As Willow let the door close behind her she looked around for Buffy.
"Buffy, Buffy you out here?"
But no one answered. Oh well there was no big deal. Buffy probably wanted to get back to the dorm before it got to late. There was nothing wrong with that.
As she had often thought before it was strange how much, people got right. The thing about Spike's sister Anne, that was really strange. Willow had trouble, imagining Spike back then. It wasn't the killing she found hard. It was the other stuff. The family, Spike had had a normal life at one point. With no knowledge of vampires or Demons or Hellmouths. Willow had known Spike for so long she couldn't imagine him human.
Willow remembered back. It seemed along time ago that she had been ignorant to the Sunnydale she saw now. She remembered Buffy saving her. So many times over the years. But then she had helped. She had become a Slayer in her own way, not as strong or useful as Buffy but she enjoyed it, even if all she did was research or the odd spell.
Then she remembered when they had first met Spike. He was dangerous. The Big Bad as he often called himself. Willow had been scared of him from the very start. Now her fear had changed to something else, she admired him, she loved him but she would never admit it to him. She knew she did but she pushed it to the back of her mind. Buffy was right, she did think too much.

Buffy was worried. She wanted to find where Willow kept her Fanfiction, she knew there was more. Every time she turned around Willow would have another one, or she would be on the internet looking for more. Tonight's was the first one she had read, but still she was worried. All Will seamed to talk about now days was Spike. And the Fanfiction was deffinetly from the Spike category. And she saw how Willow looked at the vampire. She liked him even though he had spent years trying to kill them. She had been kidnapped by him, threatned. Yet she liked him. Buffy made a mental note to tell her friend how insane she must be.
Then she saw it, a box. It was a big wooded chest, and it was pushed under Willow's bed. It had 'FF' printed on the top.
"That's a big box!" Buffy thought.

Spike sat on a bar stool in 'Willy's Place' and thought about what Buffy had said earlier. About the Fanfiction, Willow seamed to be addicted to it, and Spike knew that he saw more of it than Buffy did. He would often visit the girl's dorm. Especially now that him and Willow had become such good friends. And it had been there, piles of the stuff. All over the place. Willow would never let him read it, unless there was a really good bit, where he got to kill everyone, but then it was only small extracts.
He remembered when he first met Willow. He was with Drucilla and she was the Slayer's geeky friend, they had both changed a lot since then. Drucilla had left him, he had tried and failed one last time to kill the Slayer and her friends but failed. Yet again he had fled Sunnydale. And then on his return the initiative had captured him, taken away the only thing he had left, and then left him to die. Willow on the other hand had grown stronger, he saw this on his first return to the Hellmouth. She had found magic and somehow found herself. Then the wolf had left her, how Spike hated him for it. She fell down for a while but now she was starting to pick herself up…starting.