Ace In The Hole

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Don't worry, I finally learned how to make decent coffee, but seriously I need some time to think. I thought I was sure about this but I don't know what to do. I know like you, hell I even feel safe saying I love you, but I don't know if I can be in love with you. And you deserve all or nothing, and at this point I'm not sure which I can give you. Don't worry about your shirt I'll bring it to you, seems you tore mine. Just give me a little time to think, please.


P.S. You might want to put alcohol on your back, about the time you're reading this the scratches will start to sting, I don't normally bring blood. Guess that counts for something.

Lil just stood there for a second she didn't know whether to be heart broken or smile, but just like Jersey predicted her back started stinging at that very moment. Walking into her bathroom she pulled her tank off and looked in the mirror, if she didn't normally bring blood Jersey had definitely had a good time; a couple spots looked as if they could use stitches. After soaking a towel in alcohol and blood Lil got ready to start her day. As the hot water beat down on her shoulders, her mind played what had happened over and over in her head. She could feel her nails in her back, could see the look of ecstasy on the younger girls face, could hear her name being screamed and could almost smell her still on her skin. Little did she know the same images were floating through someone else's head across town.

Deciding a button-up would be her best bet to cover her back, Lil grabbed her white and blue striped one out of her closet. Pulling on her boots she made her way toward the bar, they were opening at five seeing as it was Saturday, and spring break time. Pulling up on her bike, she cut the engine and looked at a very pissed looking Rachel and Cammie.

"Hey, why the happy look Rach?"

"Lil, we have been waiting here for twenty-fuckin-minutes."

"Sorry, I got stuck in traffic."

"Whatever let's just open this place up before an angry mob shows up."

The rest of the night went smooth, though Rachel could tell her boss' mind was somewhere else. Finally about eleven she figured part of it out.

"Hey Lil, can I talk to you in your office?"


Walking back to her office Rachel couldn't help but smile at the woman walking in front of her, so caught up in her bar and her thoughts she hadn't even noticed the tell all sign Rachel had.

"Take off your shirt, just do it. Tank too."

Taking off both her shirts Lil was utterly confused Rachel was straight, she still had her bra, but with Rach's next words she caught on.

"Turn around, wow, hand me the first-aid kit."

"How did you know?"

"Well let's just say, you may not want to wear that shirt back into the bar. You bled straight through it. So who is she? Someone I know?"

"I prefer not say, Rach. I'm not sure I can handle the words."

"K, if you want to talk I'm here."

Putting her leather jacket on over her shirts Lil walked back into the bar, just in time to see a beautiful blonde come in dressed in an all too familiar shirt.