Alright, this is the first of what I hope will be many - by the way, for the reader, skits aren't very easy to write! I thought they would be, so much respect to the others who are writing these things.

Standard disclaimers apply.


Yeah, Karol?

Umm…so I was wondering…when you use items, where do you get them from?

…I don't follow.

Well, I pull them out of my bag, and Estelle keeps them in her coat pockets. So does Rita. Raven has them in his jacket. I can't ask Repede, so I had to know!

Well, sure. I keep them in my sleeves. It's the advantage of wearing this type of loose shirt. I'll tell you, though; you aren't asking the right person.

Huh? What do you mean?

Where do you think Judith keeps her items? She's wearing, essentially, a bikini. Makes you think…

*Karol's eyes go wide* How could I have missed that?! I have to know! *Karol runs off*

Where's Karol off to?

He's trying to figure out how you carry items, given your choice of clothing.

Oh! Well… *Whispers in Yuri's ear*

…huh. I never would have guessed. Makes sense though. Are you going to tell Karol?

*With a smirk* Nah. It'll be good for him to try and figure it out on his own, he's been obsessing over Nan for the last few days.

*Sarcastically* How very kind of you.

*Very sweetly* Thanks!

Thanks for reading, hopefully we'll have another one tomorrow.