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The Hobby

As the search engine appeared on the computer screen, Willow turned around to check that Buffy wasn't around before she typed his name. S.P.I.K.E
As the list came up willow clicked the first title. 'New Recruit' it sounded good. She knew she shouldn't, but she liked spike fanfiction, especially the ones where spike didn't have his chip.
"Hey Will"
It was Buffy back from Riley's. She had been spending a lot of time with him recently, it was because of this that the two friends were talking less now, and why Spike and Willow were spending more time together.
"Come on Will, we have to meet spike at the shop in ten minuets."
But there was no answer.
"Will, Hello, Anyone there."
"What? Oh Buffy its you. What were you saying?"
"Oh come on Will we have to go!"
At that Willow took the newly printed sheets from the printer and put them into her bag.
"OK Buff, I'm ready lets go"
As they neared the shop, Willow could hear the familiar pacing footsteps of the blonde vampire. For some reason a shiver of excitement went up her spine. They turned the corner and he was standing against the wall with his trademark cigarette in his mouth. After reading so many Fanfictions about him, Willow had noticed all the little things people remembered about Spike. His hair, his clothes, his eyes it was strange how much more she thought about him now.
"It's about time!"
"Sorry we're late" Willow said as she unlocked the door to the shop.
"Why do you guy's need me here anyway?" Willow asked. Buffy and Spike were going out on patrol and needed weapons from the store at the back of the shop.
"Will you know Giles won't trust anyone else with the keys to the shop. Plus it wouldn't be the same without you!" Buffy replied trying to cheer up her friend but willow didn't look convinced.
"Hey Red, you think I would agree to Slayer sitting if I didn't get to see you, do you?"
This made Willow feel a lot better. Spike could always cheer her up.
"Spike we had better go. Big Bad needs to be squished!"
"I thought I was the Big Bad!"
They argued all the time. Willow was positive that Spike had a thing for Buffy. Either that or he just liked seeing her get annoyed. Willow realised she was depressing herself so she took some books from Giles's private collection and started to read. There was something about magic; sometimes it felt like the rest of the world had evaporated. And of course with some magic it really did.
It was about an hour later, Spike and Buffy still weren't back yet so Willow took the Fanfiction out of her bag. Normally she would read Spike/Willow Fanfiction, not because it was her and spike but because she found it interesting that they could make the two of them do things they never would in real life it was fascinating. Today though she was starting on the just spike stuff (she'd run out of the others) it was scary how much people got right. She was just starting to read when she heard something. There was someone else in the room.