Knight Flight to Freedom

Kitt had been trying to hail Michael on the comm. link for days. There was no answer, and the longer he went without an answer, the more scared he got. Never mind that RC was supposed to be in the prison with Michael, helping him escape. RC was a nice man – and an excellent mechanic – but Michael was Kitt's to protect. It frightened him to leave such a precious person in the hands of another, even if they were capable hands.

Once again Kitt reached through the comm. link, and once again he found nothing but unfamiliar vitals. Kitt had no idea what was going on in the prison, and after overhearing Lisa say something about a firing squad to one of her fellow rebels –

Well, let's just say that Kitt didn't deal well with not only not knowing what was happening to Michael, but also knowing that he was in some kind of danger as well. He almost lost it then and there, almost abandoned the rebels to their fate and went after Michael. That was what he wanted to do, what he still wanted to do.

There was so much Kitt wanted to say to Michael, so many things his driver needed to know. Life couldn't get cut short for them now, not after everything they had survived together.

It was a long list of things they had survived – close encounters for both of them that only served to make them rely on each other more. And Kitt had no idea just how much he needed Michael, and how much of that need was not programming, until Michael wasn't there anymore.

Like now.

Once again he checked the comm. link, and once again he screamed inside his CPU in frustration.

Michael was not dead yet. Kitt held on to that. It was all he had.


"They took my comm. link!" Michael groused. "I can't even contact Kitt."

And that was the true problem, wasn't it? Michael didn't care that he was trapped in prison, or even condemned to death. He had faced worse than this before and survived. He had walked away from death before – probably laughing the entire time, to hear Kitt tell it.

But then he'd had Kitt with him. His partner, his friend – the one who would never let him give up. Michael never realized just how dependent he was on Kitt until the AI was no longer there. Then he was all too aware of his own vulnerability, and Kitt's. What if Kitt hadn't gotten out of the capitol? Who would protect him if he was caught? Michael was the only one Kitt had. RC still thought of Kitt as nothing more than a cool set of wheels, and Devon and Bonnie were so very far away.

Silly thoughts, really. Michael knew Kitt was safe for the moment. He was pretty sure there was no Spanish translation for "sarcastic Trans-Am".

There were things that needed to be said, things that Michael should have told Kitt a long time ago. But Michael was never good at expressing himself. Sometimes he wondered if Kitt already knew, but he couldn't run the risk that he didn't.

So when RC saved him from the firing squad, the first thing Michael did was get back his comm. link. He probably hit the guard a little harder than absolutely necessary, but he couldn't deny it felt good. "Kitt?"

"Michael!" And that one word, the way Kitt seemed to relax at hearing his voice, said everything.

They were okay. Michael found comfort in that.


An: I'm not sure if I like this one or not, so be gentle with me. If there's any part of it that bothers you, just let me know. This particular episode was late in season 4, so I figure that Kitt and Michael would have figured a few things out by then. Review, please!