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The psi gene. A single gene on chromosome 11 made from 20 base pairs. The order of those 20 determines the state of someone's psychic abilities. Much of the human race has an inactive psi gene thanks to the invalid base arrangement. However, there are those select few whose gene is active, and highly active at that.

These people are sent to special schools and then work for specific institutions who aim to utilise their talents for the entirety of mankind whilst maintaining the rights of the Psis. Companies consult the institutions and decisions on whether to help or not are determined by the Psi Coaches, individuals who have no psychic talent themselves and so, can impartially decide who to aid.

Murders, undercover operations and general national crises are resolved quickly with the help of these special individuals. Above the law in that they could take action that regular citizens could not, the Psi Coaches regulated their activities also, to ensure illicit behaviour was limited.

However, each and every Psi is aware of the origin of their powers. If the psi gene could activate and mutate to give them all a single power each, what was holding evolution from mutating further to award multiple talents to one person?

Some Psis were lucky enough to be awarded two powers and others had such complete control over their talent enabling them to branch out into other areas related to their power. Like a high level telepath becoming an empath. The special schools and institutes afforded better control for the Psis, so control and development of their powers was high and as a result, higher levels were being established.

Levels were determined by psychic control and psychic power. Level ones were the weakest, with minimal control and little power. Psis with two powers were ranked around level six and the highest level anyone with one or two powers could attain is level eight. Level ten was the level reserved for the multi-talented and highly powerful mutation, should it ever arise. There has been no recorded existence of a level ten, now or in the past.

Still, the search for the level ten continued, with each institute on the watch. For the presence of a level ten would shape the new world.

End of Prologue

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