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It was a starry night at our favorite school Alice Academy.

Students were wearing their most elegant gowns and tuxedoes. They were all heading to one place, the schools auditorium. Outside there was a huge streamer, elegantly printed in it were the words "Junior – Senior's Promenade". Yes you have heard it right rather read it right, it's the 2009 Junior – Senior's Prom Night. Of course everyone was exited especially our lovely brunette.

At the Academy's very own dorm …

"Mikan! Are you done?" a certain blonde lad asked impatiently.

"Wait! I'm coming already!" Mikan replied back.

"Hurry up! Can't you see? We're already late!" said the lad very impatient.

"Geez, can't a girl dress up in peace? So Ruka how do I look? Do I just look dashing?" Ruka was extremely mesmerized by Mikan's look tonight, who wouldn't be?

"Hey Ruka, are you alright?" Mikan asked, bewildered on his sudden reaction.

"Of course Mikan, I was just uhh… I was just shock to see how splendid you look tonight" he replied, forgetting that he was even mad at the girl.

"Very well then, let's get going or we might be late"

They hurriedly went to the auditorium together, their hands intertwined.

"Good evening everyone!" the MC greeted, they were just exactly on time. "We finally made it! I thought we won't make it on time" she exclaimed.

Beside them there was also a pair who has just arrived on time.

"Oh! Good evening Luna, Good evening Natsume!" she greeted them with a big happy smile.

Natsume was also mesmerized by the dashing looks of Mikan.

"Good evening Mikan, you look great tonight" Luna greeted back. "Oh, good evening to you too, Ruka"

"Thank you Luna, you look great yourself" Mikan replied back. She has grown up to be a beautiful and elegant woman with the proper etiquette.

Natsume ignored Mikan but deep within himself, he knew what he really wants and need.

They were busy chatting and eating at the same time when suddenly the MC spoke at the microphone.

"Okay guys! Please settle down! Tonight we will announce our very own prom queen and king. Who could be the lucky pair?" Everyone was exited. They were anticipating this.

"For our prom queen! Who could be the lucky girl? Any guess?" Many names were heard among different people.

"Our prom queen is no other than…. Ms. Mikan Sakura! Please come up on stage" Mikan then gently came up from the stage, people began to stare at her then clapped their hands, and they didn't have any doubt that Mikan was the one chosen as the queen.

They placed a tiara on her head then she smiled at the sight of this. Applause was heard from everywhere.

"Well, we have heard our prom queen, let us now prepare for our prom king, who could he be?" Murmurs were once heard again.

"Please come up on stage, our prom king! Mr. Natsume Hyuuga!"

Natsume was shocked and surprised but he didn't let anybody see it. He came up the stage, really exited.

"Congratulations!" his thoughts were broken. A crown was put on his head.

"As the school's tradition, the prom king and queen will be the first to dance . Clear up the center stage please. May I present to you, this year's prom king and queen!" everybody applauded.

Natsume offered his hands for Mikan to hold. "Let's go…" she said to him smiling.

They positioned themselves and started to sway to the tune, people starred at them with awe, thinking that they were truly a perfect couple.

'I hope your mine Mikan, I hope that I was the one you'll love forever. I love you Mikan. I love you so much!' He said on his thoughts.

" Hey Natsume, are you alright?" she asked. "You're somehow spacing out" she continued.

"Well… uhm… yes" he has returned to the normal world.

"You know what Natsume…"

"I just want to say thank you"

"Thank you? What for?"

"For giving me the man that I'll love forever"

"Oh… that was nothing" he doesn't want to admit it but it did hurt a lot.

A few seconds of silence engulfed the two of them.

"And Natsume…"


"I love you"

He was shocked on her words, he was caught of guard, and it was so sudden.

"Haha! I was just kidding, never mind that, and of course I love you as my friend…"

"Oh…" his hopes went down.

Every minute that passed by seems eternity for him. He doesn't want to let her go.

"Excuse me Natsume, can I borrow Mikan?" there goes his thoughts, broken by his very own best friend Ruka

"Oh, that well… Uhm, of course yes" he said, sadly.

"Thanks for the dance Natsume! I did had fun" she smiled.

"Oh well, that's nothing really, I did enjoy it too" he said painfully.

"I better get going then" he said.

"Oh well, bye Natsume, see you around" said Ruka and waved at him.

"Bye Natsume" Mikan said as she smile and wave at him.

He waved back and left the auditorium. He went towards the Sakura Tree, the tree were his love for Mikan grew.

'So Mikan, graduation is just weeks away and we'll part our ways soon. I'll miss you and don't you ever forget that I love you so much. It sounds so ironic because I've always hated you for what you are, then later on I loved you for what you are… Well I discovered my love for you when…


"Hi Natsume!" said the gloomy brunette, her usual cheerful attitude was unusually gone.

'There's something wrong with this idiot' he thought.

"Hn" his casual reply was.

"What a cold weather we have here today, it's so weird"

Her statement was so ironic because it felt so hot today.

"What are you saying you idiot, it's already 38oc, then you're still feeling cold?" he sneered at her.

"But I do really feel cold" she was already shivering and she went nearer to Natsume

'This baka feel so hot' he thought. He touched her forehead.

'This baka do fell hot' he said in his thoughts.

He carried her piggy back style.

"What are you doing?" she asked innocently.

He didn't reply. They passed several buildings receiving stares from different students from different divisions.

As they were walking he can her panting hard and she murmured "Natsume don't leave me, please" she murmured weakly then fell asleep again. Natsume felt his face reddening.

As soon as they reached the hospital they were instantly assisted by the medical crew.

A few minutes later the doctor went out. Natsume stood up.

"She's just experiencing a high fever but we gave her some medicine so her fever will go down, you may go visit her now." Then the doctor left him.

He slowly opened the door and looked at sleeping brunette.

She muttered "Thank you Natsume… Thank you" then she went back to her slumber.

He was blushing but he kept denying it to himself.

A few days late…

Natsume was resting his back at the Sakura Tree.

"Hey Natsume!" shouted the cheerful brunette.

"Hn" his ever faithful reply was.

"Thanks a lot Natsume! I owe you everything!" she said happily.

'Wow she really does looks cute up close! What am I saying?' he said in his thoughts.

She suddenly pecked at his cheeks. "That's for my thanks! Bye!" then she skipped off.

His mind was in shambles, he was so confused.

'Maybe this is what they call, no it can't be! I can't be in"LOVE"' the word love was the only thing audible that he said and for once he finally agreed with his thoughts.

End of his very long flashback.

'…then that was it. I then thought that everything will be perfect, I thought that someday you'll be mine throughout the year, but then again love could play tricks with us.'


"Natsume! I have very good news for you!" Mikan exclaimed excitedly while jumping with glee.

"What is it stupid?" he asked somewhat curious.

"I know for a fact that you knew Ruka right? Well of course! He's your best friend after all, silly me! Well you know that me and Ruka are together already!" she said enthusiastically.

Natsume felt his jaw dropped from shock

'Oh yeah, I remembered Ruka telling me she loves Mikan deeply" he said on his thoughts.

"Hey Natsume aren't you glad?" she asked.

"Oh, uhm… of course, congrats, well excuse me" he then left quickly. This made Mikan confused. He rushed towards his favorite place.

"I thought I could change her heart, I thought that she'll be with me rather than with Ruka why… why... why" he couldn't finish because tears started streaming down his face.

"Why does she fell so close yet still so far"

End of flashback…

'Yeah, how could she be this close to me yet she still feels so far away, away from my grasp, away from my loving arms, away from me forever.'

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