Silver Demons
by SkyFire

Rating: R
Chapter Length: 2343

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Chapter 35

Sephiroth finished his nightly inspection of the Palace defenses and left the wall with a brief nod to the guards on watch. They nodded back, used to his presence now and accepting as they hadn't been when he had first started walking the rounds a few days after Sesshoumaru had shaken him from his depression all those weeks ago.

The guards knew now that he didn't mean it as an insult to their competence or abilities; he simply didn't know them. He didn't know their training, their strengths or weaknesses, their power and abilities. They were entirely unfamiliar to him - though that was slowly changing as he took the time to observe them at drill every now and again - and they had to admit that they would likely do the same if they were in a strange place, defended by strangers.

A brief stop at his room to pick up a sleeping robe - yukata, he reminded himself - then he made his way down the night-quiet hallways and outside to the hot spring he shared with Sesshoumaru. There was water on the stones at one edge where the daiyoukai must have gotten out, the lingering warmth of the puddles telling him that he must have just missed him.

Sesshoumaru, his mate and lover.

Undressing, then easing himself down into the warm water, he allowed his mind to stray to his daiyoukai even as he reached for the bamboo container of soap and began to quickly, efficiently clean himself off.

Their intimacy had progressed faster than he would ever have believed possible since Sesshoumaru had accepted his demand for equality. He was doing his best to make it easier for him, to not push him faster than he was ready for, progressing in tiny increments toward his goal every time he took the demon's penis into his mouth. He shivered involuntarily despite the warm water at the memory of the few times his Sesshoumaru had returned the favor. The mere thought of that wet, sucking heat coupled with the unspoken threat of those razor-sharp fangs on his delicate flesh was enough to make his penis twitch and start to fill in anticipation. It grew even harder as he remembered how the daiyoukai had writhed and cried out with breathless pleasure only the night before as he took that engorged flesh deep in his throat, four of his fingers thrusting in and out of that deliciously spasming hotness, hitting the prostate with near pinpoint accuracy with every thrust until his mouth was flooded with the proof of Sesshoumaru's orgasm.

Between the pleasure he made sure to give his mate with every encounter and Sesshoumaru's own growing desire, he felt that he was making incredible progress. Maybe by the end of the next week he would once again try bringing up the question of whether or not he could replace his fingers with something a bit more intimate....

Finishing his bath, he rinsed himself off then got out of the pool. He dried himself with a convenient towel, then wrapped himself up in his sleepwear and made his way across the dew-wet grass to the doors that led into Sesshoumaru's quarters. He stepped up onto the covered porch, slid open the door with a quiet rattle, walked in, then closed it again before turning and sweeping the room with a glance.

Sephiroth froze, momentarily forgetting to breathe as he tried to process what his eyes were telling him.

He swallowed, hard, even as his penis hardened enough that it almost found its way out of the front of his yukata.

Sesshoumaru, his Sesshoumaru, lay on the futon, completely nude. His solitary hand was wrapped firmly around the thick column of his own aroused penis, stroking himself to further heights of arousal even as lust-reddened golden eyes - glazed slightly with pleasure, need, and a hint of uncertainty - met Sephiroth's stunned blue-green, long, lightly muscled legs spread in blatant invitation.

Sephiroth swallowed again, then slowly made his way across the floor to the futon, the unmistakable scent of aroused demon - aroused Sesshoumaru - filling his nose and driving his own need through the roof.

Though every purely male instinct he had was screaming at him to drop his robe and pounce before Sesshoumaru changed his mind, he forced himself to take a few deep breaths in an attempt to maintain control. He knelt on the floor beside the futon and reached out one hand to cup a flushed, rose-striped cheek.

"Sesshoumaru?" he asked gently.


By the time Sephiroth had bathed and arrived in their chambers, Sesshoumaru was barely coherent.

He hadn't meant to be. After his own bath he had returned to his chambers - their chambers - in a strange state of post-orgasmic relaxation coupled with anticipation and nervousness. In an attempt to distract himself a little, he lit a couple of the lamps, enough to provide a little light but leave most of the room in shadow. He tidied up a bit, though it wasn't really necessary considering the thoroughness of the servants and his own innate tidiness.

It was about then that he heard the quiet splashing that meant that Sephiroth was in the spring. Nervous anticipation rolled over him again and he froze. What should he do? He had made his decision and he was standing by it, but he really had no idea how to go about doing that.

Should he go out and join his Sephiroth in the spring? It was something that they had done before, shared a bath, and lately it did always seem to end in mutual pleasure, but....

In the end, fraying nerves wouldn't let him. He wasn't going back on his decision, no, but he couldn't make himself go out there and present himself for something he had never expected to want. And he did. He did, really, because Sephiroth wanted it, wanted him, wanted them to be equal and it wasn't being submissive if it was being equal - was it? - and he wanted Sephiroth and Sephiroth wanted him and this really wasn't helping him at all now was it?

Relax. He needed to relax a bit.

He went over and sat on the futon. After a moment, he scooted over to the middle, smoothed imaginary wrinkles from the silk of his yukata, and lay back to wait.

Sat back up only seconds later.

He should let Sephiroth know that he was willing - eager - to be with him, shouldn't he? He attacked the ties of his yukata with fingers that weren't trembling, damn it, then took the garment off and put it away before taking his place once again in the center of the futon and trying to relax again, his eyes slipping closed.

They opened again only a few breaths later. Was he, just maybe, too relaxed? His body wasn't... it wasn't aroused, so what if Sephiroth saw him and thought that he only wanted to sleep? That wasn't what he wanted at all. He wanted Sephiroth to... to... to....

Relax. Breathe.

He got back up, had a cup of the warmed sake left there by the servants after he had left his study for the day, and tried to calm himself. It wasn't like him to panic or give in to his nerves like this! Somehow, though, knowing that didn't exactly help. At that point he doubted that he would be able to speak, to tell Sephiroth what he had decided earlier, so how could he let him know...?

Then again, he hadn't said that it had to be tonight that he would give Sephiroth his submission, that he would let his mate mount him. He had only decided that he would.

Sesshoumaru took his place yet again in the center of his now slightly-mussed futon, then, feeling a little bolder with the realization that it might not necessarily happen that night - though he vowed he wouldn't protest if it did - he reached down, trailing his fingers down his body until they reached the limp flesh between his legs and started to stroke gently. Mounting or not, he was looking forward to sharing pleasure with his mate.

As it had in the bath, though, one thing led to another and by the time Sephiroth entered the room Sesshoumaru had not only lost his nervousness, but the anticipation and heat coursing through him barely let him remember that he had been nervous at all.

When Sephiroth came over - glowing blue-green eyes dilated, body practically reeking of arousal - and cupped the side of his face, surprisingly delicate fingers grazing the twin markings there, it was all that Sesshoumaru could do not to throw the man down and take what he had come to crave. Instead, he nuzzled the warm palm and reached up to pull his mate to him even as he spread his legs a bit wider in invitation.

He craned his neck upwards even as Sephiroth dipped his head and their lips met. The kiss was tentative at first, but all too soon it was an all-out battle of hot and wet, and tongue and teeth that seared away all thought in a thick blanket of want and need and mind-blowing pleasure.


Genesis could admit - to himself if to no other - that the sight of the reactor pool's condensed Mako rising up over the protective suit's visor was rather disconcerting, which was a bit odd if you considered how much time he had spent pickling in the stuff during his life. That hadn't been like this, though; the Mako used in the injections was heavily refined, and there was only enough actual Mako in a Mako tube to tint the fluid that distinctive green while the fluid itself was still transparent.

The condensed raw Mako in the reactor, by contrast, was a thick soup - almost a sludge, really - of opaque glowing green and slipping into it, able to see nothing but a wall of Mako, was enough to raise a spark of claustrophobia he'd never known he'd had.

He pushed it away with an effort; he wasn't going to let a bit of discomfort come between him and his goal. He would be the one to find Sephiroth's body with its coveted cells! He would find it, get away with it, and somehow Hollander would acquire the competence to use it to stop the degradation. Perhaps he would even manage to reverse it entirely, though the odds of that weren't too good given the quack's track record.

Degradation-grey so wasn't his color.

He had to wonder, though, as he lowered himself down the cable, his sword - concealed against his back under his trooper's uniform - digging into him uncomfortably as he did, why they had all been ordered down that one cable. If they were searching the bottom - and how were they supposed to do that all but blind, anyway? By touch? Honestly! - shouldn't they be spread out? And how deep was the pool, anyway? It seemed like he'd been going down for an awfully long time and-

What the-?

Genesis blinked, stared, Mako-blue eyes wide, at the verdant area he now found himself in. Looking up even as he touched ground, he saw the cable he had just come down going up, then abruptly coming to an end perhaps twenty feet into the air, swaying lightly from side to side. As he watched, a pair of boots appeared, the rest of the carefully-suited form appearing bit by bit out of nothing.

Unclipping himself from the cable, he looked around even as he started to peel off his own protective suit, taking in the grass, the beaten-dirt path, the strange trees on either side of it. He saw the SOLDIERs who had preceded him moving around in agitation, his enhanced hearing allowing his to eavesdrop enough to learn that one of them, the first SOLDIER to arrive, had gone missing. The only proof that he had been at all was there his opened phone lying in the grass and his sword lying abandoned just inside the edge of the woods.

All of which let him know that his goal of a quick snatch-and-grab had just gotten a lot more complicated. The SOLDIERs would be buzzing and on high alert for some time, and even if they weren't it would be that much more difficult to find Sephiroth's body wherever this was than it would be in the roughly sixty-foot diameter bottom of a reactor pool-


If he was dead and ended up here, wouldn't his body still be here? Then again, it had been around two months. This close to a path, if animals hadn't dragged it away, surely any travelers would have seen it and - possibly - buried it somewhere? That would be, if not easy, at least possible to track.

With a sinking feeling in his gut, Genesis thought of yet another possibility.

Was he looking for Sephiroth's body at all?

Was it possible that, wounded as he was, Sephiroth might have survived his fall into the reactor pool? That he had ended up wherever here was? That he had healed and was now long gone?


Maintaining his cover as just another faceless trooper as his agile mind sorted through the mountain of possibilities and obstacles he now faced, he helped the next few troopers get unhooked from the cable and unsuited - one barely waiting to get the suit off before hurtling for the bushes and decorating the ground with his lunch - then pitched in setting up base camp with the other regulars while the SOLDIERs made cautious forays into the edge of the woods and secured the area.

Camp shovel in hand, working alongside the other two who were also punished with him, Genesis tried to push away the feeling of desperation ticking down the minutes of his remaining time and focused on how much he had always hated digging the latrines.