Thanks to everyone for reading! I'm developing a story based on the last skit I did; I'm not sure when it will be out, but I just wanted to say it'll happen eventually.

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Yuri is in plain text and Estelle is in italics.

*nonchalantly* So, Estelle…you seem to talk about Flynn a lot.

Oh, yes! He was my best friend while we were in the castle together.

Yeah, I kinda got that…so, were you two, um, together?

*smiling in remembrance* Well, sure! I can't think of a day where we weren't together at least once or twice.

No, that's not what I meant! I mean to say, you two might have been together in a more-than-platonic manner.

I'm sorry, I really don't follow.

*exhales* Fine, I'll be direct. Were you two dating?

What?! *blushes* N-no…

Okay…sure… *teasing* although that wasn't a very strong answer.

actually, based on how much he talked about you, and the fond manner in which he did, I always thought that maybe you and him…

*confused* He and I…what?

*smiling, in a bit of a teasing manner* Maybe you and him were together…in a 'more-than-platonic' manner.

What!? No!

*still teasing* It would be alright if you did, you know – we live in an accepting time.

Hey now, I happen to like women!

Alright, alright…if you say so…I'm just saying-

*offhand* Frankly, I'd be more likely to date you – much more likely, actually – than to ever consider dating Flynn.


*under his breath* …much more likely…

Alright, so how about that – a very simple skit, just two people talking. Well, three, if you'd like to imagine Repede padding alongside the two.

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