Silver Demons
by SkyFire

Pairing: Eventual Seshoumaru/Sephiroth (or the other way around...?)
Summary: Sephiroth fell into the Nibel reactor's Mako reservoir during the Nibelheim Incident and ended up somewhere other than the bottom.
Warnings: Eventual m/m, x-over (FFVII/InuYasha), WIP

A/N 1: Okay, I'm going to try something different this time. No plan, no pre-written chapters. Nothing. I know vaguely where I want to end up, but there are no plans on how to get there. I'm just going to write as it comes, and aim for at least a chapter a day. They'll be shorter than my usual, but there will be more of them and updating will be quicker. Or that's the idea, anyway. Oh, and if anyone has suggestions for a better title, I'm all ears.

A/N 2: I've discovered that I like my white-haired bishies. My favorite character in InuYasha is Sesshoumaru (followed by InuYasha, because who could resist those ears?). My favorite character in FFVII is Sephiroth. (As an aside, I'm hooked on The Witcher and while the main character is no bishie, he's got white hair, too! I'm seeing a trend here...) Then I got to thinking that hey, Sesshoumaru and Sephiroth would look very nice together, and lo, the plotbunnies multiplied all over the place. I've got more FFVII/IY half-started crossovers on my HD than anyone would care to imagine, so I decided to throw this one out there to see if there's any interest. And yes, they're all Sess/Seph. Some more yaoi than others, but yeah. So if you have anything against m/m, you'll want to move on to another story because yeah, that's sort of the whole goal of this one. Yes, there will be more plot than anything, but the bishies will get together. Muses willing. I don't want to hear any complaining (either about the m/m or the pairing). You've been warned, you know what you're getting into. If you complain, you're only proving that you can't follow simple instructions.

Disclaimer: I don't own FFVII or InuYasha and no money is being made.


Chapter 1

At first there was only the shock that came from being defeated by a nobody. He couldn't understand how it had happened; even with the gaping wound in his torso - given to him by that same nobody, who had somehow managed to sneak up on him when he was distracted by his first glimpse of Mother - there should have been no contest. Even at his weakest, he was a hundred times stronger than even a SOLDIER third, let alone some nameless regular.

And yet that regular had somehow managed to not only lift him off his feet - a feat that should have been physically impossible considering his increased weight from all Hojo's enhancing tinkering - but also managed to hurl him off of the catwalk towards the glowing pool of the Mako reservoir below.

He blamed the shock and Mother's infuriated screaming in his head for his inability to stop his fall. There were enough pipes, service ladders and maintenance catwalks that he could have if he'd tried.

Something stopped him, though; the same little voice inside that had been crying out in protest as he destroyed Nibelheim. The one that told him that maybe it would be best not to live through this; that maybe it was all he deserved. Hadn't he spent his life in service to Shinra, enforcing their greedily expanding borders and ruthlessly slaying any man or monster that opposed him? Hadn't he led entire expeditions for the sole purpose of eliminating the monsters that appeared around the reactors and lifestream pools? He'd discovered the truth in the library beneath the Shinra mansion; that he was one of those monsters. Or maybe he was worse. The other Mako-bred monsters actually looked like monsters. He was the only one that looked human. Or enough like one to fool everyone.

Even himself.

He knew the truth now, though. He was a monster.

He shouldn't be allowed to live.

Mother wouldn't stop screaming at him.

Even when he was in the town, covered in blood from Masamune-tip to elbow, Nibelheim a blazing inferno all around him, she hadn't been satisfied. Hadn't told him he'd done well, let alone praised him. He'd massacred an entire town and it hadn't been enough; she'd only screamed for more death, more blood, more destruction. Vengeance, revenge, genocide....

It was like having Shinra in his head, only instead of cries for more Mako, more land, more money, she wanted chaos and destruction.

He had already decided that he wouldn't go back to Shinra, even before he discovered the truth they had hidden from him all those years. He'd decided that he'd had enough of being used, of following pointless orders in the equally pointless pursuit of Shinra's money-grabbing. He wouldn't be used again.

Mother wouldn't stop screaming.

The reservoir with its condensed Mako ebbed and surged below, growing closer by the second as he refused to slow his fall. He couldn't avoid tensing up as he stared down at it, knowing how much it was going to hurt. He may have learned how to hide his reactions to the boosters and Mako showers Hojo gave him, but the feel of liquid fire surging through his veins and over his skin had never subsided; it was not something a person could grow accustomed to.

And with both the scratches Zack had managed to inflict on him and the gaping wound in his middle where he'd been impaled by the Buster Sword, he knew it would be a million times worse.

He could only hope it would be, at least in part, a fitting penance for what he had done. He would take the pain, accept his death, and hope that it would be enough to blunt the rage he was sure to encounter once he joined the Lifestream and met those he'd sent there.

One thing he knew for sure, though: He would not. Be. Used. Again.

Mother was still screaming and raging when he threw her head away from him just before he hit the surface of the Mako pool.

The pain wasn't as bad as he had thought it would be.

It was worse.

Burning against his skin, rushing into his abdomen, searing him inside and out with the burn of a thousand suns, the rage of the Planet made real. It poured in his ears, his nose, surged down his throat when he could no longer hold back the screams.

And still he could feel himself falling, his speed unchecked despite the bellyflop into the pool of condensed Mako. At that rate, the bottom had to be fast approaching. Would it be the Mako or the impact that killed him? With his luck, he'd only hit hard enough to break his neck and paralyze him, but not hard enough to kill him, then there would be only the blaze of Mako as it ate away at him. How long would it take?

And just how deep was the reactor pool? His eyes burning, vision blurred by involuntary tears, he could only see glowing green. At the rate he was falling, surely it had to be close--

He hit dirt and grass with enough force to hurl him into unconsciousness.



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