AN: Okay. I came up with this thing while writing Chapter 40 for Awakening to Hyrule. It came out a lot darker than I intended and it didn't really fit into the whole scheme of things, so I decided to upload it separately.

Please note that this has nothing to do with Awakening to Hyrule, and it is completely different. Being in a different realm and such.

Also, this is pretty dark and it may be disturbing to some viewers, I guess.

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Night. Full moon. Desire for blood, desire to feel the pulse in between my maw, begging me to set it free. My saliva oozed down the victim's neck. My nostrils flared, the scent of fear dragging me to the line. The line winded its way through the mind, dividing the tame from the savage. Good from horrific deeds.

And I was in the middle of that line.

It was metaphorical, of course, but the line was still there. Taunting me. Urging me on, trying to get me to step on the savage side.

I wouldn't. I couldn't. I'm not a killer. I never chose to live this life, but I was bit and there was no turning back. I had to survive, I had to taste the blood and feel that shiver of satisfaction that accompanied me every time I killed.

I had to survive. It was instinct. You can't overrule instinct, but you also cannot kill one of your own.

But I was not a human anymore. Neither physically, Wolf could agree to that, nor mentally. My dwindling human conscious would consent to that as well, because my fangs provided what the pulse requested.

The pulse was set free.

AN: I'm thinking of making this into either a series of oneshots (like I did with 'Zracked!') or turning this into a story. I don't have many ideas for the plot, though, so opinions are welcome and appreciated!

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