yes, yes, okay so we could get Hinata to challenge her to a duel of brains, brawn and beauty. They could take each other on head to head in a puzzle race! Then wrestle till the death! Then have a fashion parade! Once Hinata wins all three Sakura will have no choice but to accept the fact that Hinata has bested her in everything and that she should honourably accept her defeat!" Both Hinata and Sasuke stared at him shocked. "Ah how about we keep that as a backup plan" Hinata smiled at Naruto trying to save his feelings. Sasuke just shook his head. "The only thing I can think of is Sakura has always been very boy orientated. Perhaps if she had a boyfriend she would be less bitter about the end of her old relationship" Hinata and Naruto nodded again, clearly Sasuke was good at this. Sasuke wrote get Sakura into a relationship on the board.

"Okay Hinata's image is next, people think that Hinata is a horrible person and that Sakura is a saint" Sasuke smirked at this as he knew it was pretty much the opposite. "Any ideas?" Sasuke looked over to Naruto's raised hand. "Um I have one" Hinata butted in before Naruto could start talking about her adopting a homeless person or something. "How about once Sakura has a boyfriend I apologise to her" Hinata suggested. Sasuke wrote it on the board "that's good but I don't think it's going to be that easy. We are going to have to get the whole student body to like you again and for that you are going to have to do a great act of good." Hinata sighed, she was getting tired and this was hard. Sasuke glanced over and could see her pout, he really wanted to kiss it off her face. "So I think we should end it for the day. Leave it with me and I will come up with something. Maybe it's time we go home Naruto" Sasuke blatantly glared at the male. Naruto glared right back. "Sure I'll walk out with you bastard" Sasuke frowned at Naruto's words, he had wanted to get some alone time with Hinata. He 'hn'ed and lead the blond out of the room, catching a fleeting glance at the Hyuuga's plump lips.

When Sasuke got home he started working on a different plan. 'Plan keep Naruto away from Hinata'. He knew Naruto was noticing her more and there was still a chance he could steal her from him. He knew the two had a great relationship but if Naruto were to confess to Hinata and she rejected him the relationship would be awkward. If he could just avoid Naruto liking her completely he wouldn't have to worry! If only there was someone else he could set him up with! With that thought something in Sasuke's mind clicked. He knew exactly what he had to do.

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